Woke? Censorship? Twitter Blocks Senator’s Trophy Picture.


United States Senator Steven Daines (R-MT) had his Twitter account suspended when he chose this image for his banner. You can post such pictures, but Twitter forbids use of “sensitive material” in banners. “Sensitive material” includes gore which includes the killing of animals. This magnificent pronghorn antelope has blood dripping from its dead mouth and blood splatter on its legs. Where some people – like GOP politician Ryan Zinke – see a happy, wholesome family picture others see grinning cowards glorying in the blood and suffering of an innocent animal (see the Twitter comments). Twitter sees a violation of its policies.

Zinke congratulates the apparent shooter with a “Great shot, Cindy.” I dunno. Do you have to see a beautiful living creature snuffed out of existence to validate your shooting skills? Personally, I have no problem with hunters and anglers putting meat on the table – I eat meat myself – but I have never had any respect for “trophy” hunters who kill for sport and sport alone – People like this . . .

17 thoughts on “Woke? Censorship? Twitter Blocks Senator’s Trophy Picture.

  1. First, I see no problem with posting a photo of a hunter’s kill if they will allow the posting of a hamburger.

    I am a meat hunter myself, I don’t shoot anything I don’t plan to eat unless it plans to eat my chickens or the fish in my pond. But at the same time, I don’t have a beef with trophy hunters who take their trophies in fair chase. Game farms for trophies I find offensive.

    But give the trophy hunters their due, it was the Safari Club(the British predecessor to the Safari Club International,) and not governments, that saved the elephants and rhinos from extinction by poachers, even going so far as to employ mercenaries to ‘sort things out.’


    1. “I see no problem with posting a photo of a hunter’s kill if they will allow the posting of a hamburger.”

      That is kind of an idiotic comparison.

      IF the kill is to be eaten or donated to a food pantry (as is done in many places, including PA where I used to hunt), OK. BUT I do NOT see leopard on many menus in the states. If in the course of normal deer hunting (or elk or moose, which are both QUITE tasty) you score a trophy, fine. I used to see them in the local newspaper all of the time.

      I would also presume that the kills shared by SEN. Daines occurred on a game farm. If not, killing a leopard for sport would be more sporting if the leopard could shoot back.


      1. Daines is From Montana, so I would not presume a game farm. There are lots of antelope there.

        I don’t think that was Daines with the leopard.

        Leopards sometimes lose their fear of people and become a problem for people and their livestock and have to be culled. If the game commissions there can support their mission by selling permits to shoot a problem leopard or lion instead of just shooting it themselves, that’s OK by me. I wouldn’t do it, but I won’t judge those who do.


        1. “I don’t think that was Daines with the leopard.”

          Look closer.

          I am pro-hunter, so don’t take this the wrong way. You are giving him a pass.

          How many leopards are there in Montana?


          1. It is a little blurry but I am pretty sure it is little Donnie Trump, Jr. and his little brother, Eric. The photo is a montage of the various trophy kills made by Donnie and Eric.


  2. Twitter’s policy strikes me as inconsistent. If a graphic can be posted, surely it should be allowed as a banner.

    On the morality of hunting, I’m somewhat ambivalent. I’m opposed to unnecessary killing of animals, but I’m also opposed to the unnecessary vilification of hunters.


    1. “Twitter’s policy strikes me as inconsistent. If a graphic can be posted, surely it should be allowed as a banner.”

      “Sensitive material” CAN be posted but the poster must identify it as such so that a warning pop-up can be displayed before the material is displayed. Banners are different because they do not have that warning pop-op mechanism.

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        1. As big as that antelope was, splitting it would not be an issue. And if you are asking for a handout…. Just sayin”. 😉

          Several years ago, while hunting with friends in PA, I assisted in hauling a nice sized 6-point buck out of the woods. I was “presented” with half of the tenderloin as “payment” for my assistance. I didn’t ask.


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