Conservative men are going to have to step up to save the species

Sharp increase in young liberal men getting vasectomies

On the bright side, if some political traits are hereditary, there is hope for the republic.

27 thoughts on “Conservative men are going to have to step up to save the species

    1. Have you read that story, or just the Wiki?

      The ‘morons’ are seeking largesse without labor, a free life in paradise provided by someone else. and place their trust in a dictator who promises them exactly that.

      Hardly conservatives.

      And those liberal women are eagerly awaiting the second half of the season for Yellowstone.


        1. And yet, in spite of being on a minor, non-network channel, Yellowstone is the most watched program on television. I guess everyone but you is out-of-step.

          When times are easy, women flock to weak, metrosexual men they can control. When the hard times are on the horizon, they want a cowboy.


          1. You got thatright. Sign me a husband of a Yellowstone nut who is only one of a large group of other Yellowstone nut women that claim both sides of the aisle. Solidarity at its finest.


          2. “When times are easy…”

            Women seek men who can support families. Cowboys ain’t them. Techies, engineers, professionals, Wall Street folks are much more attractive.

            Actually women are fine with supporting themselves given the opportunity and education.

            Conservative men in red states are going to realize that they are vulnerable and will soon follow suit. This assumes that the writer’s guess work on who is getting snipped has any merit.

            Solidarity with women? I doubt that is true except for a small minority who were interviewed, if at all.

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          3. “When times are easy, women flock to weak men they can control. When the hard times are on the horizon, they want a cowboy.”

            More of your famous Archie Bunker wisdom. Thanks.

            “I guess everyone but you is out-of-step.”

            We progressives think for ourselves. The herd mentality is for the cultists. I gave it a try. I did not like it. I did not like the silly immature macho man posturing based on guns and violence. But sure, Yellowstone is a popular show. A Dallas for a new generation but with guns. It’s viewership of about 12 million is big for streaming TV but that does not mean that it is not cringeworthy or that “everyone” likes it.

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          4. “That is perhaps the silliest thing you have ever posted.”

            Says the cultist. LOL!

            To quote Will Rogers . . . “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

            Compare that to the modern GOP where simply telling the truth about just about anything – say the results of the 2020 election – will get you ostracized if not banned.

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          5. “And, of course, chivalry.”

            Sexism with a pretty face.

            The saber tooths are extinct. You have no more of a duty to protect women than they have to protect you. IMHO. My daughters and daughters-in-law are young women. They find many of the traditional bits of “chivalry” kind of creepy and condescending. Believe it or not, they can open doors for themselves just fine.

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          6. Of course, they can open doors, but that is not the point of chivalry.

            While women can fend for themselves most of the time, they are vulnerable when childbearing is eminent or recent. They are not able to defend themselves against men who would prey upon them. (though Colonel Colt at least partly rectified that)

            Chivalry all the time is the promise that good men will be there for them when they do need us.

            So, I will continue to open doors, walk on the street side, and stop to help with heavy lifts in parking lots for women I don’t know, so they will know that there are men ready to come to their aid when they need it.

            It’s about making them feel safe.


          7. So, you see no value in the commitment to protect women we don’t know if they need it, with the expectation that other men will protect the women dear to me when I am not there?

            That kind of commitment, not the force of government, is what makes civilization work.


          8. “So, you see no value . . .”

            What I see in the value you place on “chivalry” is an anachronistic mindset that is out of touch with the modern world. Decency, respect, courtesy, and yes, protection is something that should be offered to everybody around you who may need it.

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  1. Vasectomies are reversible when/if couples decide they actually want kids. Given the increasing difficulty of getting an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy, all I see this trend doing is greatly increasing the number of conservative incels.

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    1. Theoretically vasectomies are reversable IF the original vasectomy was done with that intent, The reversible technique is more complicated, and the microsurgical operation to reverse is far more expensive and involved than the vasectomy.

      Even then, the success rate is low. Antibodies against the sperm often develop because the haploid sperm are dumped into the pelvic cavity after the vasectomy so restoration of the plumbing does not necessarily restore fertility.

      So, planning on vasectomies as temporary measures is a bad bet. IUDs for women are a better temporary sterilization method.


          1. Like all things, sex carries with it responsibilities.

            Casual sex can be fun, but it must be casual for both parties. Toying with the powerful emotions sex invokes is cruel and irresponsible.


          2. Shame on them. And their parents.

            If something is wrong, it remains wrong when supported by the majority.

            We used to say that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love. I think it goes both ways, but breaking a heart just to get laid is wrong. Sex carries the responsibility to be honest and compassionate.


          3. That may all be true. But men don’t get vasectomies because they plan on staying celibate. And not having a vasectomy greatly increases the odds they will stay celibate.

            Sex today is seen as recreational by both males and females. Despite what our generation was taught, sex has nothing to do with love and the younger generations know it. Love, in our generation, is an abused word.

            We say we love pizza but that’s not love. That’s selfish desire. Love is when you wish the object of your affection well. We don’t wish the pizza well. We want to eat the pizza. Some people say they are “making love” when they have sex, but that’s not love. It’s almost always selfish desire.

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          4. If that is your experience, you have my sympathy.

            I have never had sex when my primary goal was not the pleasure of my partner. Which is why I think of it as making love.

            Men get one orgasm. We are going to get it in the course of having sex, one way or the other. It will be far more satisfying if you feel good about what you have done for your partner.

            Women, on the other hand have a capacity for pleasure limited only by their stamina.

            So, for a man there is no reason to not be the most considerate lover you can be.


        1. That only means conservative men will experience far fewer deadly STDs from skanks but instead raise your future doctor.


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