Marching Morons

Not a huge deal obviously, but emblematic of the imbecility of the GOP majority.

It is their basic “Fuck You” attitude on display.

They are saying . . .

“I wanna smoke and I really don’t care if it annoys or harms the people around me.”

Rugged individualists? Or sociopaths?

13 thoughts on “Marching Morons

  1. Probably another concession to the extremists in the hapless GOP.

    McCarthy is easily the most spineless and duplicitous politician in Congress today. Hard to achieve that among the MAGA folks who are pretty much beholden to fighting the 2020 election.

    He makes Santos look honest.

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  2. Sociopaths!

    When I was a Graduate Assistant at USF, there was another Graduate Assistant working there who not only had asthma, she was allergic to cigarette smoke, and her jaw was wired shut from dental surgery. There was a strict “no smoking” rule on campus but one of the professors ranted that his rights were being violated because he wasn’t allowed to smoke in his office. Never mind that the ventilation system carried the smoke throughout the building. One day that Grad student was working in an office several doors down from his when she was overcome with the smoke. She passed out on the floor and literally turned blue. Paramedics were called and she was rushed to the hospital. She almost didn’t make it. As she was lying on the floor, being given oxygen, the professor came out of his office to complain about all the noise bothering him while he was trying to work. He claimed she was “faking it” as the paramedics loaded her onto a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital. He went back into his office and continued to smoke.

    That same “Fuck You” attitude is on display by this GOP, the majority of which are obviously sociopaths.

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  3. “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    Private offices and designated rest areas are no problem. Only places where others have no choice but to go should be subject to control.


    1. Telling that you think that freedom to damage the health of other people is the sort of “Liberty” that Jefferson had in mind. More of that good ole Libertarian Me, Me, Me attitude.

      “Private offices and designated rest areas are no problem.”

      Baloney. They are a problem. Air does not respect signs or doors. And, in a business setting even the most private of private offices has regular visitors.

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  4. It is truly amazing the number of trivial issues you guys can raise as a distraction from Biden’s scandals.

    Do you think we are going to forget the revelations of Biden’s theft of classified materials from his time as VP concerning the two countries the Big Guy was involved with in his son’s business?


    1. Perhaps Garland should appoint a special counsel. Maybe a Trump appointee.

      I have not seen much about the content of the documents, but you have evidently. Do you have a source?

      I think they should thoroughly investigate both cases. In part to find out how the handling of classified material should be done to prevent this in the future.

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    2. Hunter Biden again? Really? Not too laughable, but I think you are pretending to have knowledge of the contents of the classified materials involved or are cluelessly parroting baseless speculation from the garbage media you people love so much.

      I will note that you were full of shit with your first reaction where you said the matter would be buried by MSM and DOJ. I personally I have received at least a dozen emails from WAPO and NYT with links to stories about these classified documents being discovered. And, of course, the DOJ has appointed a Special Prosecutor.

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      1. The documents discovered include classified briefings on Ukraine and China, two countries where Hunter has questionable business dealings that are linked by Bobulinski to the Big Guy, so they are relevant to Hunter.

        Keep in mind that at the time, the Obama administration’s CIA had installed an unelected government in Ukraine,(Maiden revolution) which Biden then turned against. Why?

        That these were the documents chosen to hide suggests the Big Guy is indeed compromised.


        1. The documents discovered include classified briefings . . .
          Says who?

          “Keep in mind . . .”
          Your tell that some bullshit is about to follow.

          “Chosen to hide?”
          Just listen to yourself.
          You don’t hide papers by turning them over to the Archives as soon as they are found. Duh! If Biden had been conscious of having papers that belonged in the Archives he would have either turned them over OR if up to no good, destroyed them.

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        2. …”two countries where Hunter has questionable business dealings”

          Yeah, and Trump had ZERO questionable deals with China and Russia. You are so grand in your hypocrisy, England should just send you Charles’ crown.

          “That these were the documents chosen to hide suggests the Big Guy is indeed compromised.”

          Does it? Or is it just another case of “Don’s Speculation Parade”? It just has to be the case because you put two and two together and came up with Apples.

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  5. Congratulations, Mr. Tabor. You have managed to turn a conversation about smoking in public buildings into a diatribe about Hunter Biden! And you did it all while accusing other people of “changing the subject.” BRAVO!

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  6. You people never fail to deliver. This stupid overblown complaint is truly a milk through the nose moment that is indicative of the oh so easily offended whiney babies of the left. Get a diaper change already, please. You stink….


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