Church Committee 2.0?

Two staff members from the Church Committee supports the idea that the Jordan-led ” Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government” is anything but a self-serving tool to protect them from investigations for their roles in 2020 Election interference and the January 6th insurrection. They are pretty clear that it is 1) more akin to McCarthy’s UnAmerican Committee, and 2) ” The current congressional vendetta appears self-protective and intended to intimidate federal investigators from doing their jobs.”

The closing paragraph sums things up quite nicely. “Jim Jordan’s “weaponization” subcommittee bears no likeness to the Church committee. Jordan and company intend to generate headlines rather than needed reforms. They seek not to expose wrongdoers but to deflect attention from them. And instead of leaving a legacy of bipartisan honor and truth-seeking, their work will be remembered as a scandalous exercise in personal and partisan self-preservation.” 

And while the article appears on The Bulwark, it is not written by anyone that is part of that website.

Loch K. Johnson is Regents Professor Emeritus of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia, former senior select committee aide to Sen. Frank Church, and the author of A Season of Inquiry Revisited on the Church committee. Frederick Baron is a former associate deputy attorney general and former counsel to the Church committee. Dennis Aftergut is a former federal prosecutor, currently of counsel to Lawyers Defending American Democracy.

9 thoughts on “Church Committee 2.0?

  1. Social media and public forums did not exist when the Church Committee met, so of course there are differences.

    But the principle is the same. Government should not be spying on citizens or censoring speech. It clearly has been doing both, through proxies. In addition, there is selective enforcement and use of environmental and tax law to coerce citizens.

    It is indeed proper to determine the extent to which this is happening and to prevent it on the future.

    These are thing Democrats should be opposed to as well, so if they want it to be bipartisan, simply get on board.


    1. “It clearly has been doing both, through proxies. ”

      No, it has not. That is total nonsense.
      Just more victimy whining from the seditionist, “Alternative facts,” American-hating crowd.

      This is a sad joke of a Committee lead by a joke of a human being. Gym Jordan has repeatedly demonstrated what little integrity he has, so naturally he gets this assignment.

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        1. “So, you’re OK with government telling us what we can hear and say.”

          Uh, it does not do that. Another “conservative” bogeyman to scare the children.

          I am more than OK that on matters of public health the government shares the best available guidance that it can. I am also OK with private entities deciding FOR THEMSELVES what is dangerous or inflammatory disinformation and what is not.

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  2. Why should anyone take any stock in the opinions of left wingers? The federal government indeed has been weaponized against targeted groups or people. Where is the FBI raid of Biden’s properties looking for more classified material? He certainly didn’t give it up voluntarily and then plays dumb. Of course he doesn’t have to play dumb…


    1. RE: “Why should anyone take any stock in the opinions of left wingers?”

      I’d ask the same of opinions published in The Bulwark. In this case the writers attempt to compare a committee that hasn’t even formed yet to one that existed 50 years ago. It should be obvious that the comparison is between a non-existant thing and something that existed long ago but doesn’t anymore. This is the kind of hysteria The Bulwark engages in endlessly.

      My view: A new “Church Committee” could be very helpful. I hope that Jordan’s weaponization-of-government committee lives up to the hype.


      1. “This is the kind of hysteria The Bulwark engages in endlessly.”

        So people that served on the staff of the Church Committee have no insight into what is being reported? Idiotic, but there you go.

        I have three words for you: BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI, BENGHAZI. Numerous hours of wasted time proving NOTHING. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The GOP mantra to governing in the House.

        You don’t like the opinions in The Bulwark. Got it. But your rationale is horseshit.

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    2. “Why should anyone take any stock in the opinions of left wingers?”

      Proof of your silo mentality. Do you really believe that the staffers who wrote the piece are “lefties”? Or is it because in your feeble little, right-winged, anti-liberalism (small L on purpose) mind, anyone that doesn’t agree with you is automatically a “lefty”.

      “Where is the FBI raid of Biden’s properties looking for more classified material?”

      He actually HAS given the material back VOLUNTARILY. There have been no negotiations required to return any and all material discovered. No subpoenas needed. No lying by Biden’s lawyers on affidavits stating that all classified material has been returned, when in fact it hadn’t been. Biden lawyers are searching for material and turning it over when found. Cooperation is taking place.

      Is Biden having these materials bad? ABSOLUTELY. I wish they had never been taken. I also wish that Trump hadn’t taken his ill-gotten trove of classified materials . I also wish that he would have cooperated and done the right thing.

      But then again, I wish I have the winning numbers for tonight’s Mega Millions drawing.

      As far as “dumb” goes, you seem to have that down to a science.

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