Lunacy or Normalcy?

Nick Freitas filed this bill with the GA. It raises one question: Why?

One answer could be a step towards a “Personhood” bill for fetuses.

21 thoughts on “Lunacy or Normalcy?

  1. I vote for lunacy. Are the highway patrolmen going to stop every woman in an HOV lane to ask for proof of pregnancy?

    But take the insanity one step farther. What happens if the fetus is stillborn (aka dead) but the mother is forced to carry it to term? Does a corpse have personhood? That could open some interesting doors. “I didn’t bury grandma. Her coffin is in my living room. Can I deduct her from my income taxes? Can I load her into the SUV and drive in the HOV lanes?”

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    1. I see a potential market for fertilized eggs in a test tube with a nutritional solution that can be carried in the glove compartment so men can drive in HOV also.

      Future advancements would be an artificial uterus in the glove compartment. Birth is accomplished when the door pops open like a button on a roasting turkey at Thanksgiving. No need for Lamaze.

      The only downside is where to store your pistol. Remember, you can’t allow firearm access to children, aspiring or not.

      Wow…the potentials are staggering. Where is an Elizabeth Holmes when you need one?

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      1. Of course! It’s only fair. Men should be allowed all the advantages of being pregnant too. Otherwise it’s obvious sex discrimination.

        It’s hard not to poke fun at legislators who make a mockery of the law, trying to twist it to look as if their screwball ideas are some sort of moral high ground. “See, you can drive in the HOV lane with a fetus. That proves a fetus is a person.”

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        1. Bio lab at college gave us a fetal pig for dissection and study. It was sealed in a bag as I recall.

          Sooo…do we see a potential for a market in bagged feti? Portable and transferable among vehicles. Even sharing with friends and anyone late for work needing HOV privileges.

          For my money, I see a future with requiring a permit to breed. Showing the financial and familial stability so touted to raise children is not a terrible idea. Especially since the rest of us often pay dearly to support the unwanted children. The poor could apply for a sponsor among the well off in return for naming rights or ad placement via a tattooed forehead.

          Makes sense, and much less intrusive than filing copulatory schedule to satisfy the nosy conservative bureaucrats and elected officials.

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          1. Yeah, I like the “permit to breed” idea! It should require a certain number of hours of professional training, passing a written exam, and a 20 page thesis as to why you think you are qualified to spawn.

            Don’t mention the “bagged feti” market too much. Elon Musk will be on it! One will be included with every new Tesla sold.

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          2. ” I like the “permit to breed” idea”.

            Don’t let Don hear you say that. He’ll make it a pre-requisite for Democrats to procreate and vote.

            “Elon Musk will be on it”

            Jeff Bezos is smarter. They will be on Amazon first. And then Musk will buy them from him, jacking up the price by 300-400% (kind of like jewelry).

            The Free Market at work.


  2. RE: “One answer could be a step towards a ‘Personhood’ bill for fetuses.”

    Another answer could be the goal of registering pregnancies with the government. The surveillance state would no doubt approve.


    1. Registering pregnancies? Interesting. Of course to satisfy the time constraints for abortion in some states, they would need to know the precise date of conception.

      A vaginal sensor, like an ankle bracelet for parolees, would be perfect.

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          1. Men could use it too. Few police would demand to see it.

            Hey, what about twins. HOV 3 comes into play.

            I know, we are poking fun at what some consider a serious issue. And you are probably correct. This bill is a precursor for personhood at fertilization. And Freitas much have drawn the short straw regarding sponsorship.

            But still, come on folks, this is “nucking futs” and I mean that in the nicest way.

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          2. …”we are poking fun”…

            At least I didn’t say “dildo”.

            But thank you for getting the point. It is “nucking futs”. And so is Freitas. He didn’t draw the straw; he demanded it. -IMO


  3. Seeing as how one can be prosecuted for double homicide in 30 states for killing a pregnant woman, what is crazy abt it? At least the fertilized egg in a vial in the glove box has a chance the one in the pregnant woman doesnt, right Len?


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