Twitter files 6, Twitter as an FBI subsidiary.

 PM Twitter files 6 Improper ties to FBI 

The FBI treated Twitter as a subsidiary agency, including blatant 1st Amendment violations. 

21 thoughts on “Twitter files 6, Twitter as an FBI subsidiary.

  1. As the Twitter Files continue to roll out it is becoming increasingly impossible to imagine that Twitter has been an ethical enterprise.

    Back in the 1970s the Congressional Church Committee revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies had infiltrated virtually all of mainstream media for the purpose of shaping public opinion. Fifty years later the same has occurred with a social media company.

    Operation Mockingbird never ended. Instead it only matured and became more sophisticated.


  2. How long are you going to beat this dead horse? The entire story is a total nothingburger. If you had any objectivity, you would know that from the way the story is being dribbled out for maximum coverage and the fact that only cherry-picked “journalists” have access to cherry-picked materials.

    In today’s installment, Taibbi breathlessly refers to Twitter as a subsidiary of the FBI. Why? Because the FBI was in communication with them. There were even 150 emails between the FBI and the Twitter Trust and Safety chief. Oh MY!

    Well, those 150 emails were over a three year period and that was at a time where the FBI was LEGITIMATELY defending the country from the cyber attacks of hostile foreign powers using social media as the field of battle for their divisive and destructive lies and disinformation. And that is not to mention its LEGITIMATE role protecting the country from violent extremists. What is surprising is how few such emails there were.

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    1. Pretty predictable. As it becomes impossible to deny the truth of the abuse of power, you switch to saying it is an unimportant nothingburger.

      Government agencies in the DOJ and the CDC (and if they look, I suspect they will find NASA as well) sought to use a private proxy to violate the right to free speech of American citizens and organizations and to cut off avenues of scientific research.

      If the government didn’t know how wrong this was, why did it take someone buying the company for it to become known? You don’t do right in secret.

      Nothing?? This is a far greater threat to our republic than anything that happened on 1/6/21


      1. “ This is a far greater threat to our republic than anything that happened on 1/6/21.”

        No matter what this dustup reveals 1/6 was by far the greatest threat. Planning to overturn an election via deception and mob violence is why. You have not bothered to follow the evidence.

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        1. The ‘in your face’ and poorly thought out Jan 6 foolishness had no chance of succeeding, but the stealth manipulation of public opinion apparently has had a lot of success.

          And, this stealth insurrection is being carried out by authoritarians INSIDE the government bureaucracy. It is far more dangerous.


          1. I still disagree. 1/6 was not a coup attempt, it
            was using planned mob violence to force an illegal usurpation of our Constitution. That it involved a sitting president at the core along with a bunch of support from sitting legislators and the administration showed our vulnerability. Add in the the seditious collusion with our domestic terrorists and gangs. It was a lot deeper and more planned than you admit.

            Your outrage is expected by those who promulgate conspiracies to make the Twitter moderation a lot more pernicious than it was, or is now for that matter.

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      2. You tell us, with Russian agents, trolls and bots actively using social media to undermine our country with divisive distortions and LIES why shouldn’t the FBI work with the Trust and Division of Twitter to identify and eliminate the threat from such actors? We should just let them have their way with us?

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          1. Again, the remedy is to counter their speech, not to suppress it.

            If you can’t defeat a terrorist in the marketplace of ideas, perhaps they are not the terrorists.


          2. “If you can’t defeat a terrorist in the marketplace of ideas, perhaps they are not the terrorists.”


            We are discussing the use of social media to coordinate criminal activities such as seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government and/or incite people to violence. Neither has ANYTHING to do with the so-called “marketplace of ideas.”

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          3. No, to you it doesn’t.

            To you everything, including people’s healthcare decisions, is “Because I say so.”

            Your inner totalitarian is showing.


          4. “Your inner totalitarian is showing.”

            There you go again. Whenever your nonsense is challenged out come the personal attacks. And, as always it is because your nonsense is indefensible.

            In this case “the use of social media to coordinate criminal activities such as seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government and/or incite people to violence” is NOT effectively countered by “more and better speech.” The suggestion that it is, is laughable.

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          1. Whatever you think is the best approach to stop foreign meddling, the fact of extensive foreign efforts to harm our country through social media FULLY justifies the regular communication between Twitter and the FBI which now has you in full whine mode.

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          2. Had the FBI limited itself to detection of foreign voices and effectively countering them with better, more persuasive speech, there would be no problem.

            But the FBI chose instead to suppress speech by proxy. That violates the Constitution.


          3. “Because you say so?”

            Uh, no. Because it is nonsense.
            In a vanishingly small number of instances out of billions of tweets, the FBI flagged tweets that violated TWITTER’s own standards on disinformation. Twitter had no obligation to do anything one way or another.

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