If the data doesn’t support the narrative…

Daily Caller CDC deletes data at request of Gun Control Group 

The CDC, at the request of gun control advocates, removed data on defensive use of firearms for no reason other than the Gun Violence Archive claimed the numbers made it hard to pass gun control laws. 

Due to different methodologies, the range of defensive uses was wide, from 60,000 instances in which a gun was actually used. to 2.5 million counting cases where the presence of a firearm was only displayed or implied. Even the low estimate is 4 times the fatal criminal uses. 

But on the request of the GVA the estimates of defensive uses were omitted entirely. 

The CDC and the government as a whole are the enemies of truth, but claim they are the arbiters of what is misinformation. 

3 thoughts on “If the data doesn’t support the narrative…

    1. You have a real problem with facts.

      If a criminal attempts to carjack me, is it only a successful defensive use if I kill him, or is it successful if he sees I am armed and flees?

      Is a dead criminal the only measure of success?

      Regarding Kleck’s study, his own data yielded 2,5 million defensive uses, but even using the more restrictive numbers provided by the CDC itself, the data supported 1.1million defensive uses. So, if you want to go with the lower number, that would be 1.1million, not 60,000.


      1. “You have a real problem with facts.”

        My problem seems to be using facts YOU provide. I did not endorse any number from the range you provided. Duh!

        Your claim is the CDC is corrupt. My answer was that if they were as corrupt as you say, they would use the lowest supportable number which – according to you – was 60,000.

        It appears to me that the decision to not provide any number is justified by the fact that there are such wide-ranging estimates without a lot of objective basis for saying which is right and which is not.

        Besides, “defensive uses” is a bullshit justification for gun mayhem. There would not need to be so many “defensive uses” if guns were not so easy for criminals to get.

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