21 thoughts on “Free Speech Champion!

  1. For those who are interested in the current travails of Musk and Twitter, here is some insight into the challenges.


    Apparently social media moderation is dependent upon who is goring oxen.

    Unmoderated “free speech” platforms seem likened to a bar giving away free drinks all night then wondering why there were so many fights that caused civil patrons to go elsewhere.

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  2. Musk tweeted that journalists were free to criticize him all day long, but real time doxxing putting his family, or anyone else, in danger would not be tolerated. He called the real time tracking ‘assassination assistance’

    Given the violent nature of Antifa and other leftist organizations, it seems prudent.

    Incitements to violence and harassment are exactly the kinds of things that require moderation.



    1. Except the journalists banned were not doing that. You really need to put less weight on the words of lying liars. It is a basic critical thinking skill. Just because Musk said they were putting him at risk does not make it true.

      You are fooling no one projecting “violent tendencies” anywhere but where they belong – with your sort.

      As for the out of context Maxine Waters video all I can say is . . . Again! LOL!

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      1. Waters exemplifies the left’s justification of violence and incivility.

        The offending tweets are gone but as I understand it they retweeted Sweeny’s doxxing tweets. and were eaten by the algorithm.

        In any case, the accounts have already been restored after review.


        1. “Waters exemplifies the left’s justification of violence and incivility.”


          One statement from FIVE years ago deliberately misinterpreted by lying liars and you are STILL citing it to “prove” your bogus characterization of Democrats.

          A lot has happened since then including an attempt by your sort to violently overthrow the Constitution. And now (not years ago) “conservative” hero MTG tells us that if she and Bannon had been running the January 6th insurrection it would have been armed and successful in overturning the Biden election. MTG whose crazy violent rhetoric has moved her to the front and center of the Republican Party. But, But, But Maxine Waters.

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          1. Waters called for riots if the Floyd verdict was manslaughter or less. She called for tracking and harassment of Trump’s cabinet members and their families. She called for harassment of SCOTUS justices at their homes and in public places.

            If Trump had done anything close you would be demanding a long prison sentence, but when it’s one of your own, you make excuses.


        2. “In any case, the accounts have already been restored after review.”

          Just some more of the Musk chaotic decision-making that is destroying Twitter. If there is good reason to restore these accounts then there was no good reason to suspend them. But, there you were, out on a limb defending his censorship of critics. I warned you about going out on those limbs for this jackass.

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          1. I think Musk should have left them on suspension for a week at least but he chose to let them back on without a penalty,

            They knowingly retweeted what they knew was a violation of twitter’s terms of service.

            Keep in mind that much of Twitter’s moderation is automated, and always has been,

            If a tweet violates the TOS, it gets taken down, and all retweets as well. Repeated takedowns results in the account being suspended.

            Those automated decisions are reviewed after the fact.

            Musk said weeks ago that there would be problems as the bias was removed from the algorithm. I think he is doing pretty darned good at turning a huge ship around.


          2. “They knowingly retweeted what they knew was a violation of twitter’s terms of service.”

            Try think about that nonsense. Retweeting means there is a tweet that is ALREADY on Twitter. Are these numerous journalists supposed to assume they know more about the terms of service than Twitter does and then censor themselves? Or face banishment? Is that how you promote free speech?

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          3. All of the major news services subscribe to archiving services, so they have access to images of tweets that have been taken down. Tweets are not screened before they appear, they appear in seconds.

            The AI functions are always scanning for violations, which in the past have included opinion that did not violate TOS.

            Twitter is far better now than it was pre-Musk


          4. “Tweets are not screened before they appear, they appear in seconds.”

            But retweets of those tweets are instantly blocked and their accounts suspended if the latest policy has been violated? Yeah, that makes sense. Not.

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    2. The Washington Post and the police have looked into the “assassination assistance” that was Musk’s stated reason for banning the Sweeney account and those of several critical journalists. Facts are such pesky things when you are pushing lies.

      It is now established that the alleged “stalker” confrontation with Musk’s security team took place 23 hours after the plane’s last posted position at LAX and 26 miles away. Police have found NO CONNECTION between the Sweeney posting and the confrontation. And it is not clear who instigated the confrontation. The stalker sitting in his car at a gas station was approached by Musk security detail.

      Musk is a con man without an honest bone in his body. Blindly repeating his claims is not a smart thing to do.

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  3. There is a lot of misinterpretation of events related to Twitter. For example, Elon Musk has said that the platform has a poor track record in honoring the principles of free speech. This is true and some of the details have been shocking. However, Musk’s critics make him out to be a free speech crusader. They then can run him down for alleged hypocrisies and accuse him of failing to live up to their own idealized vision of his persona.

    The real story of free speech at Twitter concerns the exploitation of the platform’s enormous influence. The active suppression of some speech and the active promotion of other speech amounted to a huge psychological operation. A brainwash, so to speak.

    It seems not to have occurred to some observers that canceling the brainwash is simply good business sense. It is not a crusade, but a practicality. Whatever Musk plans to do with Twitter going forward, he must first restore its reputation as a user-friendly service.


  4. Apparently the EU is not impressed with Musk’s version of free speech.


    “Freedom of the press cannot be switched on and off as you please,” Germany’s foreign ministry tweeted Friday, per CNN. “As of today these journalists are no longer able to follow us, to comment or criticize. We have a problem with that @Twitter.”

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  5. No one reneged on free speech. You break the rules of putting peoples lives in danger you gotta go. Just like yelling fire in a theater, doxxing does just that. If it is found these journalists didn’t do it I sm sure they will be reinstated but something had to have happened for this action to take place and it wasn’t censorship like the prior platform. Liberals insist on pushing the envelope when they aren’t happy with not being in control so my bets are they did something to make a childish point and took it down.


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