The Blue City Murder Problem

Heritage – Red State/Blue City

We have discussed this here. but the Heritage Foundation number crunchers have done an analysis that proves that policy, not firearms, drive murder rates.

9 thoughts on “The Blue City Murder Problem

  1. Note that NYC is at the bottom of the list, but NY State has a slightly higher homicide rate.

    But both are way lower than most red states. Why is that?

    Keep in mind that NYC is the whipping boy for most right wing talking points when it comes to gun control.

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        1. Again, you make illogical leaps of correlation.

          Poverty does not cause violence using guns, but they share a common cause in bad policy.

          Single parent matriarchal families cannot live in NYC, so they take the violence they cause with them.


          1. “Again, you make illogical leaps of correlation.”

            Illogical? Your entire linked partisan polemic is based on very strained correlations. If you were not ignorant of history, psychology, and sociology you would not need me to tell you that poverty IS a cause of violence. And that has been true for all time. Poor areas of this country were far more violent than prosperous areas long BEFORE there was ANY “policy” good or bad. And they still are.

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          2. You’re jumping from correlation fallacy to appeal to authority fallacy.

            Detroit was once wealthy, now it is poor, but it was always violent.

            Again, the best correlation with violence is the single parent matriarchal household, and beyond correlation, there is a path of causation.


  2. RE: “policy, not firearms, drive murder rates.”

    This is a big deal. As I understand it, there is a correlation between crime rates and political ideology at the county level across the nation, but the correlation doesn’t hold at the state level.

    This shows, yet again, that attaching political labels to people and populations can fortify ignorant prejudice.


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