Admission of Guilt?

Cannot wait to hear what all of those who called it a hoax have to say about this admission.

Surgical precision, which is similar to what SCOTUS ruled wrt NC district gerrymandering on racial basis, may not be there in words, but those with reading comprehension skills can see it … as long as they take their bliinders off.

14 thoughts on “Admission of Guilt?

  1. I makes little difference to the MAGA crowd no matter what the facts may be. They are irrelevant to the concept that Trump is right and everyone else is wrong.

    For millions, he was heaven sent and he has said that he is number 2 next to Jesus. (Come to think of it, DJT might be a number 2, but that is another story.)

    We have an huge infrastructure bill that is putting Americans to work as we write. Unemployment is around 3.2%. Wages are up.

    Countering that is inflation, which is global. We are not the worst by any stretch, but not the lowest.
    Still, with wage increases, it cuts into the inflation somewhat.

    Add in immigration and crime issues for additional fear politics and we have the recipe for losses by the Democrats.

    The sad part is, the GOP has no agenda to address any of these issues. They will probably impeach Biden, investigate companies that don’t donate to Republicans, add to the deficit and the debt, threaten default, and build another few miles of wall. Depending upon how they fare in the elections, they will add to the already “Simon says” voting regulations. And, just for grins, they may try to pass some federal abortion bill, states’ rights not being important anymore.

    Speaking of abortion:

    After Oz said abortion is an issue for the women, their doctors and local politicians, this woman started calling her politicians to give them details of her menstrual issues. The video went viral and might catch on as a pretty funny, possibly effective, way to tell the forced pregnancy folks to stay out of their lives.

    Anyway, until Trump is crucified, I guess Jesus is still #1 among the worshipers…maybe.


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  2. RE: “Cannot wait to hear what all of those who called it a hoax have to say about this admission.”

    I don’t know of anyone here at the Forum who called Russian meddling in the 2016 election a hoax. A number of us have, however, called Trump’s involvement in that meddling a hoax, and that assertion has been substantiated as the result of multiple investigations.

    As I said when Russia’s exploitation of social media and other propaganda allegations came to light, a society that values free speech has little or nothing to fear from the types of influence Russia tried to exert in 2016.


  3. Can’t help wondering what the reaction here would be if the Russians were bragging about helping Democrats.

    But they aren’t. They have been helping Republicans since before Alexander Torshin and Maria Butina infiltrated the NRA.

    The Russians are not our friends. They are not helping people like Trump because they want to help America. They want to destroy us. And helping the Republican Party put people like Hershel Walker and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and Dr. Oz and Matt Gaetz and J.D. Vance and an endless list of election deniers into power is a more efficient way to do that than any bomb they could drop.

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  4. Did you read your own article carefully?

    Prigozhen says Russia “interfered” in US elections, but did not say which ones. The author of the article speculates the 2016 election was one, but that’s not what Prigozhen said. Further, he made no allegation that ANY American was involved.

    No one has denied that Russia attempted to influence elections, they always have, and we try to influence dozens of elections around the world. The allegation was that there was collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russians, and this article says nothing about that beyond the author’s speculation.


  5. I suggest you read the Wikipedia article on the “timeline of Russian Interference of US Elections.”

    The list is way too long to repeat here but here’s a few of my favorite lines:

    August 2013: Eric Trump tells author James Dodson, “We don’t rely on American banks […] We have all the funding we need out of Russia”, and says, “We go there all the time”.

    Mid 2014: Dutch intelligence gains access to Russian hacking group Cozy Bear, which later, together with Fancy Bear, hacked the DNC servers. They were able to photograph each hacker, get their names, and compile dossiers on each, as they were watching the Russians perform their hacking operations in real time.

    Nov 27, 2014: A tweet allegedly from a woman in New York City claims that she had food poisoning from a turkey she bought at Walmart. Within hours, there are numerous similar postings on Tumblr and Twitter making similar claims, Wikipedia articles about the incident, and a story on an alleged news site. All are created by the IRA ( Internet Research Agency also known as Glavset ) in what is later believed to be a test to gauge how easily they can manipulate Americans.

    March 24, 2015: Butina sends Erickson a Google-translated copy of her and Torshin’s plan to use their existing NRA connections to develop an “informal channel of communication” with the new U.S. presidential administration, which they expect to be Republican. She requests $125,000 to attend a series of Republican-focused conferences and other outreach purposes.

    July 2015 onward: Thousands of fake Twitter accounts run by the IRA begin to praise Trump over his political opponents by a wide margin, according to a later analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

    September 2015: The IRA begins posting videos on YouTube primarily aimed at African-Americans, eventually posting over 1,100 videos with 43 hours of content on 17 YouTube channels. The politically oriented videos are anti-Clinton, and some videos discourage African Americans from voting or encourage voting for Jill Stein.

    November 2015: Trump associate Felix Sater emails Trump lawyer Michael Cohen: “Michael, I arranged for Ivanka to sit in Putin’s private chair at his desk and office in the Kremlin […] Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this”. Sater also tells Cohen that the Kremlin’s VTB Bank is ready to finance a Trump Tower project in Moscow.

    January 22, 2016: Based on the leak papers from the Kremlin, The Guardian reports that in a January 22 meeting the Russian government decided to use “all possible force” to ensure a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump will win the presidential election. They believe that Trump will help secure Russia’s strategic objectives, among them “social turmoil” in the US and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position.

    April 2016: The IRA starts buying online ads on social media and other sites. The ads support Trump and attack Clinton

    May 7, 2016: Kilimnik and Manafort meet for breakfast in New York City. According to Manafort, they discuss events in Ukraine, and Manafort gives Kilimnik a briefing on the Trump campaign with the expectation that Kilimnik will repeat the information to people in Ukraine and elsewhere. After the meeting, Manafort instructs Gates to begin passing internal campaign polling data and other updates to Kilimnik to share with Ukrainian oligarchs.

    June 2016: The FBI sends a warning to states about “bad actors” probing state voter-registration databases and systems to seek vulnerabilities; investigators believe Russia is responsible.

    June 15, 2016: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Speaker Paul Ryan meet separately with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman at the Capitol. Groysman describes to them how the Kremlin is financing populist politicians in Eastern Europe to damage democratic institutions. McCarthy and Ryan have a private meeting afterwards with GOP leaders that is secretly recorded. Toward the end of their conversation, after laughing at the DNC hacking, McCarthy says, “there’s two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump…[laughter]…swear to God.” Ryan then tells everyone to keep this conversation secret. A transcript of the recording becomes public a year later.

    This list is MUCH LONGER than this, but just given this much, tell me again how “Trump’s involvement in that meddling a hoax.” Tell me how Trump’s campaign manager didn’t let Trump know he was sharing election data with the Russians. Tell me how Trump’s lawyer didn’t share about Ivanka sitting in Putin’s chair and how the Russians planned to get “our boy” elected. Tell me why Don Jr. thought they were “getting all the funding they needed from Russia.”

    Tell me how, if the Russians had been doing all of his for Hillary, you wouldn’t believe Hillary was involved in it. It wouldn’t be “speculation” if they did it for Hillary.

    But they didn’t. They did it for a “mentally unstable” Trump. They did it to hurt the United States of America. And it worked! And it’s still working!


    1. RE: “Cozy Bear, which later, together with Fancy Bear, hacked the DNC servers.”

      You should be aware that Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are just made up names for imaginary Russian hackers that may have never existed. The names were made up by DNC’s IT security contractor Crowdstrike. In Congressional testimony, however, Crowdstrike was unable to identify any real world entity or organization to which the names applied.

      Wikipedia and other sources aside, there was never any solid evidence that Russians hacked the DNC network.


      1. Yeah, never mind Wikipedia and all other sources, you just keep living in your fantasy world.

        That aside, another blogger I follow just made an interesting point. He thinks Prigozhin may be making a move for Putin’s job. Prigozhin seems to be taking credit for interfering with our elections. He’s presenting himself as the “tough guy.” This is the second time in the last few weeks he has done something like this. Putin’s health may be failing soon. He should be careful walking past windows.


        1. I invite you to read the Wikipedia articles on Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. You will learn that — as I said — the names are made up. They are like the nicknames given to serial killers before real life suspects are identified.

          You may also notice that while Wikipedia alleges that Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear “hacked” the DNC network, Wikipedia never attributes a specific hacking accomplishment to either group. The serial killer might have been in town at the time of the murder, but there is nothing more to link him to the crime.

          Of such things are the hoax of election interference concocted. The crime certainly happened, but that’s about all we know.


          1. What bloody difference does it make what their names were? Dutch Intelligence gained access to the IRA and actually filmed them as they were hacking. They were given the names Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear because nobody knew to call them Prigozhin’s IRA at the time.

            But, they were the Russian IRA.

            And Prigozhin just admitted he did it. He bragged about it!

            Are you trying to say the DNC was never hacked or are you trying to say the Russians didn’t do it? Trump is still spending a lot of time begging for Hillary’s emails to be released so if the DNC wasn’t hacked, Trump is just acting the fool. If the DNC was hacked but it wasn’t the Russians, who did it? Was it those damn Eskimos again??

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          2. RE: “Are you trying to say the DNC was never hacked or are you trying to say the Russians didn’t do it?”

            I am saying that:

            • Prigozhin’s comments don’t implicate the hackers known as Cozy Bear and Fuzzy Bear
            • We don’t really know what the hackers known as Cozy Bear and Fuzzy Bear did on the DNC servers

            • We don’t even know whether the hackers known as Cozy Bear and Fuzzy Bear are Russian

            RE: “If the DNC was hacked but it wasn’t the Russians, who did it?”

            I’m partial to the DNC insider theory based on the forensic evidence.


          3. The DNC hacked itself??? And they got the Dutch to film them doing it??? And they’ve fooled Trump into believing they’ll release Hillary’s emails????

            Oh, John! You just made my day.

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    2. A Sisyphean effort that will be greeted by fingers in ears and “ya, ya, ya…”.

      Then comes, “Hunter’s laptop…Durham…dossier…”.

      IMO, naturally.


      1. Yeah, I know. So predictable.

        I put very little effort into it. Some nights there’s just nothing good to watch on TV and I get bored.

        It’s no longer “Hillary’s emails.” Now, it’s “nobody hacked the DNC because the hackers, who didn’t do it, were given names that weren’t real names.”

        You’ve got to admit, it’s amusing.

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