Ron Sanctimonious

(1) Casey DeSantis on Twitter: “I love you, Ron. On behalf of millions of people, never stop fighting for freedom.” / Twitter

Maybe this creepy ad is the reason that Dear Leader has coined one of his patented nick names for the governor of Florida.

The ad itself would be good for a laugh were it not a harbinger of the Christo Fascism endangering our Constitution.

15 thoughts on “Ron Sanctimonious

  1. Somebody in the video likes to pretend he’s speaking for God. That little “echo” in the voice is a nice touch. The rubes will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

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      1. Can’t help wondering how God feels about all of that. Maybe it’s just me, but if I had to stand close to DeSantos any time soon, I’d want a lightening rod.

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        1. Ok, time worn humor alert.

          If you stand next to DeSantis, just grab a 1 iron golf club. Why, you ask? As Lee Trevino once quipped, even God can’t hit a 1 iron.

          Ta-tum and please tip your waitress.

          (Trevino has been hit by lightning on a golf course, so he has experience and subsequent wisdom.)

          Now back to serious debate. 😇

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  2. RE: “The ad itself would be good for a laugh were it not a harbinger of the Christo Fascism endangering our Constitution.”

    Ads like DeSantis’s are useful for revealing the biases of those who respond to them. I think our Constitution is endangered more by social intolerance than by homiletics.

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    1. My bias does not need revealing. I don’t like Christo Fascists and I don’t like them using the powers of government to screw around with people’s lives based on nonsense that even they do not actually believe.

      Somehow “social intolerance” is something that you people are always the victims of but never the perpetrators. Remarkable.

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    2. RE: “I don’t like Christo Fascists…”

      Nobody cares what you like or don’t like, but in this case your biases are the only things you have revealed. You say, for example, that DeSantis’s ad “would be good for a laugh,” but the only reason for anyone to think so is because you say it. You say that the ad is “a harbinger” of “Christo Fascism,” but again the only reason for anyone to think so is because you say it.

      Similarly, your assertion that “you people are always the victims” is unsubstantiated and therefore a revelation of bias, not knowledge.


      1. If you do not find this ad to be good for a laugh, fine by me. It was obviously my opinion and not a factual claim. I will state it again – It IS laughable.

        The ad is however very objectively a harbinger of Christo Fascism. Anyone whose campaign pitch is that he was created by God “on the Eighth Day” to be a “Protector” of God’s Paradise is a clear and present danger to our Constitutional order which is – by design – secular and most certainly not Theocratic.

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  3. Obviously that ad did not want to get votes from the blind. “God made a fighter.”

    Who? All I saw were photos of some Yalie.

    (Maybe the visually disabled would vote for an F-16?

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  4. It used to enough for a politician to belong to a house of worship and say “God Bless the United States of America” at the end of a speech.

    Now he has to be anointed, then appointed by God.

    What is next…being God?

    Is a burning bush at the press room podium with a basso profundo voice coming soon?

    (A slight problem is that the Constitution requires a natural born citizen for President. Never mind the age of 13 billion years. Makes Biden look young, no?)

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    1. So Florida is no longer a “swing state”. Tanks to DeSantis’s own gerrymandering. But his victory could be a harbinger of the GOP finally letting the orange-haired one go. He won’t let them, but maybe the effort alone will make a difference.

      Here is a “prediction”; DeSantis and Trump duke it out in the primaries. The less insane vote rules and DeSantis is the party nominee. An incensed Trump decides to run as a third party candidate. Red votes split, Dems stay in power. Win-win.


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