Ho Hum. Another Trump Fraud is Coming to Light.


In a nutshell, yet another Trump venture sinks into chaos and fraud. This time it is the Trump Media and Technology Group, the parent of Truth Social, that has got itself into hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a result of a whistleblower complaint of fraudulent misrepresentations in the fund raising process.

One tidbit that has come out is that at one point Trump demanded that one of the early senior executives, Andy Litinsky, simply give his equity position to Melania Trump. Litinsky demurred so Trump told him that he would “blow up” the company if he refused. Litinsky still refused and was later summarily removed from his position. He will be seeking redress in court.

15 thoughts on “Ho Hum. Another Trump Fraud is Coming to Light.

  1. Trump’s reputation as a con man go way back. But until he accepted the presidency, most of us knew little or cared much about it.

    The president is literally one of the most examined, challenged, debated, analyzed and exposed offices in the world. Unfortunately for Trump, he was very vulnerable ethically and legally and his total lack of loyalty to his associates and staffers will cost him.

    The old saying is true, with a slight change:

    “If you want a friend in Washington get a dog.”

    Trump doesn’t have one.

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  2. It must be a very lonely life to have nothing better to do than spend every waking hour under the umbrella of TDS looking for speculative stories of wrong doing devoid of any real facts. He said, he said, blah, blah, blah…


      1. In case you missed it, the economy, sky high inflation, gas prices. 401ks, the border and national debt for starters are the election. Keep wishing upon a star but that works for me!!!


        1. National debt is a Democratic issue. We cannot afford a return to GOP fiscal irresponsibility.

          But, in general, you are right – there are exploitable issues that favor the Republicans as they always favor the party out of power in mid-term elections. It should be a Republican landslide. It won’t be. It will be close. Thanks Trump!

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  3. If Wilkerson revealed information to the press relating to an ongoing SEC matter, he would be fired by any company even without an NDA in place.

    I’ll wait for this to show up in the WSJ, an article dripping with TDS doesn’t impress me. If there is something to it, WSJ will tell.

    The latest I can find there is that the app has been accepted by Google Play and the SPAC is going forward, so apparently the SEC matter has been resolved.


    1. Funny, you and selected others keep writing TDS. To me the real problem is Democrat Derangement Syndrome, or DDS. (And I find that kind of amusing with a dentist on line.)

      For every post critical of the ex-president, there are many more bashing everything Democratic.

      And yet, the blinders are on.

      PS: WSJ is major media, big time MSM considering the audience for NewsCorp, the Murdoch empire of right wing spin. And you poop all over MSM.
      It is obviously not the media that is the issue, it is that you don’t like media that contradicts your DDS.


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    2. Your constant referral to TDS is kind of sad. The only derangement in view is that of those who cannot see that Trump is a self-serving and malevolent con man without an ounce of loyalty to his investors, bankers, contractors, employees, wives, mistresses, supporters or his country.

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    3. ” . . . so apparently the SEC matter has been resolved.”

      Uh, nope.


      I predict here and now that Trump Media will soon be following Trump University down the drain leaving a trail of financial ruin behind. With all of Trump’s legal problems, the bungled start-up, the poor acceptance, and now reports of false information, in-fighting and incompetence, no serious investor will touch it. They may try to foist it off in small pieces to his cult but I doubt the SEC will let that happen. And accessing Russian gangster money is much harder than it used to be.

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        1. Personally, I think Musk’s recent about face was just a stalling tactic to keep the case out of court a little longer. I will be surprised if he actually closes on the deal. In any case, it will not be any time soon.

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  4. To paraphrase Trump himself, “you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” Anyone who wasn’t in a coma for the last 7 years should know better than to try doing business with Trump. I have no sympathy for the man. And according to Lindsey Graham, if you take Trump in “you will be destroyed. And you will deserve it.”

    Pass the popcorn.

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