3 thoughts on “EVs and the Grid

  1. EVs have their place, but they need to be phased in over 20 or 30 years, not crammed down our throats in 10. We do not have the capacity for a full change over or even a reasonable mix in 10 years, especially if we’re wasting our energy capital on wind and solar instead of nuclear.


  2. A lot of ifs, ands and buts in this story that tries to assume the perfect world, so never fear, but the truth that unnamed “experts” don’t want to admit to is the world isn’t perfect. Unless you have a convenient overnight charging station for every apartment, condo, rural/urban household car(s), there is no such thing as off peak demand replacing peak demand. Added the time it takes to charge and the cost, the utopia greenies try to convince you of quickly sours and then comes the elephant in the room, over burdening the grid especially if solar and wind are expected to provide the necessary base load. The grass never seems to be greener on the other side, you just wish it were and there you are with your pants down.


    1. Your “same old, same old” anti-EV mantra grows tiresome. I have relayed real world experience to you several times and you poo-poo it because, well “greenies”.

      Evolution is NOT just about mankind evolving from whence they came; it is true in technology and science. Something “you people” have a hard time with.

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