8 thoughts on “What a Phony!

    1. It matters to you. It appears that little else does. Otherwise how could any sentient human being countenance the candidates the GOP has thrown up this year?

      Emotional encounters are one thing. FAKE emotional encounters with paid actors is another

      You always seem to forget that the Democrats are the majority party in this country. And Republicans like Trump and Oz have done nothing to attract the undecided. The opposite in fact.

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  1. On campaign payroll or not, did she suffer gun violence in her family or not? The answer is yes, so why can’t she discuss her grief on camera with Oz? I find it particularly interesting that Democrat state representatives and Oz’s opponent would “protest” an emotional plea from a real resident to fix something they in fact have failed to do. Just because she is sympathetic to Republicans, Democrats want to insult, harass and dehumanize her true story. Looks like Democrats and left wing extremists are revealing themselves as the racists in true form.


  2. “On campaign payroll or not, did she suffer gun violence in her family or not? The answer is yes, so why can’t she discuss her grief on camera with Oz? ”

    Of course she can discuss her grief on camera with Oz. That is not the problem. The problem is concealing her relationship with the candidate. All he had to do was introduce her as a member of his team, then discuss away. Not doing so was dishonest and dishonesty is not a good look for a candidate.

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  3. Why would that be necessary? Did any facts change? No. Instead of complaining abt delivery, do something abt crime instead of coddling criminals.


    1. “Why would that be necessary?”

      If I was a low-down piece of shit MAGA-Republican and somebody failed to disclose that she was a paid staffer, I would ask how do we know that the candidate was not comforting a “crisis actor?” But, since I am not, I will just say that honesty is best policy. In this case, Oz has done himself more damage by hiding her role than by simply introducing her honestly would have done.

      What criminals are being coddled and by whom? It is not Democrats who want to “defund the FBI” and give the criminal Trump a pass.


  4. Democrats coddle criminals to promote a racist woke society that pays no attention to the destruction of entire cities, defunds police, pampers child molesters and opens borders to drugs and gangs as long as their narrative appears to benefit from it. In the mean time Democrat controlled cities devolve into cesspools of uncontrolled criminals emboldened by Democrats lack of action and even support for widespread spikes in criminal activity while police are heavily understaffed due to Democrat policy.





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