The Expanding definition of “transgender”

Every Tomboy is Transgender?

The number of youths now considered “transgender” is 20 to 40 times what it was a decade ago. It is highly unlikely that the genome has changed that much, so are we just redefining the meaning? More importantly, are we overtreating these youths because the definition has changed even if the underlying reality has not?

My sister was, and is, by any reasonable standard, a Tomboy. She was always happiest pursing frogs and snakes and beating my brother and I in sports. She is also spectacularly heterosexual, once breaking her foot in intercourse.

The world would be a sadder place had someone pounced on her with puberty blockers and hormones to help her be a boy.

18 thoughts on “The Expanding definition of “transgender”

  1. Of all the weird attempts to ignite some sort of a culture war to save themselves from repudiation by the voters this MAGA-Republican obsession with gender is one of the weirdest. Ironic that the people who are so worried about harming the children are the same ones who accept thousands of child deaths each year from guns as a needed sacrifice for liberty. Weird.

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    1. So, you have nothing substantiative to say to address the issue of over diagnosing transgenderism and the subsequent and devastating over-treatment?

      Or did you just not read the article again?

      Do you really believe transgenderism is 20 to 40 times more common than a decade ago?


      1. What I have said is quite substantive. You just do not want to hear it.

        Here it is again – this obsession with transgenderism and how it is treated is a weird front on the “culture war” that you people want to run on. I will go further – it is an obvious attempt to change the subject from the real “culture war” issue that will bring you down – a woman’s dominion over her own body and reproductive choices. That is an issue that directly impacts tens of millions and not just the handful seeking medical help for gender dysphoria.

        As for “over diagnosing,” I do not buy your premise. People have not changed. Our culture has. It has been changing rapidly with respect to sexuality and gender issues. It is now far more open and accepting of non-binary people. So more of them seek help. Simple really.

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  2. Before white men arrived, native Americans recognized 5 genders: male, female, two-spirit male, two-spirit female, and transgender.

    The white man’s religion forbade more than two genders, so for centuries, other genders have been denied. It is not unreasonable to believe there have always been 20 to 40 times more transgender people than such a society would acknowledge.

    As for the necessity of diagnosing and treating transgenderism, I leave that to doctors and their patients to decide. Like abortion, it is not a political matter and should not be treated as such.

    If you are looking for a religious matter to attract voters, go for usury. The Bible calls usury an abomination may more times than homosexuality yet I have never seen a politician or a preacher of any flavor take a stance against it.

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  3. WSJ’s writer makes an important point: transgender is a term of art, not science. But too many people are too lazy to see the implications.

    To illustrate, see Vox Day’s comment, also published today: “It’s not an accident that the same ghastly evils, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, and child sacrifice, keep reappearing in the late stages of societies given completely over to more common evils such as lust, sloth, and greed. In the absence of a comprehensive theology of evil, we must make do with recognizing its historical patterns, and one observable pattern is that submission to Mammon in the form of usury and greed tends to precede submission to Asmodeus in the form of conventional lust, eventually followed by submission to Baphomet and Moloch, among others.”


  4. First and foremost, the fact you know details about your sister’s “sexual gymnastics” is just a little concerning. 😇

    Read quickly thru the piece and I actually believe that it has more to do with the social acceptance aspect than anything else. The bullet points are just a reflection of that. Sayiing otherwise without clearly defined statistics appears to be an attempt at vilification of the new “other”.

    My daughter was quite the athlete (and still in excellent shape even after 2 births). She never was accused of “throwing like a girl”. And my son, was quite aware of it. While at a Tides game with my co-workers from Dam Neck and Oceana, our boss yelled at one of the visiting players that he threw like a girl during warm ups. My son, was sitting directly in front of him and said, “Mr. Hernandez, you’ve never seen my sister throw a ball.”

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    1. I stopped her short of giving any details other than the general circumstances for why her foot was in a cast.

      Some thing you just don’t need to know.

      The thing is that now woke parents and advocates would have tried to drug her into being a boy.


      1. “The thing is that now woke parents and advocates would have tried to drug her into being a boy.”

        That is, of course, total nonsense. A far more likely response would be to encourage her involvement in sports now that the federal government has forced equal sports opportunities on all of us.

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  5. “What does any of that have to do with pharmaceutical neutering of children before they are old enough to know what they will be losing?”

    Again, it is up to the doctors and the patients to decide. If you are saying the parents have no right to decide for their children, tell it to the book banners in all the schools. Tell it to the parents who deny their children life-saving medical treatments because their “religion” forbids doctors of any sort.

    Are you saying the doctors are too incompetent to do their jobs? I don’t think you would have liked it if one of those doctors had come into your office and told you how to treat your patients.

    I agree with Paul, you are trying to distract from the fact the conservative platform all across the country is a disaster. You are trying to make an issue, that should be a private issue between doctors and patients, into a political issue. It won’t work.

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    1. It’s a “private” issue alright. So you have no problem with a parent saying “look, little Johnny is playing with barbie. Let’s go have his penis cut off”. Doctors that mutilate young children are just as sick as you and must lose their license to do no further harm. The “obsession” is merely a response to the Democrat obsession with mutilating our youth mentally and physically. Did you think we would just let it go?


  6. “First and foremost, the fact you know details about your sister’s “sexual gymnastics” is just a little concerning. 😇”

    Adam, I have to admit, that was my first thought too. I tried to think of a polite way to say it, but Army wife vocabulary kept getting in my way. Thanks for sparing me the angst of trying to be polite.

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  7. “So you have no problem with a parent saying “look, little Johnny is playing with barbie. Let’s go have his penis cut off”

    Unless you are a complete idiot (the jury is out on that) you know that’s not how things work. Neither doctors nor parents make such decisions lightly. It is a private decision. Unless it’s your child, you have nothing to say in the matter.

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