Heather Heyer vs Cayler Ellingson

Run down and killed over politics

Everyone knows who Heather Heyer was, as there were hours of coverage for weeks when she was run down in Charlottesville. But the MSM has not covered the death of Cayler Ellingson even one minute. 

Ellingson was deliberately chased down and run over because he was at a Republican event. His murderer, Shannon Brandt echoed Biden’s words at arraignment and then tried to justify the murder by claiming he saw Ellingson making a phone call which he thought was to bring others to attack him. He was calling his mother to tell her a guy in a car was following him.

Apparently running down Trump supporters isn’t newsworthy.

79 thoughts on “Heather Heyer vs Cayler Ellingson

  1. Pathetic. Gotta whip out that victim card. Boo Hoo!

    Can you never get your facts straight. So much more dramatic if this happened because the victim was at a “Republican event.” There is no mention of any such event in the stories you linked to. Pulled that one out of your ass.

    This got plenty of coverage in MSM. NYP and Fox ARE major media. It was also covered in other outlets such as AP, WAPO, and ABC. You just don’t like the fact that they reported the facts without the victim card spin.

    Heather Heyer was killed after a day of political confrontation when a MAGA-Republican deliberately drove his car into a crowd of protesters. THAT is newsworthy. Cayler Ellingson was killed after an argument with a drunk and apparently deranged individual. Such deaths happen every day. The only thing remotely newsworthy about this one is the fact that a car and not a gun was used to end the argument.

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    1. Pathetic excuses, pathetic disinformation and pathetic lack of any regard for fellow man from a pathetic far left wing extremist. Nice…


      1. RE: “Pathetic excuses, pathetic disinformation and pathetic lack of any regard for fellow man from a pathetic far left wing extremist. Nice…”

        Well put.


        1. I will ignore the gross stupidity of your labelling me a “far left extremist.” It only shows how ignorant you people have become about the mainstream of American opinion.

          But, I will ask you to identify the “pathetic disinformation” in my post above. If you can?

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        2. RE: “But, I will ask you to identify the ‘pathetic disinformation’ in my post above.”

          You wrote: “Cayler Ellingson was killed after an argument with a drunk and apparently deranged individual.” This was disinformation because you left out that that the drunk in question testified in court that he believed Ellingson to be a riqht-wing extremist who intended him harm.

          It is pathetic how you sweep important information under the rug in your efforts to criticize others.


        3. “You wrote: “Cayler Ellingson was killed . . .”

          Uh, the information about the statements made by the drunk and apparently deranged killer were fully covered in the NYP piece.

          That the killer WAS drunk and apparently deranged was left out of Dr. Tabor’s retelling of the story. And he added the made up “fact” of the murder being the result of a “Republican event.” His is the real “pathetic disinformation” in this case. Obviously.

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    2. I have seen no evidence that James Fields Jr was a Trump supporter, or even a Republican.

      Brandt, the murderer, said Ellingson was part of an extremist MAGA Republican group, Don’t know just what the group was doing.

      But NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN have not given the politically motivated murder a minute of coverage as of last night.


      1. A raving drunk says a lot of stupid stuff.

        This appears to be more of a drunk idiot then of any REAL political violence. And if it truly WAS political in nature, then it should be condemned, full throat.

        It is SAD that a life was lost, no matter the circumstances. But YOU just had to make it ONLY about the politics.

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          1. “All of those I see in current politics are Democrats.
            Fascism is, after all, about an all powerful state. That’s not GOP or Libertarain.”


            First your definition of “fascism” is nonsense. The idea of an all-powerful state is not a defining quality of fascism. That idea is shared by extremists at every end of the political spectrum. At its core, fascism is about the rule by and deference to an all-powerful leader. Like Hitler, like Mussolini, like Stalin, like Trump.

            Secondly, Democrats are not about an all-powerful state. That is pure hogwash. Here learn for yourself . . .


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          2. “State power”

            You mean like when the state forces women to continue unwanted pregnancy? Or when the state forces people to pay taxes that will flow to a church school? Or to pay huge subsidies for corporate farmers? That kind of “state power.”

            There is no such thing as unanimous decisions in a democracy. Any time the government does anything some people will be unhappy. And people like you, more than most. Too bad.

            In case you missed it, your defense of your silly assertion about the Democrats wanting an “all-powerful state” was a giant whiff.

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      2. Before we leave this subject, maybe you can explain why you stated as a fact that the victim was killed “because he was at a Republican event” when there is nothing in your stories to say that he was? The actual facts not good enough for your whine?

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          1. Can’t stop lying? Or is it you just don’t know how to read carefully?

            Brandt actually said that the victim was alone but that he was afraid that he was calling for backup.

            I grant you that in the precipitating political argument the killer seems to have learned something about the victim’s MAGA views and brought that up in his incoherent, drunken, and confused arraignment. But that is very different than your repeated attempts to change the nature of what happened.

            Bottom line, lying liars of the MAGA right have taken a tragedy of drunken violence and have spun it into something it was not. And you buy it and embellish it. Kinda of pathetic as was my first response.

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          2. Baloney

            If Trump had made a speech demonizing Democrats anything like Biden’s hateful smear and a Trump supporter had been inspired to kill a Democrat as a result, you would be screaming incitement.

            But you have no problem with demonizing as scapegoating Republicans so it is OK to kill them.


          3. Let’s start by calling liberals and the media “enemies of the people”, then get back to us about dehumanizing the political opponents.

            Get a grip and wake up and smell the coffee.


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          4. “Baloney”

            “If Trump had made a speech demonizing Democrats anything like Biden’s hateful smear and a Trump supporter had been inspired to kill a Democrat as a result, you would be screaming incitement.”

            “Hateful smear” or the simple truth about the violent, America-hating, election-denying, white nationalist wing of the GOP that has come to be known as “MAGA-Republicans.”

            What planet are you from? Trump’s whole political career is nothing but sliming and demonizing people. And he has inspired orders of magnitude more violence that this drunken tragedy. He has been demonizing Democrats for years. Countless times. Here he is in 2020 . . .


            So, the one time the President tells the truth about you people and you start to whine like babies. Too bad. Have a good cry.

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  2. RE: “Apparently running down Trump supporters isn’t newsworthy.”

    Apparently not. On the other hand, the bias required to dismiss the story as non-newsworthy is understandable. Ugly murders happen every day, and one that draws attention to Joe Biden’s political misanthropy might be judged as merely sensational.

    I expect we’ll see more of this as our American civilization proceeds toward collapse.


    1. “Joe Biden’s political misanthropy ”

      By that I assume you are referring to the President calling out violent, dangerous, America-hating fascists and white supremacists for what they are. If so, I would say it is about time it was said. Even ugly truths need to be told.

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          1. I take “Never Again” seriously.

            Of course it’s a reference to the Blood Libel.

            You have to dehumanize people before you can start herding them into concentration camps. You have to disarm them too,

            It’s not 1943, but Biden is up to about 1925 in the playbook, and I’m damn sure going to point out where the Democrats are headed before it’s too late to stop it short of bloodshed.

            Here’s a thought experiment for you. Download a transcript of Biden’s Soul of the Nation speech, load it into a word processor and where it says “MAGA Republican,” replace with “Jew,” then read it aloud and tell me who it sounds like.


          2. Your attempt to equate MAGA-Republicans being singled out for repudiation at the polls with Jews singled out for murder by the Nazis is a dog that will not hunt. The Jews of Germany never threatened violence – as you do all the time – nor attempted a violent coup against the duly elected government.

            You can do all the silly word substitutions that you want. None of them reflect a key difference. Jews did not choose to be Jews. MAGA-Republicans CHOSE to be what they are. Choices have consequences.

            And, unlike MAGA-shitheads, Biden is not proposing, threatening or predicting violence if he does not get his way at the polls. They are a vile and ignorant crowd. In a word – deplorables.


          3. Dehumanizing political opponents?

            By pointing out that they are a threat to our democracy and ought to be voted down? You can call it what you want. I know how you love your-poor-little-us victim cards while comparing our duly-elected President to Hitler and threatening violence.

            Here is a suggestion, get off your laughable high horse and consider the vile and divisive language that your Dear Leader has been using for years. I know that will not happen. You self-styled “real Americans” are not capable of doing that, are you.


          4. It doesn’t start with Hitler, or gas chambers.

            It starts with choosing scapegoats to blame for a government’s ineptitude and blaming them for your own failures.

            MAGA Republicans are not the danger to our republic, those who pretend our Constitution doesn’t mean what it does when it is inconvenient are the threat.

            And you are in the vanguard of that horde.


          5. “It starts with choosing scapegoats to blame for a government’s ineptitude”

            You are so full of shit you may explode. Nobody is “scapegoating” MAGA-Republicans for anything. You are being called out for what you are – dangerous extremists totally divorced from reality who have already shown that they will not accept the peaceful transfer of power.

            If you want to go back in time in Germany, go back to the Beer Hall Putsch. Just like January 6th it was a failed attempt to seize power through violence. We now know where it lead. Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

            As for your “horde” comment – it just goes to show that President Biden is 100% right about the danger you people present to our democratic and Constitutional order. You prove again and again just how right he is with your constant “predictions” of violence if you people don’t get your way.

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          6. You people?

            Thanks for demonstrating how thoroughly the dehumanization is succeeding inside the bubble.

            And warning of coming state violence by your tribe is not a threat of violence. Just don’t expect the MAGA Republicans to be peaceably herded into cattle cars.


          7. “And warning of coming state violence by your tribe is not a threat of violence”

            Laughably dishonest. You are constantly predicting violence by “your tribe” not mine.


          8. “Pointing out our readiness to defend ourselves is not a threat of violence, it is deterrence against the initiation of aggression.”

            Defend yourselves against what? Medicare-for-All? Ridiculous! And doubly so coming from people who engaged in, supported, and justified the use violence to hold on to power on January 6th.

            And “pointing out your readiness to defend yourselves” is NOT what you do. You threaten violence. You do it all the time. Just as your Dear Leader has been doing as the Rule of Law is catching up with him. The threats are couched as predictions, but threats they are.


          9. Do you really think that allowing aggressors to believe they can act without consequences is less likely to result in violence than setting clear limits and asserting the willingness to enforce those limits?

            Would it be better to let the aggressors think they will be tolerated so as not to spoil the surprise when they are resisted?


          10. Don, you have used “your tribe” so often that I would be careful about tossing stones from the glass compound.

            Trump has threatened violence. Graham has done the same. These two folks are not the lone, drunk delusional misfits who dabble in violence. They are two major leaders of a major party trying to take control, peacefully or not, of our government.

            From the time Trump ordered the gangs to “stand by” for him to mobilizing them to physically force the VP and Congress to illegally overturn a lawful election, we have a party that is evidently more than willing to commit violence to further their cause.

            Recall that state election officials were extorted by threats of prosecution and persecution by the president, a very powerful office, to fake election results. When that failed, the violence was planned and executed.

            How dehumanizing was it to hear “hang Mike Pence” and then have the president, a running mate, condone, nay encourage, by both deed and words during the battle to secure the Capitol.

            Ignoring all this is delusional or purposefully designed. Either way, the threats are almost singularly from MAGA.

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          11. When did Trump say to hang Mike Pence, or do violence to anyone?

            Remember that being prepared to defend oneself is NOT a threat of violence, it is a deterrence to violence.


          12. “Describing events at the White House on the afternoon of 6 January 2021, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump and his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said: “I remember Pat [Cipollone, the White House counsel] saying something to the effect of, ‘Mark, we need to do something more. They’re literally calling for the vice-president to be fucking hung.’

            “And Mark had responded something to the effect of, ‘You heard him, Pat, he thinks Mike deserves it. He doesn’t think they’re doing anything wrong.’


            Note, that is direct testimony as Hutchinson was reporting what she directly heard and witnessed.

            Add in the 3 hours plus of time when Trump just watched the violence and called legislators about overturning the election while they were been evacuated to safety.

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          13. “Ms. Hutchinson testified to a lot that was later found to be exaggerated or totally untrue.”

            That is just another LIE. You offer a lot of them. That makes you a habitual liar. Or, to be kind, maybe just a gullible fool eager to believe the LIES you find in the degraded sources of information that you people prowl religiously.

            I watched every bit of her testimony. She made it absolutely clear what she knew first hand and what she had heard from others. Nothing she has said has been disproven or seriously challenged by anybody speaking under oath. Not one thing.

            Your LIE fits the Trump pattern – Honorable people doing the honorable thing are to be vilified. There is no worse crime than disloyalty to Dear Leader.

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          14. “You people” is not dehumanizing. People are human. Duh!

            I use that phrase all the time when I am feeling polite. I could substitute “You damn fools” or “You fascists” and would not be wrong.

            And I would point out that your go to expression, “your tribe,” is no better in any way than “you people.”


          15. “Your tribe” is a reference to tribal thinking, that anything your tribe does is automatically right and anything effective the other tribe does is wrong.


          16. “Your tribe” is a reference to tribal thinking, that anything your tribe does is automatically right and anything effective the other tribe does is wrong.

            Again laughably clueless. The Democratic Party is home to a wide range of ideas. There is nothing that is sacred dogma. Compare and contrast that to the Republican Party where simply stating that the President won the 2020 election fair and square can cost you your career.

            If you want to see something “tribal” check out the moronic chants and Qanon gestures that break out at Trump rallies.


          17. Nothing that is sacred dogma?

            Who is the State Climatologist of Virginia?

            Right, we don’t have one. The office was eliminated by then governor TIm Kaine when he found he could not fire Pat Michaels for asserting that global warming was not an existential threat.

            Catastrophic Global Warming is an article of faith among Democrats and countless careers have been destroyed for simply asserting that it is unsupported by data.

            That remains so no matter how much contrary data is revealed.

            If that isn’t dogma, what is?


          18. “Catastrophic Global Warming is an article of faith among Democrats”

            Bullshit. Pure and simple.

            And “catastrophic” is an undefined term in your claim.

            There is a wide range of views in the Democratic Party about the best response to climate change and the environmental degradation of the Earth. There is, I admit, a general belief that the problem is real because you know, science – not faith. Hardly analogous to the role of the Big Lie in GOP politics.


          19. “Michael’s office was eliminated for saying what has been proven to be correct.”

            Without arguing the merits of this fellow’s comments or the decision to remove him from the administration, a single action by a single governor does not prove the truth of your very broad and very vague claim.

            The truth is there is no litmus test in the Democratic Party remotely close to the Big Lie in GOP primaries.


          20. “Do you really think that allowing aggressors to believe they can act . . .”

            Another threat of violence. Ho hum.

            What “aggressors” are you talking about? Who is threatening you people with violence? You seem to love this infantile fantasy of a coming second Civil War as a response to Democratic government.


          21. So, warning that we will defend ourselves against violence is a threat of violence?

            Anything other than sheeplike acquiescence is a threat?

            All deterrence is a threat of violence.

            Is English a different language on your planet?


          22. “So, warning that we will defend ourselves against violence is a threat of violence?”

            Uh, you failed to address the question – who are these “aggressors” you are trying to deter by waving around your weapons and “predicting” violence?


          23. Who knows which portion of the Deep State will act first. Perhaps the armed bureaucrats of the Office of Weights and Measures?

            What needs to be known is that we will defend ourselves and our Constitution.


          24. “Who knows which portion of the Deep State will act first.”

            What a truly silly fellow you are. But silly is not inconsistent with dangerous. You constantly post things that often are recognized in hindsight as warning signs the authorities should have picked up on.


  3. As for this event not being covered by the media, all you have to do to disprove that is to Google “Cayler Ellingson” and, as of today, you will get 84,800 hits, including CNN, FOX, The Daily Beast, and the New York Post in the top five hits.

    From what I’ve read, the story didn’t get as much coverage as the Heather Heyer murder because it wasn’t part of a days long demonstration that included a tiki torch parade of Fascists chanting “Jews will not replace us.” It was little more than a bar fight with a car instead of a gun.

    And the President of the United States didn’t justify it by saying “there are good people on both sides.”

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      1. “You are a fool.”
        I have seen the whole comment in context a number of times. The context does not explain it away. There were NOT good people on both sides. Good people do not go to another city in another state to raise Hell because that city wants to take down a statue. They just don’t.


        1. So, people who don’t live in states recognized in 1865 aren’t allowed to have opinions on the Civil War?

          I am ambivalent on statues.

          Some are just intimidation, but others are memorials. A lot of families lost husbands and sons and contributed to erecting memorials, like the one in Portsmouth, Destroying those is like desecrating graves.

          Graves matter to many people.


          1. The rally in Charlottesville was not about a statue. That was the pretense to get a permits.

            “Plaintiffs’ attorneys presented evidence on Monday from messages, social media posts, and podcasts that depict Kessler and Cantwell as two leaders looking forward to a weekend of violence in Charlottesville.”

            “If the police ask how many people we have coming don’t tell them,” Kessler wrote in a Facebook message to another person on July 18, 2017. “If they think we have more than 400 they might be able to help the city pull our permit. Privately we can tout the 800-1,000 number better for our enemies to underestimate us.”


            Trump threw out the pablum of “both sides” because he was caught with his pants down.
            Remember, his gangs were ordered to “standby” before the election. Now after many gang violence events, including Charlottesville and, of course , 1/6/21, we knew he both meant it and expected them to act.

            Now it may be that Civil War buffs were in attendance…as white supremacy buffs also.

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          2. “So, people who don’t live in states recognized in 1865 aren’t allowed to have opinions on the Civil War?”

            They can have any opinions they want. But “good people” do not travel to a distant city to raise Hell over a civic decision taken by that city. And these so-called “good people” came looking for trouble with inflammatory signs, Nazi and Confederate banners and, of course, weapons.

            And, by the way, not that it matters, but the statue of Robert E. Lee that the Charlottesville city council voted unanimously to remove was not a grave.


  4. “You are a fool. There is context to the quote you are either too ignorant or too intellectually dishonest to include.”

    If you have context to the quote that is left out that you feel makes your point, include it.

    If you have nothing to add to the discussion but childish insults, please feel free to STFU.

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      1. I know you didn’t write that Don. RE wrote it. The system isn’t letting me reply directly under comments. That’s why I quoted the whole message. I don’t know what’s happening tonight. I’ve even gone into my WordPress account to comment and it still sends me to the bottom of the thread when I try to reply. Aggravating.


          1. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It seems like, when the thread gets really long, the system just sends me to the bottom the the screen when I hit “reply.” This time, it worked. Did you change something?


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