Your morning laugh.

You have probably heard about this, here he is saying it – The President can de-classify documents with his mind. He does not have to follow any process. Using this special power he de-classified EVERYTHING he sent to Mar-a-Lago. (Or did he just publicly admit that he absconded with classified documents?)

Two other gems in this Hannity segment.

  1. The National Archives is a “radical left” organization.
  2. The FBI may have raided Mar-a-Lago in search of her emails!

MAGA-Republicans must be so proud of their Dear Leader!

14 thoughts on “Your morning laugh.

  1. Obama placed 30 million pages of documents, many classified, in a warehouse in Chicago, and did not reach an agreement for NARA supervision until August 9, 2018, almost 2 years later. Almost exactly the same time frame as Trumps home was raided over far fewer disputed documents.

    Ha ha


    1. “Ha Ha”

      The warehouse in Chicago (Hoffman Estates) is administered by NARA. There is no dispute about the ownership of the documents. The Obama Library Foundation and the National Archives have been working closely together since Obama left office. The letter cited is about funding to move documents to a permanent location that is yet to be set up for digitizing and access.

      Your “Ha ha” sounds remarkably like the braying of a jackass.

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    2. How many people have access to those spaces? Has NARA concluded that the documents in question are SECURLEY stored in the facility?

      Lot’s of DESPERATE speculation using kernels of truth. Conspiracy 101.

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        1. “NARA did not control the facility until Aug 2018.”

          Interesting “fact.” Your ass is working overtime on this one.

          Here is what the National Archives says (emphasis added)…

          “The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) administers the Barack Obama Presidential Library, located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The library holds records from the Obama presidential administration and is leased, controlled, managed, and used exclusively by NARA. The Obama Foundation, an independent entity, has NEVER had control over the records in Hoffman Estates. All records in that facility are stored and managed by NARA in accordance with archival storage standards, and all classified records were stored in an appropriately secured compartment within the facility.”

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  2. The only thing that could possibly be funnier than a pompous twit who declares he declassified top secret documents with his mind is someone who defends that statement with “but Obama.”

    Thanks for the morning laugh, Paul.

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  3. Not to make light of this serious national security issue, but is there a difference between Trump thinking about declassifying our nation’s secrets and that he thought he was declassifying the nation’s secrets.

    In either case, did it ever occur to him that he might have to notify our intelligence services that he thought about “thinking” the documents declassified.

    I suspect the self-described “stable genius” knew precisely what he was doing but he is playing the role of a “unstable idiot”. After all, how can you sell national secrets if they are no longer secret?

    Now, I am not accusing the ex-president of selling our nation’s secrets to the highest bidder…yet.
    But it is puzzling, however, that he would keep critical secrets for any other reason. He can’t hang them up next to his faked Time covers.

    Let’s just hope that our few remaining trusted operatives abroad have not had their fingernails yanked and they have been able to reach a safe haven. I wonder if any of those oligarchs in Russia who have been incredibly clumsy or suicidal were among our HUMINT sources. Falling out of hospital windows and down staircases seems to be an occupational hazard for some.

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    1. “Hard to believe this many people commenting on this . . .”

      Well, you need to try a little harder and maybe try thinking. Dr. Tabor’s response to Trump’s laughable and deranged comments was an obviously lame and completely fraudulent attempt to switch the discussion to President Obama’s LEGAL and productive relationship with the National Archives. Getting caught is bald-faced lies is about as humiliating as it gets. IMHO.

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    2. RE: “Hard to believe this many people commenting on this, with the exception of Dr. Tabor, are so willing to humiliate themselves.”

      That was my thought, too. When your only objective is to ridicule others, you expose yourself to humiliation.


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