“They’re mad you found out…”

Libs of TikTok censored on Twitter for truth

The rational for Libs of TikTok is to hold a mirror to the extremists on the left.

But when they accurately reported on “gender affirming surgery” on minors, they were suspended.

Apparently repeating the actual words of the leftists is hate speech.

24 thoughts on ““They’re mad you found out…”

  1. Slimy.

    So, the sting artist tells the hospital that her child has already had the “top surgery” and it is shocking, shocking I say that the hospital was willing to talk to the fake mom about a POSSIBLE hysterectomy.

    What a fantastic culture warrior you have become! I guess that is what happens to a party whose looney toon candidates and failed policies cannot win in the “marketplace of ideas.”

    If you don’t like Twitter’s banning of hateful conduct, go to Truth Social. Or Gab. It and you are welcome there. That is how the market works.

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          1. “You mean like Janes Revenge, BLM and Antifa?”

            If despicable lies are what has them aroused to violence, then sure, like them.

            BLM is a very poor, very racist choice for an example of political violence from “the left.” It is not a violent movement. Never has been. “Conservatives” take every instance of social unrest arising from poverty – which we have had for centuries – and tries to lay it at the feet of BLM. Just not honest.

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          2. BLM did not itself murder policemen, but its rhetoric certainly did more to encourage the ambush murders of policemen than anything Trump said to encourage the riot on Jan 6.

            Antifa organizers fly from riot to riot to direct the locals, Poor people do that?

            Janes revenge burns offices which peaceably offer alternatives to abortion.

            It is the left that rushes to violence when it doesn’t get its way. If the right was ever actually provoked to a generalized violent response, it would be decisive, so it might be best for the left to tone down the rhetoric. lest it gets the fight it so clearly wants.


          3. BLM’s “rhetoric” is NOT despicable lies. Their “rhetoric” is telling truths that have been ignored for decades. That some people react with violence to the truth is very unfortunate. Almost as bad as reacting to lies with violence.

            A very few miscreants of unknown political motivation have done their best to give anti-fascism a bad name.

            Janes Revenge is new to me – I stay away from the victimhood media that feeds “conservatives” anger – but I will say as clearly as I can, violence is not the solution to injustice. Getting out to vote might be.

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          4. “BLM has some legitimate claims, but they do not justify placing 911 calls and then ambushing the police when they arrive.”

            Racist bullshit. Some people hate the police and it has nothing to do with BLM. For example, this guy . . .


            But, if you want to go there, how does White Replacement Theory justify murdering nine black church goers in Charleston? Or murdering ten black people in a Buffalo supermarket?

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          5. “Bullshit. You excused it based on poverty yesterday”

            You are clearly not very bright. The difference between “explaining” and “excusing” is just too difficult for you. You explain urban mob violence as the result of BLM “rhetoric.” I explain it as mainly the result of poverty. Why do I do that? Because as far back in history as you care to go, poor people in this country have been moved to mob violence.

            Unlike you people, I do not threaten, condone, minimize, or excuse violence. There is nothing on “the left” remotely equivalent to January 6th, “Second Amendment solutions, or the hordes of armed pinheads playing army man in the woods just waiting for the next civil war.

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          1. “As compared to the actual violence coming from the left?”

            You mean like that time we leftists sent hundreds of armed hooligans to take over the Congress so we could nullify an election?

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      1. “So, the nurse on the phone was just lying to get them to make an appointment?”

        She must be “corrupt,” so many are!

        Or, more likely, the sting artists who were LYING tried again and again until someone said something they were looking for. A tried and true ratfucker technique perfected by James O’Keefe.

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  2. Any time I hear a liberal say nothing to see here, THAT is where you look. Despicable liars that love to indoctrinate, mutilate and provide porn to kids.

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