8 thoughts on “President Biden Delivers a Primetime Speech on the Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation

      1. I don’t think Woolley put up that red backlighted backdrop, the deep shadows and the strangely posed Marines(real Marines or actors?)

        Really looks a lot more Third Reich


        1. “Really looks a lot more Third Reich”

          Well, you are completely entitled to your opinion about the art design.

          It was the message that was actually important. Donald Trump and his MAGA-Republicans are a threat to our Constitutional government. I, for one, was glad to see Biden drop the usual kumbaya baloney and call out these fascists for what they are. Democrats have been too polite for far too long. IMHO.


          1. I assume “rose” = “worse”

            I disagree. It is time to call out these MAGA fascists for who they are. Mollycoddling of a criminal like Trump to appease them and in response to their threats has to stop. If someone wants to rise up with violence over enforcing the law then put them down with force. Simple.

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  1. MAGA-Republicans are so offended when President Biden calls them out for the fascists that they are. Why can’t they just laugh it off as Democrats did in 2020 when Trump did the same?

    The answer is pretty obvious. Because, unlike 2020, it was not the mindless comment of a TV clown. It is the simple truth. Not so easy to laugh off.


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