And now this. . .

The two creeps who stole Ashley Biden’s diary and sold it to Project Veritas in 2020 have plead guilty to the theft and to criminal conspiracy. If you will recall there was a lot of whining from “conservatives” when a search warrant was served on Project Veritas in connection with the investigation of this crime. The message then was the same as the message now. The FBI is corrupt not the criminals they are investigating.

Whether this is the end of the case or only the next step towards holding Project Veritas accountable is unclear, but one of the felons is cooperating with the investigation.

This guilty plea confirms that the property was not “abandoned” as many “conservatives” tried to spin when the story first broke.

To be fair and balanced, I should mention that the Trump campaign understood immediately that it was stolen and refused the offer to buy it. Project Veritas had less scruples, forked over $40,000 and sent the two back to steal some more.

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    1. RE: “Never heard of it, don’t care.”

      My sentiments, too: I have heard of it, don’t care.

      It appears the thieves got what they deserved. It remains to be seen whether Project Veritas has any liability in the matter.


      1. So you deny being one of the people whining about FBI investigating Project Veritas and opining how it was being unleashed on “conservatives” for political reasons? That is not how I remember it.

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          1. “What do you remember and how can you document it?”

            I remember various “conservative” contributors to this forum having their hair on fire when the FBI carried out a search on the office and home of James O’Keefe. I remember you being one of them. You can say my memory is wrong. I don’t care. It is not important.

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          2. I’m not saying you are wrong. That’s why I asked.

            Searching the Forum I find only one other thread in which Project Veritas is mentioned, and no threads that mention O’Keefe.


  1. Making up your facts again?

    A guilty plea doesn’t really mean much when the couple could be pressured with the threat of a lengthy drug distribution sentence if they did not plead guilty to a theft that never occurred. The diary was abandoned at a rehab halfway house shoved under a mattress, where it was found after Biden’s daughter checked out.

    Veritas did not send the couple back “to steal some more” they sent them back to find proof the diary was genuine. Veritas did not publish the diary because they did not get that proof.

    Still. the couple leaked some of what was in it before Veritas bought it.

    But you are trying to distract everyone from what was in the diary and the context for it.

    Both of Biden’s surviving children are drug and sex addicts, and Biden’s daughter admits to taking showers with Joe when she was old enough for that to be creepy, I guess sometimes sniffing hair just isn’t enough. That is one messed up family.


  2. “Making up your facts again?”

    I NEVER make up facts. That is your thing.
    There are no made up facts in my posting.

    You may object to my characterization of the thieves being sent back to steal some more but that is exactly what was done.

    I invite you to read the following and then apologize for your baseless insults

    I will not hold my breath. People like you never apologize for their slanders and lies.

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    1. Most bizarre document I’ve ever read.

      The only statute listed is conspiracy to transport stolen property. There is no mention of how it was determined the property was stolen. There has been no conviction for theft,

      Other that the defendants don’t dispute it, which is suspect because of the drug crimes not being pursued, there is nothing to support the characterization of finding the dairy as theft.

      There is no argument that these people are low lifes, you see a lot of that in drug rehab facilities, but there is nothing to establish a crime other than the defendants not contesting it.

      And again, that is deflection from what the excerpts released from the diary tell us about the creepiness of our President and the corrosive environment his children grew up in. However those facts became public, they are damning of our pervert-in-chief.


      1. They have confessed to the crime. Period. It appears likely they took a plea bargain which is why the theft itself is stipulated rather than charged. But that is obvious – except to the dishonest who pretend not to understand how these things work.

        As for you characterization of the charging sheet obviously you don’t like it. It proves you were lying or spreading lies about just about every aspect of the case.

        I am not deflecting from anything. I brought it up as another recent example of how you people are quick to slime law enforcement when it is “your tribe” that is getting busted.

        Finally, with respect to Ashley’s personal issues I will cite the familiar adage. . . “Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.”

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        1. And a confession under duress doesn’t tell you anything. I know just how that works.

          If you plead guilty to stealing what you found abandoned, we would put you in prison for 30 years for drug trafficking

          They have confessed to the Lindburgh kidnapping under that pressure.

          Quaint old adage notwithstanding, Ashely’s diary tells us Joe was guilty of incestuous child abuse and another male relative in the household (I wonder who) was guilty of actual incest.


          1. Abandoned?

            You did not read the document you ridiculed. If you had you would know that it was all of TWO days after Ashley moved out and the thief moved in. You would also know that there was a lot more stuff than just the diary up to and including luggage. That document also cited evidence that there was a request for and agreement to temporary STORAGE. Of course, you can ignore any and all evidence because everyone enforcing the law is “corrupt.”

            You have no evidence that the coercion in your lurid imagination took place. You love to pull “facts” out of your ass. This is clearly one of those.

            “Incestuous child abuse”
            I was right to abjure getting in the mud with the pigs.

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          2. That rather clumsy document was clearly prepared for their signatures and has no value whatsoever.

            It is interesting that Ashely would have sought to store her stuff at a halfway rehab house, like she expected to be back.

            The whole Biden family is a sad failure if humanity.


          3. Constant attacks based on, for lack of a better word, anti-Democrat bias, is low. Especially for someone of your stature. Cherry-picked statements and conjecture have become your favorite things.


          4. Plea bargains are more common than actual court proceedings. ALL of them are “under duress”. When a criminal is caught red-handed, they are better off with a plea than going to trial especially when the evidence is overwhelming.

            But if ANYONE form YOUR tribe plea bargains it is always “under duress” Sounds a bit whiny to me.

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          5. Plea bargaining drug possession down from dealer scale to personal use to get a quick conviction is one thing, but plea bargaining a drug distribution case away to get a politically useful confession to ‘stealing’ property that was actually found abandoned is really obstruction of justice.


          6. If she left the items behind under the impression that they would be secured. (Hey Person in charge. I need to leave a few things behind until I get settled in my new digs. Can you keep them safe for me until I can get them? Yes, Miss Biden. We Will take care of that for you.) then there is no abandonment.

            You continue to insist on saying things that you have NO PROOF of being legitimate. But it must be true, because, well DEMOCRATS.

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          7. Of course it was in the facility, but the facility did not know of its existence, much less take custody of it.

            But again, you try to deflect from what was released FROM the diary. Even were it stolen, that doesn’t change Biden’s inappropriate sexualization of his daughter.


          8. “Of course it was in the facility, but the facility did not know of its existence, much less take custody of it.”

            You know this how?

            …” what was released FROM the diary.”

            Still haven’t seen it. You keep saying it happened and was released, but you have no cite to prove your statement of “fact”.


          9. Some info on your source.

            From wikipedia page “”Because of negative rulings by fact-checking sites and user trust surveys, Western Journalism was blacklisted by Google and Apple News, and by 2017 its Facebook traffic declined to near zero.[7]”

            Fails at fact checking and has VERY LOW User trust. Let me sign up for that! 😇

            Let us not forget the TFG said he would “date” his daughter. Not saying either is correct, but TFG’s words were part of SEVERAL media outlets. The diary story is questionable, at best.


          10. “a politically useful confession”

            So, Ashley Biden was lying?
            And the thieves were lying?
            And the owner of the home was lying about the request for storage?

            It was not stolen even though both the Trump campaign and even Project Veritas wouldn’t touch it in the end? Out of the goodness of their hearts?

            I cannot find any evidence to support the claim that there was a drug distribution case involved. Knowing you, I suspect you either made it up or are repeating some bullshit you remember seeing in your extremist bubble media.

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          11. “So, you’re saying plea bargains under duress are valid?”

            Plea bargains are an integral part of the justice system. Have been forever. If the “duress” comes from a thick case file in the hands of the prosecutor then sure. If the “duress” is from physical threats or torture then obviously not.

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          12. “Ashely’s diary tells us Joe was guilty of incestuous child abuse and another male relative in the household (I wonder who) was guilty of actual incest.”

            So you personally have read the stolen property?


          13. DO you have a cite for those leaks? I do not recall seeing that story.

            But them again, it is Project Veritas’ involvement that causes way too many questions.


          14. You make a statement with NO back up and the tell your readers to do their own research to prove you wrong.

            I called out your source site.

            You are having to answer three people here because three people are throwing the BS flag on your “reporting”.


          15. No, but a mechanic I know spent a year in prison pleading guilty to a baseless charge of sexual abuse of minor to avoid putting his daughter at risk of perjuring herself at her mothers direction, (really ugly divorce)


          16. Attacking the prosecutor who could not bring charges without a statement from the spouse or other evidence? Nice defense on your part, but it makes ZERO sense in the grand scheme of things

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          17. I know the guy personally, we have worked on outboard engines together. I also know the ex-wife and daughter, they were guests in my home and ptaitents in my practice.

            The ex-wife is a fucking sociopath who dominated the daughter. You practice dentistry for 40 years and you learn to spot them.

            My friend was in the position of going to trial in a he-said/she-said standoff in which if he were acquitted the daughter would be exposed to perjury.

            The downside of going to trial would be that if he was convicted it would have been far more time and if he was acquited his daughter would be a felon.

            Plea bargains might ease the systems load but they are often Hobsen’s choices.


          18. Yeah, that indignity is on him too.

            The wife is the one who should have gone to prison. It was a total fabrication not even advanced until the divorce was well under way.


          19. “Yeah, that indignity is on him too.”

            The story you have relayed makes no sense. If the daughter was a child there is no way she would be at risk for a charge of perjury. If she was an adult then the idea that the mother could induce her to lie under oath is implausible at best.

            Guilty people accept plea bargains because they do not expect to be acquitted. Innocent people generally do not. This guy may be the exception but it seems very unlikely.


          20. The daughter was 15 at the time.

            But this case is why I have lost faith in plea bargains in general.

            How many of those have I presumed the same thing you are because I did not personally know the character of the people involved?


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