A more productive use of my morning

10 thoughts on “A more productive use of my morning

    1. Mine is telling the waiter at Charlie’s Fish house Jupiter, FL. And if I request something that he doesn’t think is appropriate, he makes a suggestion. “No, no, Adam. Not that way. You want it THIS way.” He’s never steered me wrong.


    2. I will have to consult with the wife.

      I like to simply filet and fry but she sometimes to stuff them. That requires scaling, splitting the top side and then removing the bones. She puts a stuffing of shrimp or crab and sews it closed to bake

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      1. I should learn how to fish. We have a boat and some gear. In 20 minutes we can be out in the Bay. Last I saw Halibut at a fish store in Ghent was over $40/lb. Crabmeat about the same.

        The old joke about the cost of fishing making fish $200/lb if you factor in the costs of boat, gas, gear, insurance, maintenance, dock, propertyÔÇŽit is getting competitive. ­čÉč

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    3. RE: “Do you have a favorite method of cooking them?”

      My favorite is broiled.

      First, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the filet. Smear the top of the filet with mayonnaise (be liberal). Broil until the lumps of mayonnaise turn brown on top. Remove from the broiler, sprinkle with dried parsley or chives before serving.

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