Biden’s kids sure are careless with their things.

Ashley Biden’s Diary

First Hunter’s laptop, then Ashely’s diary, drug addicted kids seem to lose track of stuff.

But worse than what’s in the diary, is the use of the FBI to attack journalists to hide it.

36 thoughts on “Biden’s kids sure are careless with their things.

  1. This is very old news about Ashley Biden’s stolen diary that even Project Veritas declined to publish. Even more scurrilous right-wing shitheads published it in October 2020. Another failed October surprise. I wonder why it is all over right-wing media and being spread by shameless smoke-blowing Trump partisans now? It is a puzzlement.

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          1. I think you will learn – if you look into it – that both Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden ran into quite a bit of legal trouble – far more than James O’Keefe is likely to encounter over his purchase of stolen documents or dispatching thieves to Florida to gather “evidence.”

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          2. Again, Ellsberg and Snowden were not the journalists who reported the info.

            If there is proof that the woman who found Ashley’s diary under a mattress in the rehab facility stole it instead of it simply being abandoned, then she could be prosecuted, but journalists are not prosecuted unless they are parties to the theft.

            They NYT and WAPO were not prosecuted, were they?


          3. You are reaching to find analogy where none exists. Did WAPO or NYT purchase stolen materials from Ellsberg or Snowden. Were the materials in question private personal property?

            Project Veritas paid $40,000 for private personal property. They KNEW it was not “abandoned” when they tricked Ms. Biden into authenticating it by offering to get it back to her.

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          4. Veritas did not seek out the diary, it was offered to them

            But that is irrelevant. the government does not raid the homes of journalists who print material they have obtained legally.

            The FBI does not exist to support Biden’s reelection campaign.


          5. “Veritas did not seek out the diary, it was offered to them”


            Project Veritas ACCEPTED the offer and paid the thieves $40,000. Purchasing stolen materials is NOT legal. Sending thieves to steal more private property is NOT legal.

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          6. Cite?

            It was covered in the link above. Project Veritas sent an operative to Florida with the purpose of getting hold of other personal property of Ms. Biden as part of their effort to authenticate the stolen material. From the article. . .

            ” Meanwhile, Project Veritas reportedly sent a man named Spencer Meads to Florida “to do more investigative work,” which, depending on who you believe, either involved obtaining more of Ashley’s items that “sources” claimed had been “abandoned,” or straight up stealing them. According to Project Veritas, it did nothing wrong and its actions are protected under the First Amendment. But federal prosecutors have said the group has made “false or misleading and are directly contradicted by the evidence” and that “even members of the news media ‘may not with impunity break and enter an office or dwelling to gather news.’”

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          7. What? You think Vanity Fair’s unsupported speculation that Meade went to FL with the intent to steal material instead of just buying abandoned items is proof of anything?

            Can we then submit statements by Alex Jones as proof of pedophilia by Biden?

            Same level of credibility.


          8. “No, they were not. Read it again.”

            This as NOT Vanity Fair speculation. It is reporting of the words of the prosecutors.

            “But federal prosecutors have said the group has made “false or misleading and are directly contradicted by the evidence” and that “even members of the news media ‘may not with impunity break and enter an office or dwelling to gather news.’”

            I do not know what your quibble is about except your unwillingness to believe what James O’Keefe obviously believed when he declined to publish it – that the diary was obtained ILLEGALLY.

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          9. So were the Pentagon papers and the NSA files.. If it proves to be theft and not abandonment, which is just speculation, it still doesn’t bar journalists from printing it.

            But your desperation to distract from the content is noted.


      1. “Way to go Big Guy”

        I understand completely. You people would rather we were talking about Ashley Biden’s problems than the fact that the former President of the United States engaged in seditious conspiracy, fraud, violent insurrection, and incitement of violence in a failed attempt to stay in power after decisively losing re-election.

        But, I have to say, this is pretty low – even for you.

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        1. This is Father’s Day.

          The kind of children a father raises reflects on his character, so, let’s compare Biden’s children and Trump’s if you feel a need to bring Trump into it.

          You may disagree with Trump’s family’s politics, but they are responsible people and not sex crazed addicts.

          Of course, if what is in Ashely’s diary is true, then we have a good idea how they wound up as they did.


          1. So, are you going to pretend that all the coverage of this on Tucker Carlson and the rest of “conservative” media NOW – long after the events in question – is NOT about diverting attention from the unfolding story of seditious conspiracy lead from the White House? Of course, you are. This is all about FBI abuse of “conservatives” and not an attempt to slime the Biden family. Yeah, right.

            For the record, the FBI investigation of the Project Veritas role in trafficking stolen material was initiated by the FBI BEFORE Biden became President. From the NYT. . .

            “The Trump administration Justice Department, then led by Attorney General William P. Barr, opened an investigation into the matter shortly after a representative of the Biden family reported to federal authorities in October 2020 that several of Ms. Biden’s personal items had been stolen in a burglary, according to two people briefed on the matter.”

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          2. Ah, so the Biden family also made false reports to the FBI, claiming the diary she left behind at the rehab was taken in a previously unreported burglary


          3. “Ah, so the Biden family also made false reports”

            Can’t help yourself, can you?

            The first that Ashley Biden knew that the diary was not still in storage in that house in Florida was when she was UNETHICALLY lied to by Project Veritas – a friendly guy who had “found” it and wanted to return it. The diary was NOT returned as promised on that sting phone call. That was in October 2020. The theft was reported in October 2020. So, what false report are you talking about?

            If there is any doubt that the diary was obtained and verified illegally put your genius to work and think about why, after spending $40,000 to purchase it and dispatching a thief to verify it, Project Veritas did not publish it with the election just weeks away. It is not too hard to figure out – if you want to. So much easier to just throw slime I suppose. So adult and civil!

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          4. Your patience is admirable. The ex-president is clearly guilty of sedition and interfering with Congress to prevent a Constitutional procedure for the peaceful transfer of power. To distract, the right goes after the President’s children.

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          5. She knew she had abandoned the diary at the rehab lodging so the claim it had been taken in a burglary was a false report.

            But you evade what the diary tells us. Biden’s creepy behavior extended to his daughter as well as countless other children.

            Does it not tell you anything about the environment Biden created in his home that his children turn out to be sex crazed addicts?


          6. Obviously, both Ashley and Hunter Biden have their demons. You seem to think you “know” the reason. But, you don’t. You only really know what you want to believe. And it is pointless to debate it with you. What was it that maybe Mark Twain said about wrestling with pigs in the mud? That applies here.

            Whatever President Biden’s failures as a parent may have been decades ago, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that our former President lead a violent seditious conspiracy to keep himself in office. It is a diversion which Fox News has time to spread instead of covering the hearings.

            Which brings me back to this response to the slime. . . “I have to say, this is pretty low – even for you.”

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          7. Low for me?

            I’m not the one excusing petting and sniffing little girl’s hair and showering with a daughter old enough to know it’s inappropriate.

            Had Trump done anything like it, you would be screaming it still.


          8. “ Had Trump done anything like it, you would be screaming it still.”

            He was good friends with Epstein who like his women on “the younger side”. He admitted, nay bragged, to sexually assaulting women regularly because he was a celebrity. Then wandering through a beauty pageant locker room in Putin’s Russia. Sexual comments in public about his daughter are also part of the routine apparently.

            Then there are the photos of effectively fondling Ivanka. Trump is proud of these, so it is even weirder.


            So your accusing Biden of abuse is based on little or nothing. But there is much more evidence of sexual predation by Trump.

            But you knew that.

            Generally, keeping family out of the political fray was the line in the sand. However, never before has family been involved in extreme nepotism in the White House as with Trump.

            Politics ain’t beanbag, true, but slime is slime.

            And you knew that, too.


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          9. Again, nothing Trump does or says makes what Biden has done OK.

            But Trump produced children capable of being Presidential advisors, Biden produced sex crazed addicts.


          10. Ok. If you say so.

            You asked how “…had Trump done anything like that…” he would have been criticized and I told you how and why.

            Next time don’t ask about Trump
            and get perturbed when you get a reply.

            BTW Trump’s progeny made big bucks from China and Saudi Arabia. Probably some oligarch laundering too. “Advisors” my butt.

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          11. Children as advisers REEKS of nepotism. And what exactly did they do? Ivanka got a sweetheart deal from China and Jared (Not really a child, but he was the other “adviser”) is still taking money form the Saudis. You constantly complain about Biden’s kids getting rich off of their name. What in the hell do you call Ivanka’s and Jared largesse?

            I haven’t heard of any successful outcomes for Don Jr, or Eric.

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        2. News flash, voters don’t care abt your hyper-partisan left wing witch hunt. It ain’t working no matter how many times you stomp your feet like a baby. The public cares about Biden’s piss poor job on inflation, energy, border and playing woke.


          1. …”hyper-partisan left wing witch hunt.”

            You do realize that almost every single person who has testified to the committee is a REPUBLICAN. Probably doesn’t make any difference in your head, but the left is asking the questions and the conservatives are answering.

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