This is what Trump has done.

Here is a leading Republican ex-governor and now a candidate for the United States Senate in Missouri going after fellow Republicans. His Republican primary opponents are not just wrong on the issues, or won’t spread the Big Lie, or just not as qualified as he is. Oh, no! They are corrupt and cowardly, and it will take guns to get the country back from them. Republicans!

But go ahead “MAGA crew” – say that liberals have no sense of humor and blame Hollywood or video games for gun violence in our country.

38 thoughts on “This is what Trump has done.

    1. I see the connection being that it follows Trumpian political methods of demonizing opponents with name-calling and unsubstantiated slanders. This jackass accuses his opponents of “corruption” and “cowardice” worthy of being hunted down and killed for. Those are very serious words – what is the substance? Politics is not supposed to be the intellectual equivalent of WWE. But, at the very best, that is what this is.

      The more troubling connection is the Trumpian acceptance of violence as a means to a political end. Of course, they will say it is just meant to be humor. This may have seemed like a fun idea when they were kicking it around, but someone who has been a governor and wants to be a Senator should have had enough maturity and common sense to kill it at the idea stage.

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        1. “ When did Trump ever accept violence as a means to a political end?”

          Why don’t you ask the Congress folks who hid behind barricaded doors and calling the Oval Office in a futile attempt to call off his attackers?

          Or you might check with the Proud Boys who accepted Trump’s order to “stand by”.

          Or issue # LIBERATE to those invading state legislatures?

          But you were being sarcastic, no doubt.

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        2. “Trump was not the first politician to demonize his opponents.”
          Certainly true, but he took it to an entirely new level in – at least – post WW2 America.

          “When did Trump ever accept violence as a means to a political end?”
          When he sent a mob to physically halt the counting of the Electoral votes.

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        1. “… But he is not responsible for all of the ill in the world.”

          True enough. But he his responsible for trying to overturn the election illegally. That includes extorting and threatening election officials in several states.

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        2. “But he is not responsible for all of the ill in the world.”

          Again, that is true. But so what? He IS responsible for dragging down the Republican Party to the point where disloyal members are made the targets of RINO hunters. And that is the subject of this thread.

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    1. I don’t see the connection, either. Maybe combat movies are Republican in the same way that windmills are ferocious giants.


      1. The ad is about killing RINO’s. What is a RINO in today’s GOP?

        Anyone who says Trump lost the election.

        There is the connection for those who need assistance.

        You are welcome.

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          1. “I find the ad deplorable. Should we connect it to Hillary as well?”

            Because she once used the word “deplorable” to describe “deplorable” people? I don’t think so.

            Or maybe you do not agree with her that “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” people are “deplorable?”

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          1. “…no bagging limit, no tagging limit…”

            You don’t bag and tag living people.

            You want today’s thugs to smash into your home looking for party defectors?

            Grietens is a world class schmuck. And in a democratic republic like ours, where differences and disputes are supposed to be resolved in legislatures and courts, his stance on violence to reach accord with his views is seditious. It undermines the Constitutional foundation of our nation.

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    1. Actually, TDS is the problem with 3/4’s or more of the GOP. The obsession with pleasing him has turned the party of ideas into a circus. Mo Brooks, no ethical giant himself, is one of the few to buck him after years of unswerving loyalty, and he is a pariah in MAGA world.

      And Pence, bless his pea pickin’ heart, the most obsequious VP in history, who never criticized or even questioned the prez, was dumped and threatened with death specifically by “Trump’s Terroristas” just because he wouldn’t break the law.

      The Republicans are the problem. No platform other than the Big Lie and held hostage by the ex-president. A bunch of wusses who have to get permission from Mar a Lago to pass gas in the woods, alone.

      Now that is derangement.

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  1. Violence is a weak mind trying to express itself forcefully. Violence is all they’ve got. Expect it to increase as that slowly dawns on them.

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  2. Republican obsession with guns is on full display. Ironically, this jerk water punk is vying for the US Senate by suggesting that Republicans should die if they are not sufficiently in the MAGA gang by being RINO, Trump’s favorite insult.

    Of course, the fact that the gang broke into an empty house kind of sets the tone of ignorance to complement the need to get a “man license”. However, the gang gets to dress up in tactical gear and carry AR-15’s just like the killers at schools, malls…

    Pretty cool, huh, Dude!

    So far, the Republican platform is non-existent. No ideas from the poorly named “party of ideas” that might actually be good for the country. Other than ads for and with guns.

    And, of course, rigging elections.

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      1. So are you going to shoot them?

        You are partly correct. Getting rid of Republicans is better for America, but you clean house first with killing your own party members who have principals and ethics.

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