Paxlovid Rebound

The ATLANTIC Stupid and dangerous

So, Biden tests positive for COVID again. But, he is having little if any problem with it.

The ATLANTIC editors will hurt a lot of people by casting unfounded doubt on Paxlovid.

Fortunately, they are all liberals.

The Editors simply don’t understand what Paxlovid does. It does not eradicate COVID, it stops it from multiplying as long as it is in the system. But that is enough.

With a 7 day head start, the immune system in all but the most compromised individuals has gained the upper hand, and it will eradicate the virus.

Were it not for Antigenic Original Sin, we wouldn’t even be seeing these rebound cases except in very debilitated cases.

But if ill informed pundits like those at the ATLANTIC scare people off form using it, some people who could have been saved will be lost.

7 thoughts on “Paxlovid Rebound

  1. Blaming the Atlantic editors is just another “own the libs” attempt.

    There were a lot more conservative voices and publications that downplayed 1) the virus itself, and 2) vaccines, causing a lot of hesitancy in the American public, which we still see in questioning vaccines for the youngest of children.

    I know that you were an early proponent of vaccines, but I don’t recall condemnation of those louder voices that led to (at the time) around 40% of the population to question the effectiveness of them. Your “ill informed pundits” applies to a lot more that just the Atlantic. Make sure to spread the rage where it belongs, regardless of Liberal or Conservative.


  2. Generally speaking, I would think that most Atlantic readers are also discerning enough to verify or research further.

    They may not be as impressionable as you think. Contrasting sticking a spoon on a face or it’s equivalent that may have convinced the more impressionable about vaccine dangers or Bill Gates treachery for implanting chips.

    Apparently, there is some debate as to whether Paxlovid is more effective at avoiding serious complication than having had shots and boosters.

    “ Paxlovid is effective at keeping unvaccinated, high-risk people—those who are most likely to require hospitalization if they come down with COVID—alive and out of the hospital.”

    “ That might explain why Pfizer’s trial found no statistically significant effect on hospitalization among a group of unvaccinated people at low risk from the disease and vaccinated people at high risk. An Israeli study conducted this winter similarly showed that Paxlovid did not significantly affect hospitalization rates in vaccinated, high-risk patients younger than 65.”

    Also note, that the article mentioned that some are wondering if a longer regimen of Paxlovid would be helpful.

    It might give the anti-vax crowd some relief perhaps to know they won’t necessarily start filling up hospitals again.

    And, of course, being in my 70’s, I have age related vulnerability. Still, I found the article informative without casting doubt on the effectiveness of the drug.

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    1. …”being in my 70’s”

      I was going to say “Damn, you’re old.” But then I remembered I am getting closer to that number. Plus the father unit hit the BIG 8-0 this year. But he’s not old. Yet. 😉😎


    1. No need to be fair. FOX is as much a propaganda outlet as any other.

      My guess is that there is no such thing as “Paxlovid rebound.” I think it more likely that vaccine-induced effects on the immune system are the cause of Covid breakthrough infections and reinfection.

      That, however, would be a story many media players would want to suppress.


      1. The contrarian is heard from.

        …”would be a story many media players would want to suppress”

        And why would that be? Because YOU …”think it more likely that vaccine-induced effects on the immune system are the cause of Covid breakthrough infections and reinfection.” I didn’t realize that Dr. Semantics is also a scientist of the highest degree to be able to make a statement like that. (Without anything but conjecture.)


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