Democrat Suicide Pact Tax Bill

Schummer-Manchin Tax Bill

I’m at loss to figure their strategy.

Unless it is their intention to hand the GOP a majority for decades, it must be that they think that by 2024 so many of us will be on welfare that we will be forced to vote for socialism.

Combined with the existing energy policies, they are going to annihilate the middle class.

So much for no tax increases for those earning under $400K.

21 thoughts on “Democrat Suicide Pact Tax Bill

    1. Sure, because those corporations will get the money to pay for it by plucking hundred dollar bills from the money tree growing behind headquarters.

      The middle class won’t be required to pay for it in higher prices, lost jobs or lost pensions. Because the Bill is named ‘Inflation Reduction” that must be what it does.


      1. All these bills always go out years and years. Makes the spending look less and the revenue look greater in the pitch and both positive and negative media analysis.

        Trump’s tax bill didn’t show the tax increases until well into the next term. It comes with the territory.

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        1. That makes it OK?

          The only part that could possibly help with the inflation that is crushing the middle class, deficit reduction, doesn’t start until 2031. Nine more years before it even starts to earn its name?

          How stupid does the Democratic Party think the middle class is?


          1. I can tell you who is smiling-the retirees who were investing in Treasuries a decade ago and can now do that again.

            I think that down the road, when inflation tamps down again, we can see that the average was pretty low for a few decades.

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          2. You think those retirees are going to be smiling?

            Current treasury rates on 10 year or less bonds is less than 3%. Inflation is 9%, and that interest is taxable as ordinary income.

            So, what is it you think they will be smiling about?


          3. It is much better than zero.

            Car manufacturers still can’t get chips. A lot of manufacturing is held up by global supply issues. Not just here, but everywhere.

            Inflation is global also.

            But the administration in place always takes the heat.

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          4. “ How stupid does the Democratic Party think the middle class is?”

            Not nearly as much as the Republicans do, in my opinion. 😇

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          1. “I think every one on that list will sign any letter the DNC puts before them.”

            Like I said, “Well, Democrats”.

            Your speculation is noted with the usual “meh” it deserves.


          2. By the way, your question was “Who employs the economists?” I answered your question.

            And like the WSJ, bad because, well, Democrats. Which you did not deny.


  1. I think maybe I see the strategy there.

    When I was getting my pilot’s license. part of the process was rudimentary instrument flying.

    You had to wear a “hood.” a device that let you see the instruments but not outside the windows. Flying straight and level and making standard turns was pretty easy, But the instructor would close the hood so you couldn’t see what he was doing, and then he would mess with the calibration of some of the instruments, mess up the trim, and then put the plane in a critically bad attitude before you had to figure out what he had sabotaged, what the true orientation of the plane was and restore straight and level flight using the compromised instruments, before it fell out of the sky or he intervened to save it.

    When he was ready for you to raise the hood to see the instruments, he would say “Your airplane!” and then cackle maniacally while you tried to straighten out the mess he made for you while the plane lurched around in the air.

    I think Schummer is planning to say “Your airplane” in November.


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