9 thoughts on “Ukraine labels Americans for ‘Russian propaganda’ on blacklist

    1. Slime and slander. Again.

      What is “totalitarian” about naming the people trying to help your enemy when your country has been the victim of an illegal invasion and uncountable war crimes?

      In Putin’s Russia people don’t get put on a list – they have a run-in with Polunium-210. But you are a Putin apologist so you probably think that is just dandy. All for the good of European civilization.

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        1. You mean the Pro-Russia political parties trying to undermine the war effort? Yes, he did.
          War ain’t Tiddlywinks. Most countries are not interested in giving aid comfort to enemies when blood is being spilled. For example, we outlawed the German American Bund in WW2 and the Communist Party during the Cold War.

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  1. I don’t think of Zelensky as a freedom fighter. I consider him to be the president and commander in chief of a nation and a very capable military under attack by a despot.

    We have never, as a nation, had to defend our homeland from invasion. A lot of freedoms can go awry when fighting for your very right to exist in your own land.

    Think about that when you consider starting a civil war over a perceived policy you find abhorrent.

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  2. When the Washington Examiner becomes more realistic that Fantasy Island, I might consider what they have to say.

    And before you “jump the shark” about what I said, remember what you have said about The Bulwark.

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  3. If the foo shits…..

    How many Americans have been sanctioned, SACNTIONED, not put on a “list”, by Russia for not “going along with Putin”?

    In the grand scheme of things, pointing out flamethrowers for being flamethrowers is not that big of a deal. Seems to me Mr. Roberts’s feelings might be hurt because Ukrainians think his American talking heads are deserving of being outed for spreading Putin Propaganda.

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