The Week: What did Christian nationalism have to do with Jan. 6?

Joel Mathis takes a deeper dive into who and what Christian Nationalists are.

In answer to the headline question: Not too much. There were quite a few Christians there who may or may not self-identify as such, but their beliefs may say otherwise.

However, some of the underlying numbers as who identifies as Christian Nationalist are interesting.

“The scholars at Political Behavior found that “support for the Capitol attacks is a minority position among any slice of the American religious landscape.” But they also noted that 17.7 percent “of white weekly churchgoers fall into the joint top quartile of justification of violence, Christian nationalist beliefs, perceived victimhood, white identity, and support for QAnon.” That percentage — while relatively small — “would represent millions of individuals.” “

17.7% may not seem to be a lot. But it also seems those numbers are growing. Those who say this is a Christian country are out of touch with actual history and facts. Everyone here is aware that Thomas Jefferson was known to be a Deist. And not ALL of the Founders were Christians. Those who espouse those beliefs are mistaken. But good luck telling them otherwise.

28 thoughts on “The Week: What did Christian nationalism have to do with Jan. 6?

      1. Read it, just not impressed. “Nationalist” has become a new media buzzword.

        There is nothing wrong with taking pride in the country, or being loyal to it even when it goes astray.

        Another Navy Guy, Stephan Decatur, toasted, “My country, may she forever be in the right, but my country, right or wrong.”

        Though there are limits, and an obligation to steer her back to the right when she goes astray, he had a strong point. For all our flaws, our country does correct its wrongs over time and not all countries do that.

        We should not abandon national pride.


          1. You really missed the point concerning patriots vs nationalists. But I am not surprised. You seem to be a closeted one who doesn’t seem to realize that some of his own rhetoric is nationalistic and NOT patriotic. There is a difference.

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          2. “Except that the MSM applies it to actual patriots.”

            That is your opinion.

            My opinion is that NONE of these Nationalist militias are made up of “actual patriots.”

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        1. As a confirmed, but lapsed Lutheran, I do not see Jesus condoning violence to overturn a lawful election.

          “…thanked Jesus for ‘allowing’ them ‘to get rid of the communists, the globalists and the traitors within our government.”

          Muhammad was a warrior/prophet, Jesus was not. Peace, turn the other cheek and render unto Caeser were much more in line with His teachings. I doubt He would have been pleased with using His name to search for and hang the VP because he didn’t please the president.

          Nationalism is not patriotism by default. It is an exclusionary belief that suits the populist political posture we have currently witnessed in the last 7 years.


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          1. Both Mohammad’s and Jesus’ teaching have been expropriated and bastardized by charlatans, power brokers and terrorists.

            Rand’s philosophy, in my understanding, is an economic Darwinism that kind of resembles the Hobbes view of life as ‘nasty, brutish and short.” No need for governance, just millions of individuals doing there own thing. Sounds good until you realize that we are not lives in isolation unless you own your island.

            The environmental battles are the outflow of Randian dislike of any controls other than the market.

            Simply put, capitalism, with all its virtues, is still dependent upon a principal of unlimited growth (in addition to the concept of ownership). And that can be a problem on a limited earth.

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          2. It would be fun.

            I can well imagine NASA sending men with guns to force Elon Musk to get them into space.

            But we don’t need to shrug by running away to Galt’s Gulch, all that is needed would be for all the producers to take vacation the same two weeks.


          3. The “producers” did just that during the pandemic. Fired millions, closed businesses. The well off weathered this just fine. The rest of Americans were assisted by the government to keep them sheltered and fed. That is what we do because it is the moral route.

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          4. I can well imagine Texas begging for electric power. There system was warned about extremes and to prepare after a power screw up years earlier. They did nothing. And it happened again. And I am not sure they give a hoot again. Free market power at its finest.

            Hook ’em (and screw ’em) horns!

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          5. Texas is not part of the national grid. They have a free-for-all demand pricing. Utilities can do pretty much what they want, and not protecting power generation from extremes, after warnings, is part of that freedom. Customers who froze in their homes were billed thousands for the privilege. And Texas sits on gas fields rivaling the best in the world.

            What’s not to like?

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          6. Whose liberty and whose force?

            A businessman whom we are all familiar with had a practice of stiffing his vendors.
            “So sue me.” was the replies for payment demands. Well, that cost 1) a lot of money smaller vendors don’t have. 2) In some areas, like NYC as an example a court date could be years down the road. 3) Countersuing the vendors was the next step, valid or not. Again, legal fees would bankrupt the vendors.

            Freedom to sue?

            Freedom to squash small businesses legally? Yowza.

            But each are doing their own thing.

            This is not just an isolated incident. This is modus operandi for big business in America. I know from experience. Not me personally, but I was involved in litigation as a witness in many cases.

            You think of government as the oppressor. For many, businesses are just as bad, or worse, unless regulatory structures ensure fairplay and level playing field.

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          7. Best of luck to you in the next world.

            Too bad you refuse to see that the collective good is good for all. Individualism is fine in certain aspects. The LGTBQ+ community would LOVE to have that be true.

            Frank Burns said it best. “Individualism is just fine. As long as we all do it together.”😇

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          8. Your opinion, to which you are entitled. And there are some things that have been over-regulated. But to abolish ALL regulation would be a return to the time of the robber barrons and the rest of us stuck without a prayer. TO G-d, Jesus, Mohammad OR Rand. (Ayn, not Ron or Paul)


          9. “I find Ayn Rand to be a better prophet than either Jesus or Mohamet”

            And you follow her core teaching that self-interest is the highest interest in everything. None of that Golden Rule hogwash for you!

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