The Real Russian Collusion

Secret funding of green groups by Putin

Russia, for years, has been funding the anti fossil fuel environmental movement in order to suppress its competition.

And Democrats have been their main useful idiots.

36 thoughts on “The Real Russian Collusion

  1. Uh, you left out the Russian funding of the NRA. And through the NRA, the GOP.
    Now there are some REALLY useful idiots.

    The underlying truth is that Russia skillfully exacerbates differences in every way it can. Their campaign against our country reached its peak with the installation of Trump in the White House.

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          1. So, you deny that Russia uses the same divisive tactics to undermine democracy everywhere it can and that it played a similar role with Brexit that it played with the rise of Trump?

            And you want to call ME an idiot?

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          2. “Russia pursues its own interests.”

            So, you don’t deny it. So, what makes me an “idiot” for citing the fact that they use similar tactics against lots of countries?

            I do not fault Russia for “pursuing its own interests” in our country. I fault Americans who help them.

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          3. Are you claiming that we do not attempt to influence elections in other countries in support of candidates aligned with US interests?


    1. There goes that TDS….again..Len, got your ears on?

      How about addressing the subject for once without a whataboutism or Trump. It would be a sign of healing.

      And, Russia funding the NRA is specious at best. Russian nationals and ameticans living in Russia donating to the tune of $2500 does not a conspiracy make.


      1. “Russia funding the NRA is specious at best.”

        Specious? Was it specious that a Russian Spy was embedded with the NRA?

        And it is NOT TDS to point out that Russia got what they desired in 2016. Your apparent obsession with TFG calls for medicated relief for you.

        Or is that a personal attack?

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        1. Teh NRA’s budget is around $150million and got about $2500 from Russian individuals.

          Hardly a KGB takeover.

          On the other hand, the green groups are largely fronts for Putin.


          1. Again, so what?

            A Russian national entered a plea agreement for a minor technical violation. That does not implicate the NRA in any way, nor does it show that anything she did influenced the NRA to advocate for anything it did not already support.

            It’s like donating to the Red Cross and telling them to use the money to help disaster victims.


          2. “Spying on whom?”

            Russia’s well established tactic is to aid and abet extremist fringe groups who can be relied on to spread hatred and dissent. That is how they saw the NRA and they were absolutely right. They know their business.

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          3. That’s not spying

            You made an accusation, were you lying?

            The NRA is a long term patriotic organization. Please do tell us what group you think the NRA hates?


          4. “The NRA is a long term patriotic organization”

            Sorry, but that ship sailed when they got out of the safety business and into politics.


          5. Okay, “spying” is a loose term, Dr. Semantics. Jr.
            Agent provocateur is closer to what she went to jail for.

            NRA a patriotic organization? That is a laugh. They hate this country and most of its people. And you do not have to take my word for it…

            The “they” and the “their” she keeps referring to is the majority of people in this country. It would be impossible to package more drooling hatred into a single minute. That is the NRA and they are proud of it. And it is EXACTLY the kind of shit the Russian’s want to see spread.

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          6. Sounds pretty patriotic to me. Do you possibly have loyalty to the Constitution and the country confused with submission to the government and the elite?


          7. Wow. SO the corruption of stealing donations to the NRA by it’s leaders means nothing?

            Explains a lot of your thoughts on other issues as well. Once again, the “when my guys do it, it’s OK, when YOUR guys do it, it’s illegal, corrupt, immoral, etc.”

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        2. The NRA story is laughable in that it produced nothing but chump change. Try again. Now back to the real story instead of TDS deflection.


        1. re, the anonymous troll here, IS dense and a parrot of others. Not one original thought.

          You seem to get your panties in a wad over the silliest things while ignoring real issues. Or at least downplaying them like you are trying to bluff a REALLY good poker hand.


          1. Man, what is YOUR definition of an insult? All I said is that you are getting your panties in a wad for me telling a troll he is, well, a troll. I haven’t attacked you and yet here you are claiming shit that just ain’t there. Your new go-to because you can’t make a coherent argument?

            …”are you proud of yourself for being an absolute hypocrite?”

            Looking in the mirror while typing again? I bet you text and drive, too. 😇


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