NY Post dumps Trump.


NY Post is an old paper, founded by Hamilton in 1801. It is part of the Murdoch empire as the working person’s paper that endorsed Trump. Total readership online approaches 80 million, mostly Republican and Trump followers.

“To his eternal shame, as appalled aides implored him to publicly call on his followers to go home, he instead further fanned the flames by tweeting: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution.”

“Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.”

Trump fans may not watch, or care, about the 1/6 hearings, but they do read right wing media.

7 thoughts on “NY Post dumps Trump.

  1. I don’t think you will find many Trump “fans” here but instead thinking conservatives that don’t tend to idolize anyone like the left does and who are pretty amused by the liberal left’s obsession with everything Trump and the kangaroo commission. TDS….


    1. Well, you may have a point. WSJ, NY Post, National Review and most of the GOP candidates hustling for endorsements are all obsessed with Trump.

      Many of the prominent and inner circle Trump advisors and staff that testified under oath have security details due to death threats. Toss in witness tampering while you’re at it.

      Trump’s Own Derangement Syndrome, TODS, is quite evident.

      Yet, I have noticed that many of your posts are just about Trump also. I guess the leader of the GOP does deserve some attention. And I think he will get all he can handle as GA is building a case of felonious election interference.

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        1. I never thought Clinton was a wise choice. But DNC never asked my input.

          (Trump’s minuscule margins in WI, PA and MI were probably fraud but we didn’t investigate nearly as much as 2020, so Republicans got away with it. Pure coincidence I am sure that Manafort’s election data passed to Russian intelligence were for those states. Just sayin. In my opinion of course.)

          But you want Republican candidates for Democrats. Manchin is a coal baron for all that counts. True he is a Democrat in the reddest state in the Union.

          (Is he a DINO? Waiting for ads hunting them with rifles😇. But then Democrats are not obsessed with guns. )

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      1. The thing I predominantly post abt Trump is calling out or responding to the constant Trumpbeat of Paul or your TDS and the kangaroo commission. What else have I posted abt Trump?


        1. Think chicken pox and shingles.

          The pox.

          For decades, over a century really, there has been an undercurrent of lingering economic and racial disparity mostly ignored except as campaign issues.

          The shingles.

          Trump brought those to the surface as he stressed the system.

          In other words, we had a real vulnerability to our system and national character, and Trump, like it or not, exposed it and exploited it to the point we cannot ignore it anymore.

          The real challenge is how do we square what we assumed we were with what was reality in our society. Trump pulled the scab that had been covering the festering underneath and it is upending our system of governance.

          Can we redirect without collapsing into a sham democracy? I think that is the question.

          And Trump is still the epicenter of these challenges. And he has an entire party in his pocket that is trying to resolve loyalty to our Constitution versus a single person.

          You may or may not agree, or even care, but the facts are clear. Fundamental changes are needed, but can we do it and preserve the longest running democratic republic in history.

          This is why I post about a man who gave us a rude wake up call. There is hardly a single national issue that he did not affect, for good or bad. And even if he implodes, MAGA is the new minority party within the GOP.

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        2. “Kangaroo commission” is a pro-Trump talking point that completely ignores the information that has come out. And the information is coming from Trump’s own administration officials, not ANY Democrat. The Commission is doing it’s job and it really pains you to admit it. SO you won’t. The old saying “the truth hurts” applies. IMO.

          My question to you is: Why do you continually show support for someone who has done so much damage to this country with his rhetoric? Not his policies, some of which were good, but his rhetoric.

          Or is my question and statement above a “personal attack”?


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