Russia’s Central Asian allies watching their backs, but not backing Putin

Even with help from Putin to quell protests in Kazakstan, its leader is looking to supply energy to Europe. It is also beefing up its military so it won’t be the next target for Putin’s ambitions.

The other countries in that area are also cool to the invasion of Ukraine. Belarus may be Putin’s only ally.

12 thoughts on “Russia’s Central Asian allies watching their backs, but not backing Putin

  1. WSJ writes a cute story. Let’s note that just before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine there was a U.S./Nato sponsored attempted coup in Kazakhstan. Russia intervened and saved Kazakhstan’s existing government.

    I take it the war in Ukraine is about to end as a decisive loss to the western powers. This is why a Kazakhstan narrative is gearing up.


    1. The “attempted coup” was successful. The “National Leader for Life” retired and a his former puppet is now in power. It was purely an internal generational power struggle that came as a surprise to Russia, United States, China, and neighboring countries.

      So, you are wrong on two counts. It was NOT unsuccessful and it was not sponsored by anybody least of all the United States. Russia aided the insurrectionist forces now in power, but it is unlikely that they engineered the regime change that occurred.

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      1. You should read your own source more carefully. It clearly shows, as I stated, that Russia’s intervention preserved Kazakhstan’s existing government under President Tokayev.

        It is not surprising that your source ignores the alleged attempts by western intelligence services to exploit the gas price protests in Kazakhstan, since GIS bills itself as a western intelligence service in its own right.


        1. You should read with a little more understanding and sophistication. Because of the unrest and near civil war, Tokayev went from being an ineffectual puppet to being the man in charge. That is regime change. And yes, Russia weighed in on the winning side which makes Kazakhstan’s energy opportunism and military build-up now even more significant.

          If you have a credible source that supports your claims of Western involvement in these events, please share. But, heads up, Russian propaganda and its parrots are not credible sources.

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          1. RE: “Because of the unrest and near civil war, Tokayev went from being an ineffectual puppet to being the man in charge.”

            Tokayev was president before, during and after the events at hand. Some regime change.


    1. RE: “No US/NATO involvement.”

      Not by name, but notice how Aljazeera handles the allegation: “Tokayev stated that the country was attacked by ‘terrorist gangs which had been trained abroad’ and asked for help from the CSTO.”


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