Texas legislators threaten Dallas law firm for providing assistance to employees to receive out of state abortions.


The entire letter from the legislators is in the link. A curious situation is if an employee takes sick leave for an abortion, is that considered illegal if the firm knows. So she should perhaps sign a document with a copy for the state to say she is visiting her mom.

Fascism in Texas. “Your papers. please”.

10 thoughts on “Texas legislators threaten Dallas law firm for providing assistance to employees to receive out of state abortions.

  1. I find it hard to take seriously any article that refers to financing an employee’s abortion as “taking care of their healthcare needs.”

    If an employer would rather pay for an abortion than have an employee with children to take care of, clal it what it is. placing the cost of their employee having children ahead of their family life.

    It is probably legal, but call it what it is, It is not kindness or standing on principle, it is just in the employer’s best interest for their employees to be childless.


    1. What subject are you posting to?

      The state is doubling down on preventing abortion, not just for in the state, but anyone who happens to reside there. In order to do so, they have to investigate travel. And if a company pays or assists, they are culpable.

      My point was simple. If a woman takes a few days sick leave, no reason given to the employer, and gets an abortion, is the company still liable because it effectively paid her even though she wasn’t working. Is it one of those “known or should have known” cases? A pregnancy is hard to keep secret in a close working environment. Someone will know, and in Texas, citizens are vigilantes in abortion law. What can a company do if accused by the state of aiding a woman to get an abortion. So I suggest signed statements of intent for women to travel who might be pregnant.

      To say the extremes will fizzle is disingenuous. They are acting today. If doctors don’t know how the courts will rule, why take a chance. A drug that aids in post miscarriage cases to expel uterine material is also used for abortions. Why risk it?

      That’s why the Ohio case is so egregious. Why go through the “papers please” procedures to find out what an obstetrician may or may not do in a myriad of circumstances. Just go out of state. And even there, the doctor has now sued her own AG for defamation of character and exposing her to threats. He lied about her record of filing the proper paperwork and whether she did in this case also.

      The GOP won but they are falling all over themselves in overreach on a major shift in women’s healthcare and reproductive medicine.

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    2. …” it is just in the employer’s best interest for their employees to be childless.”

      Dodgey dodge dodge.

      If an EMPLOYEE sees her health being jeopardized and the EMPLOYER is willing to assist that employee, then who is the Texas legislature to step into that agreement.

      It appears your ideals of small government include it bring small enough to fit inside a woman’s vagina.

      And didn’t you also tell me to wait and see about bills prohibiting interstate travel? Well, here is the beginning of it. Should we just wait and see or is it coming to fruition?


      1. I don’t disagree that there should be no legal prohibition for these arrangements, but at the same time it is delusional to think these companies are not acting in their own self interest.


        1. The theoretical market place is supposed to be made up of an infinite number of businesses and individuals that act in their own interests.

          Of course this ignores the many realities of modern industrial nations where lawyers are as important as products and marketing. One of the perks that companies entice employees with is healthcare, along with retirement funds, wages and salaries, parental leave, child care, education opportunities, etc. The idea being that it is much cheaper to retain than to retrain. So offering women’s healthcare, including reproductive care around family planning, can be a game changer for quality employee retention in a state that is now rigidly clamping down on abortion. And not just abortion, but all the complexities of whether miscarriages can be treated or will they be mistaken for abortion; ectopic pregnancies that can be treated easily, but now must be legally defended, perhaps in court with lawyers; fetal anomalies found later in a pregnancy; health of the mothers.

          In other words, to put it in the vernacular, companies may not want to put up with the crap and nuances of an ever shifting landscape of interpretation regarding hastily crafted abortion laws. Enforcement is dependent upon political parties rather than rule of law.

          Your assumption that a company will only provide out of state payments to keep women childless is probably not universal. But finding and keeping good employees is.

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