They are preparing for war: An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are taking this country

Rep. Jamie Raskin said it best, “American carnage is Donald Trump’s true legacy.”

There is a political stability rating system modeled by the CIA and experts, that rates unstable countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia a Negative 10, and stable countries like Denmark and Switzerland a Positive 10. The U.S. has always been a Positive 10, until now. The U.S. was briefly downgraded to a 5, is now an 8, but still not back to a positive 10. The system also examines reasons, such as if a political party is based on identity. Anyone who believes Donald Trump’s base isn’t white supremacy, hasn’t been paying attention. Groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers marched on our Capitol carrying Trump flags. It is finally coming to light that some were carrying guns, but according to their “rules,” they avoided engaging the US military at all costs so they did not use them, even if they were hoping to do so.

This isn’t over. The armed militias are still out there and I suggest you read this article to understand their plan of attack.

34 thoughts on “They are preparing for war: An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are taking this country

  1. “ And one of the things it says is, Do not engage the U.S. military. You know, avoid it at all costs. Go directly to targets around the country that are difficult to defend and disperse yourselves so it’s hard for the government to identify you and infiltrate you and eliminate you entirely.”

    Note the importance of anonymity among the insurgents including any form of gun registration.

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  2. Not to mention the availability of assault weapons. A few years back I read that foreign terrorists had stopped trying to smuggle weapons into the US. They can easily buy anything they need once they’re inside.

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    1. That was bin Laden a few decades back, I believe.

      Doonesbury had a great strip Sunday, 7/10:

      We are the murder capital of the First World, and Trudeau nailed it…again. Not just the domestic terrorist attacks, but the daily slaughter among families, friends, gangs, and the man license folks.

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  3. Analysis conducted through a lens of hatred for the other tribe looks foolish from the perspective of history. There have been many times in recent history we have been closer to trouble.

    Oh, and gun registry greatly increases the risk of armed insurrection. When you put people in a use-it-or-lose-it situation, you are inviting them to use it.


    1. Are you saying that if guns need to be registered you will run out and shoot the mailman? It sounds like registration gives you the right to kill fellow Americans.

      Then what are you going to do if you manage to takeover Congress?

      While your at it, what are the times in recent history when we the majority of one of the two major parties denying the peaceful transfer of power as a top campaign issue?

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      1. 2016

        In addition for calls to not accept Trump’s Florida electors, Democrats spent the next three years trying to obstruct and remove Trump with a parade of frauds.

        No, unless the postman tries to disarm me, he is safe. But registration makes confiscation at least appear possible, and an attempt at confiscation is a use it or lose it situation.


        1. Parade of frauds?

          You are getting worse every day as the noose tightens around the neck of the criminal you love. Easier to make a jackass out of yourself than admit you were conned, I suppose.

          So, if not the postman, who is the threat directed against? Let’s say a law is passed to establish a national registry of handguns and assault rifles. A government agent comes to your house to ask if you still own the guns you had previously bought according to records they already have. Gonna murder her for asking such a question?

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          1. Nope, going to tell her they were all lost in a tragic boating accident.

            It’s not my side that is constantly seeking ways to use force on others. That’s all you.

            We have no reason for rebellion, Democrats have so beclowned themselves in 2 years that they will be an endangered species in the next 2 election cycles.


          2. Because the Brady Bill specifically prohibits the assembly of a registry.

            If one exists, everyone involved with it is guilty of a felony.


          3. “If they know I have particular firearms, that is a crime.”

            We are discussing a rational future system not the current absurdity. In that system they might be authorized to pull in all those paper records and build an initial registration database. And then send people to verify. The one you say you would lie to because, you know, the Rule of Law is so important.

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        2. Obstruction of justice, extortion of a head of state, withholding Congressionally mandated funding, were all frauds that Trump paraded himself. And long before 1/6.

          So you were inadvertently correct. Remove Trump with his parade of frauds.

          Now about the “calls not to accept electors from Florida”. Was the statehouse attacked? No. We’re a bogus slate of electors forged and submitted? No. How about a plan to seize voting machines. No, again. How about extorting the Florida election officials to find votes. Darn, no again.

          Perhaps an effort to get some electors to vote for someone other than Trump. It worked in Texas, they had two “faithless electors”, but they did not vote for Clinton. Was that illegal or just politics?

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        3. “2016”

          Funny, I don’t recall armed insurrectionists storming the Capitol or Obama (or Clinton) calling out to “leftist” mobs to stand back and stand by”.

          What I DO recall is Joe Biden declaring DJT the winner of the Electoral College and Barak Obama attending the inauguration of a man who said he wasn’t really a legitimate President because he was not born a citizen.

          Obstruction? Seriously? You want obstruction, look to the McConnel led GOP and Joe Manchin. As far as fraud goes, the Impeachments were not frauds. What was a fraud was the GOP NOT finding guilt when all of the evidence proved it.

          You sure do have a funny way of remembering facts./

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        4. “But registration makes confiscation at least appear possible, and an attempt at confiscation is a use it or lose it situation.”

          Let me see if I understand. Because registration could APPEAR to lead to possible confiscation gun owners would start killing people before the guns might be removed. So now they can use them instead of losing them.

          At least you acknowledge that registration doesn’t lead directly to confiscation. It just appears that it might.

          But then we have the “use it it lose it” logic.

          We are using them to kill 45,000 of us each year. What more do you want?

          Defending the homeland or attacking it?

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          1. Without registration, if I become concerned that the government might try to confiscate private arms, I can bury(in appropriate containers) all but a token sample where they won’t be found. That way, I can wait and see if tyranny is coming or not before taking action.

            But if the government knows what I have, and they come to the house and I can’t produce them then who knows what action they might take, That’s a use it or lose it bind.

            So, registration makes violence more likely.


          2. Pretzel logic. Chances are much greater that you might plan an attack on the government as part of an insurgency (Not that that would ever happen😇).

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    2. Democrats are not in a “tribe.” Maybe you are because Tribalism is a “conservate” thing? The European Civilization chauvinist tribe, maybe?

      More threats of violence. You really ought to be on a do-not-sell list.

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  4. RE: “The armed militias are still out there…”

    So are Antifa and BLM.

    Perhaps I should accuse WAPO of being a “Putin mouthpiece,” since it was Putin advisor Aleksandr Dugin who famously predicted the immanent collapse and breakup of the U.S. due to internal conflict.

    I don’t doubt the scholarship of the Political Instability Task Force, or any of its findings, but here the group’s work is being used as fear porn.


    1. “So are Antifa and BLM”

      Antifa is not an organization. It is a catch-all phrase for people who are Anti-fascist.

      BLM is not an armed movement.

      So, you whataboutism is lamer than usual. For many years, our security and law enforcement services have identified right-wing and Christian Nationalist militias as posing the greatest threat of terrorism. January 6th proves they were right.

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      1. That and CRT, grooming, vaccines, gun control, “urban voters” and God knows what else the right can conjure up to scare Americans so “only I can fix it”.

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