OHIO Supreme Court rules redistricting plan unconstitutional…but says go ahead anyway.


2 districts favor Democrats and 13 are shoe-ins for Republicans. Oh well. At least this lawsuit was filed before the election. If you can’t win at the polls, then just take what you want anyway.

13 thoughts on “OHIO Supreme Court rules redistricting plan unconstitutional…but says go ahead anyway.

  1. So you are fine with turning over control of the House of Representatives on the basis of unconstitutional maps found to be such by a Republican court, but your hair is on fire because some states added a few extra ballot drop boxes in the middle of a deadly pandemic?

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    1. I don’t know the basis of the decision so I don’t know how big the discrepancy is or if the redistricting would make any difference this year. For all we know, Biden may be so unpopular in Ohio right now that even the 2 Democrat districts will go red as well.

      But in any case, the primaries have been held, so redistricting now would require new primaries and then the general election. There just isn’t time. This has happened many times before.


    1. If you think you can spot Gerrymandering by looking at a map, you do not understand Gerrymandering.

      Joe Biden IS unpopular at the moment mainly because he has been so much of a disappointment to Democrats. That will not be the help you are hoping for in Congressional and Senate races.

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    2. “Gerrymandering is older than our republic. Both parties do it,”

      True and true. Doesn’t make it right. And it doesn’t protect voter interests, just the interests of those wishing to pick their voters, vice voters picking their candidates.

      “I don’t have a really good answer for it.”

      How about a national bill directing state to draw maps based solely on population, as was the intention of the founders?

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          1. An apportionment that went strictly by population with no bias at all, would be held racist by today’s courts.

            It is a simple fact that the races are not uniformly distributed geographically, especially in Blue states. As a result, a purely unbiased apportionment would inherently concentrate Black votes in some districts and leave others disproportionately White.

            That’s OK with me as I do not support trying to create minority majority districts. I prefer racially blind apportionment. But the courts will not allow it.


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