Well, there’s your problem

Biden chooses advisors based on their lack of experience

Biden, having no experience in the private sector, chooses advisors with no experience either.

The result is an administration with no understanding of voluntary exchange in the marketplace, and that only understands a Soviet style command economy.

We don’t have one of those.

37 thoughts on “Well, there’s your problem

  1. Are you and Mr. Roberts in some sort of Trolling race? Trying to see who can dig up the silliest partisan nonsense? And then taking the longest flying leap beyond even what those partisan hacks opine? “Soviet style command economy?” Really?

    I would not have thought it possible, but you are winning.

    WSJ says. . .
    “Yet it’s fair to wonder if the Biden policies and their results reflect a lack of even a basic understanding of how business works. One example is the Labor Department’s quest to classify millions of contractors as employees, despite evidence that many workers prefer independent status.”

    That is evidence of realistic knowledge of how business works and yet they cite it as proof of ignorance. In case you don’t know it, business would rather not have employees if it can get away with using “contractors” as de facto employees. And most such de facto employees would rather have the benefits and bargaining rights that come with an employment contract. Being a “gig worker” is a matter of necessity, not of choice, for most such people. IMO.


    1. So?

      When people choose their hours and are paid based on the work they do and not the hours worked, they are contractors.

      But that is really a tax matter, not a market matter.

      A better example is telling gas stations they must cut prices on $5 gasoline as though the $.15 they make on a gallon is going to solve the problem.


      1. So, you do not know business either. Sure, there is such thing as “contractors.” But millions of “contractors” are de facto employees being denied the benefits of being employees. It is the mission of the Department of Labor to try to protect labor.

        You obviously do not understand gasoline pricing either. There are several layers of price decisions between the well and the gas pump. I have provided you with chapter and verse on the actual structure in a previous conversation. Not surprisingly, a waste of effort.

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          1. “President Biden singled out the gas station owners, whose share of the overall profit is quite small.”

            Did he? Or did he misspeak? Or was he joking? Or was it only normal hyperbole? Or are you not quoting him quite accurately? A little research says the latter. Here are his words as crude prices were falling while gas prices were still climbing.

            “My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril. Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.”

            So not just gas stations but also those “setting prices at the pump.” The last category includes everyone in the supply chain who were making historic levels of profit and not just the Mom and Pop stations at the mercy of the big oil companies. That is how I read it.

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  2. Kind of sad and funny at the same time. Every true leader surrounds themselves with experts not idiots. However we are talking Biden, the leader of the highest inflation and gas prices ever…


        1. There is a difference.

          In 2008, it was not the policy of the administration to make gasoline intentionally unaffordable to force people to buy cars they did not want.


          1. “In 2008, it was not the policy of the administration to make gasoline intentionally unaffordable to force people to buy cars they did not want.”

            Nor is that the policy now. When are you going to learn? You do not get to make up facts to suit your purposes.

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          2. Biden himself said it was his intention to drive fossil fuel companies out of business and Granholm laughed when asked what would be done to lower gas prices and said people concerned with high prices should buy an electric car.


          3. “Biden himself said it was his intention to drive fossil fuel companies out of business ”
            Granholm laughed. blah blah.

            Your constant lying is not consistent with your stated goals for this forum.

            I am not going to bother to provide chapter and verse debunking these two lies AGAIN. It is a waste of effort in responding to people incapable of honest debate based on evidence.


        2. Your supposed facts are far from complete. The real rightie facts are in my response to Len of which Don has already commented on. Boring is correct because your “facts” are false.


        1. “The end point of your article is more than $1 short of current prices”
          Uh, look at the chart more carefully. It is of average annual prices. The 2022 data is not a full year and the current momentary price is shown.

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          1. Gas prices always spike in early June as the refineries transition to summer blends, they ease until Labor Day. That seasonal trend is superimposed on the base price increases.


          2. Always something with you when there is good news. Gas prices are down and you just have to throw some bullshit out there to say it ISN’T a good thing.

            If the June spike is ALWAYS expected, then why the uproar when it happened?


          3. Seasonal fluctuations have to be considered but the base rate is what matters, and that is still double what it was when Biden took office.


        2. The chart also shows the average national price in June 2022 as $4.715. That is pretty close to 2008, 2012 and 1981. (And slightly below 1918.)

          So, true, recent history shows we are higher by
          30 or so cents. Todays average dropped to $4.63.

          My point is that the prices are not unprecedented, not that we should love them.

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      1. Um, yes we are. According to your link the nominal average price of gas for 2022 is $3.77. It certainly didn’t calculate that based on current nominal averages of $4.60 and averages were over $5 just a month ago.
        When gas shot up to over $5 a gallon, it was in FACT the highest price ever and we arent much below that now. However using your link, the highest inflation adjusted price was in 2011 and 2012 under Obama. Did you notice that almost all of the highest rates were under democrats?


  3. “Biden, having no experience in the private sector”…

    SO what? With the exception of the previous administration, when was the last time we had a president that had private sector experience. And don’t say the Bushes. The had oil money handed down through the generations. But BOTH of them were lifetime POLITICIANS.

    And seeing as the previous administration attempted (and some would say STILL) to destroy the Democratic Republic in which we live, I’ll take the guys that have the political experience over a businessman/woman.

    The only time I recall successful governance by business pros was in the Tom Clancy book after the terrorist flew a jet into the Capitol during the State of the Union and Jack Ryan was the designated “Last Man Standing”.

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    1. The Bushes nonetheless did have substantial private sector experience.

      But in the case of someone like Biden who has none, a serious person would see that weakness and surround himself with advisors who made up for it with plenty of their own.

      Instead he has chosen others like himself with little if any private sector knowledge, magnifying his personal incompetence.

      He just got a new BATFE head who has never owned a firearm.

      It’s like, seeing his own ignorance, he has chosen advisors who know even less so he can still feel like the smartest guy in the room.


      1. You still sidestepped the question. I told you that that Bushes didn’t really count. Both of them were lifelong politicians who dabbled in oil that their fathers and grandfathers handed down to them.

        So let me ask you again: What President since Herbert Hoover (the last one I recall having private sector experience before going into government) had the market experience you seem to be touting? And how well did things work out under them?

        And so what if the head of BATDE has never owned a firearm? Does owning a gun make you the right person for the job? Is that the ONLY qualification necessary for the position? Your contention is just another stupid attack on a president you don’t like and have NO respect for.


        1. I didn’t say the Bushes were a rags to riches story. I said they had experience in business, which they did.

          Would having a Kenyan communist for a father better prepared them for the private sector?

          But I see where you’re coming from.

          Experience in a field is a disqualifier in the Biden administration.


          1. “Would having a Kenyan communist for a father better prepared them for the private sector?”

            Coy racist dig at Obama? CHECK!

            The Bushes had what kind of experience in the private sector? They inherited oil money from their predecessors. Bush I went into the military and then civilian government. Bush II was given the reigns of a major league baseball team and doomed it for several years.

            Yet even two out of how many since Hoover?

            My point exactly.

            “Experience in a field is a disqualifier in the Biden administration.”

            So you believe. Experience in a field doesn’t make on the best choice for a particular job in the WH. Trump didn’t know SHIT about governing and you supported him and his band of merry yes men. Even the ones that resigned in disgrace or were forced out for being loyal enough to the man, not the country. His best people? Laughable.

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          2. Actually, it was a communist dig at Obama.

            Bush I was successful in wildcatting oil before going into politics. Bush 2 was eventually successful with the baseball team but even were he not, failing in business would eb better experience than never having to compete for willing buyers.


          3. “Actually, it was a communist dig at Obama.”

            Then the “dig” would have been. . . “Would having a communist for a father better prepared them for the private sector?”

            But that was not the dig you chose because Adam was absolutely right. It was deliberate pandering to Birther-style racism. And you know it.


          4. “Kenya is a foreign country.”
            So not just a racist dig but a xenophobic dig as well.

            Who do you think you are fooling? Mr. Smith? Mr. Roberts?


          5. “You’re the one who sees everything through a lens of race, not me.”

            And yet out if the blue this “dig” at Obama who is neither a Kenyan nor a communist.


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