What is a Church?

According to the IRS, apparently the Family Research Council is. Regardless of what political actions some of their “offshoots” perform.

It seems to be a dodge to protect the identity of donors and just another way around laws that are supposed to keep dark money out of politics. But as we know, dark money is like water; it finds a way to get where it wants (BOTH parties, by the way).

14 thoughts on “What is a Church?

  1. Honestly, these monsters scare me more than any militia out there. Nothing will ever be enough for them… no amount of control will ever satisfy their needs. If they manage to get abortion banned everywhere, they’ll go for banning birth control. If they get birth control banned, they’ll want interracial marriage banned… and same sex marriage… and opening stores on Sundays… and selling alcohol… and women voting… and being able to quit your job without government permission…. There will ALWAYS be one more crusade, one more witch hunt, one more reason you need their protection against “evil.”

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    1. The overall concept of your irrational sequence of events as part of a “crusade” sounds more like the progressive play book. Progressives are well known to see how morally corrupt they can “shame” society into as part of their woke crusade step by step.


      1. Seems to me tat Ms. Radford hit the nail on the head. The crusades are led by organization such as this and their hero is Clarence Thomas. See the other post about SOCTUS being lobbied.

        Nice try at deflection, but as usual you have failed.

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      2. Nobody can shame anyone else who has nothing to be ashamed about.

        The “irrational” sequence of events is simply based on what the conservatives have said they want to do. Do you think that they are lying?

        Thomas and TN congresswoman Blackburn, among others, want to revisit birth control, gay marriage, gay sex. They left out interracial marriage for now for probably an very obvious reason. The Thomas’s are interracial.

        Now the argument is that overruling the precedents is just so Congress can enact laws rather than SCOTUS rulings. Congress passing anything other than gas is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future.

        Yet, tossing contraception or gay marriage would simply follow the red state/blue state scenario we see now over abortion.

        Are we a nation or just a collection of states who make up their own rules regardless of impact on a mobile society? We did have the Article of Confederation before the Constitution. How did that work out?

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    2. Your paranoia is noted.

      Even the Catholic Church, which regards birth control as sinful, has not called for a ban by law.

      There is no evidence that any significant political movement wants to do any of those things.


  2. First, let’s be accurate: The IRS recognizes FRC as an “association of churches,” not as a church per se.

    Second, who cares? Religious groups are entitled to be active in politics. Unless there is some reason to believe that FRC is engaged in corrupt or criminal activities, there is little to be gained in revealing donor information. In fact, in the current climate of censorship and witch hunting it is probably best to keep donor information private.


    1. …”church per se.”

      Dr. Semantics is once again plying his trade on Tidewater News and Opinion Forum.

      Who cares? I do when an “association of churches” lobbies to take away rights of people. People I know, people I don’t know, people I care about, even people like you. The theocrats are coming and they are bending the rules to do so. If I want to be Christian, I want to be able to make that choice. I do NOT want it forced on me by the government with the support of “associations of churches”.

      And the “association of churches” is quite broad. I would consider The UMC Conference of USA or even the Southern Baptist Convention to be a legitimate association. The FRC and its associate “arms” are nothing more than lobbying groups and I think it is only fair to know who is giving to these groups to further their radical, ultra-Christian agenda. Chic Fil A lost my business, not because they are closed on Sunday. But because they donate to ultra Christian, anti freedom of religion groups like FRA.

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      1. RE: “I think it is only fair to know who is giving to these groups to further their radical, ultra-Christian agenda.”

        I disagree. Judging from your comments, I think it is only fair for FRC’s donors to be protected from people like you who demonstrate intolerance.


        1. They are entitled to their views. If they are a business, I am just as entitled to not do business with them if I find their activism or support thereof to be counter to my own personal beliefs.

          I believe that private companies are supporting causes I disagree with should make it known, or at least have it as public knowledge.

          I also notice that you seem to have no issue with an ultra-Christian agenda. So who is showing intolerance?

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  3. These things are neither paranoia nor far-fetched ideas. Several of these things are currently being discussed by Thomas and other Republicans. And there is historical evidence that the rest of these things will happen.

    In the 1300s, the Church was awash in sex scandals (sound familiar?). The clergy lived like kings while demanding tithes and offerings from the peasants, who were having a tough time putting bread on the table (more familiar?). Things went from bad to worse. The plague was everywhere (spooky, huh?). The Church was losing their congregations to death and disgust. The old pagan religions were starting to come back. The pagans were, among other things, herbalists. They couldn’t cure the Black Death, but they could ease some of the pain of dying. And that was more than the Church was doing.

    So, the 1300s’ equivalent of the FRC got together and devised a plan. The Church invented witches. They wrote the Malleus Maleficarum, “The Hammer of Witches.” It defined a witch as a woman who cured people by magic… e.g. herbs. The herbalists were also the only thing women in those days had as a midwife during child birth. So the Church claimed witches killed babies, boiled down the baby fat, and painted it on their brooms so they could fly. Ever wonder how Satan who, according to the Bible, was the most beautiful of God’s angles, became an ugly, horned demon? Look at the pagan Stag God of Winter. Horns. Tail. Totally ugly. The Church made all of that up in order to convince the peasants that “that other religion” was evil, and “only we can save you.”

    It was a great PR stunt. And it totally worked. Women, mostly old and poor, were burned at the stake. The campaign was so successful, it had women barred from the practice of medicine for centuries. (Ever wonder why women, the natural care givers, were never doctors in the West? Now you know.) The Church eventually regained its power. And it didn’t care how much it cost.

    That’s where we are today. The churches are losing their powers. The televangelists aren’t raking in as many millions as they did 40 years ago. They need political power. They need a rallying cry. And, yes, they tried birth control first. But too many husbands enjoyed having sex with their wives without having to put 14 kids through college. They didn’t rally behind that cry. So then came the abortion issue. It is totally non-Biblical. (Actually, the Bible is pro-abortion: Numbers 5:11-31 – God instructs Moses on how the priests are to conduct abortions in the temple.) But witches were non-Biblical too. Nobody cared then. Nobody cares now.

    But once abortion is totally illegal, there will be no more rallying cry. No evil to save people from. Of course, they could do all the things Jesus said to do: love their enemies, help the poor, be kind to strangers, etc. etc. etc. But that’s a lot of work and it would cost money. Finding another evil will be so much easier… and cost effective.

    They have already suggested they will go for birth control next. Didn’t work last time, but times change. They may go with same sex marriage first. They will definitely go for the sodomy laws. I just went progressively backwards with my predictions, as conservatives seem to want to do. They may choose some other order. But they WILL chose! And sooner or later, they will hit something you give a damn about.

    I threw in the bit about not being able to quit your job without government permission because that was a Nazi thing. I only read about it recently, but it was true. In Nazi Germany, you could not quit your job without government approval. (And they “Sieg Heiled” Hitler anyway.) Since Fascists come wrapped in a flag, carrying a Bible, that’s where we could easily end up. Not that anybody will give a damn.

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