If you want to know why

Biden voids compromise on firearms

If you want to know why it is hard to find compromise on firearms, here you go.

After Republican Senators and Congressmen stick their necks out to support a compromise on gun laws, and with the ink not dry on his signature, Biden calls for ignoring the compromise to try to get everything the hoplophobes want.

Every compromise is just the starting point for more demands.

Well, I guess those 15 Congressmen and 10 Senators have learned their lesson now. They will never compromise again. Democrats simply do not bargain in good faith.

59 thoughts on “If you want to know why

    1. Is there any president that hasn’t told Congress what he wanted them to do? Shoot, the ex-prez told Congress to overturn the election for him.

      Now that was disgusting… and shameful, and nasty, and ignorant, and dangerous, and…😇

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        1. Coming from “StumbleJoe is my middle name”, that was precious.

          But it was on your topic of a president telling Congress what he wants as of it was some gross faux pas.

          Sometime my comments hope to open blinders.

          I failed evidently.

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          1. “Stumble Joe’s attitude seems to be, “Do what I want.” Disgusting.”

            A president telling Congress what he wants was your comment. Own it for once rather than tap dance.

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          2. RE: “Own it for once rather than tap dance.”

            No tap dance. You blew it. My topic was Joe Biden’s attitude, not his demand to Congress, which isn’t even implied.


          3. No tap dance? OK. How abut a very elaborate BALLET.

            Your people are just flipping over backwards to attack Biden for doing the same damned thing every singe President has EVER done. Even the WH budget proposal is just a blueprint for the President’s agenda. A “wish list”, if you will. But when Biden does it, he is Satan incarnate.

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          4. Nope,

            honorable men do not ask for compromise, then violate the compromise before the ink is dry.

            Honorable ,men bargain in good faith and stand by the results.


          5. “Honorable ,men bargain in good faith and stand by the results.”

            Considering what you call “honorable men” at this point, I will just avoid LMAO.

            The initial compromise was made. Asking for more, no matter when is “business as usual”. But because you hate Biden with such unrelenting passion, you just HAVE to say he doomed an agreement already signed.

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          6. “No tap dance. You blew it. My topic was Joe Biden’s attitude, not his demand to Congress, which isn’t even implied.”

            Len is too polite to say it. I am not. Your silly tap dance is just plain stupid. All we know about President Biden’s attitude is the SUBJECT OF THIS THREAD – his remarks (not a demand – he can’t do that) about what Congress should do next. There is nothing special about a President wanting what he wants. It is part of the job. It is certainly not disgusting to express what he wants. That is very silly partisan nonsense.

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          7. “Nope, honorable men do not ask for compromise”

            Did President Biden ask for compromise gun control or was he presented a compromise to sign? Did ANYBODY think these minor steps were to be the end of the issue forever?

            I am thinking the irony of you pontificating about honorable men is lost on you.

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        1. Irrelevant how. Presidents do tell folks what they want all the time.

          What is irrelevant is your post from the Epoch Times trashing Biden because he did just that.

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    2. Not just disgusting, stupid.

      Next January, he’s going to be facing a GOP House and likely a GOP Senate as well. He’s going to need to be able to make compromises to get anything done. And not just on guns.

      But he stabbed the Republicans most likely to compromise in the back, some of them might even get primaried because of this compromise.

      So, he just gave his second two years the kiss of death.


      1. If the elephants take both houses, Biden could be Jesus himself and they would not work with him. Heck they are going to impeach him if the wing it’s do well.

        No need to soothe feathers.

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          1. Clinton did face a hostile GOP, but this one is friggin’ bloodthirsty…literally, too. It wants to kill RINO’s, their own party members, from having any chance to win primaries and elections. (Greitens wants to just kill them, and you thought that was hilarious.) How many GOP members are still rehashing the election after 18 months and peddling Italian satellite crap over and over again? And why? Because their constituents believe the Big Lie. And why? Because that is all they hear from a handful of sources day in and day out. Week after week. Month after month.

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    3. “Stumble Joe’s attitude seems to be, “Do what I want.” ”

      Yet when TFG does it as an actual threat to democracy, you just whistle past the graveyard. Or better yet, jump up and down in glee like a cheerleader on Friday night.

      Your hypocrisy seriously knows ZERO bounds.

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  1. “Voids the compromise”?

    All he said was what Democrats have been pushing for years now.

    The compromise went through and won’t be voided.

    So we have a few more protections against loonies and (RINO hunters?), and that is fine. Asking for another separate bill is not anything more than asking for another bill. I believe the Democrats compromised a boatload just to appease the GOP.

    BTW, I often check the comment section of sites to get a feel for the political, intellectual and responsible viewpoints of the site’s readers.

    Try that on your Epoch Times. Lots of CAPS too, in case you left your reading glasses elsewhere. I think the red flag provisions might look at some of the “passionate comments”.

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    1. If you remember, I supported this compromise as reasonable.

      And Biden stabbed his Congressional leadership in the back as well. They got all that had a chance of passing and surviving SCOTUS in this compromise, Biden just wanted to virtue signal and club the GOP on this issue to try to boost his own poll numbers, Now his negotiators look either like fools or equally untrustworthy.

      It will cost them dearly next year.


  2. I disagree. You can most certainly bet they will compromise again. The Republican Party stands for NOTHING. Sadly.


  3. Your idea of compromise, especially when it comes to guns, is there is no compromise. The 2A is sacrosanct and nothing can be done to reasonably regulate firearms.

    Blaming Biden is just another smokescreen and another way for you to espouse your hatred for him. Or ANY Democrat, for that matter.

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    1. RE: “The 2A is sacrosanct and nothing can be done to reasonably regulate firearms.”

      The 2A is indeed sacrosanct and we already have reasonable regulation of firearms. When we enacted an almost total ban on fully automatic firearms many decades ago, that was enough.


      1. “When we enacted an almost total ban on fully automatic firearms many decades ago, that was enough.”

        So, the right to keep and bear arms CAN be infringed! The Constitution is silent on the distinction between fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. So, it should be up to the Legislatures in each state. Right?

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          1. “No, the Federal Firearms Act is unconstitutional, and we’ll get to it in time.”

            Well, of course it is. And why should government thugs have a monopoly on hand grenades, claymores, bazookas, or Stinger missiles. Those are all “arms” as well.

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          2. …the Federal Firearms Act is unconstitutional”…

            Your opinion, yet it has not been deemed so by SCOTUS. So unless that happens, your opinion is just that. And if it is so egregiously unconstitutional, why is it still on the books? Waiting for a court that is overly conservative and amenable to overturning the will of the people as voted to the legislature?

            If it is so bad, why don’t you get Congress to change it? You know, consensus that you call for on everything else from the climate to abortion.


          3. The Federal Firearms act was upheld once, the Miller decision. Miller was effectively sentenced to life for bank robbery so he did not defend his case on the fine for possessing an unlicensed sawed off shotgun. Only the prosecution put on a case before SCOTUS. So, Miller is ripe for challenge,

            Per the Heller decision, the 2nd Amendment protects firearms in common use, but the only reason the “firearms” that require a license(tax stamp) are not in common use is because of the act.

            The Act covers fully automatic firearms, suppressors and short barreled rifles and shotguns.

            There is nothing rational about the FFA. Suppressors should be used on firearms for the same reason we have mufflers on cars and motorcycles, reducing noise.

            SBRs are ideal home protection weapons, especially for women.

            The same is true for short barreled shotguns. they are more accurate than handguns in the hands of less experienced shooters and still short enough to use in cramped spaces.

            Fully automatic weapons are not my thing, but some people enjoy them.

            But in the Miller decision, which conceded an individual RTKBA, the tax stamp requirement was justified under the claim that the listed firearms were not useful for militia use. Tell the special ops folk that suppressors, SBRs, full auto firearms and short shotguns are not useful for military purposes.

            So, even on its face, Miller contradicts itself.

            Add to that the requirement to pay a tax to exercise a right and the Heller standard of common use vs militia use, and the FFA’s days are numbered.

            One step at a time, but we will get to it.


          4. So a Poll tax to exercise the right to vote is Ok with you?

            I had to wait 11 months and pay $250 to get permission to buy a suppressor,

            How is that not infringement?


      2. …”we already have reasonable regulation of firearms.”

        Debatable, at best. But when a young man on his 18th birthday can walk into a store and purchase as many “man cards” as he can afford, the idea that there is reasonable regulation is blown out of the water. BY several rounds of .223 ammo. And the soaking of the streets, schools, malls, bars, etc., in blood.

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        1. My how colorful

          and vapid.

          We just passed a compromise bill that will address the problem of missing disqualifiers in the juvenile record but you don’t even want to wait to see how well it works.

          How about some ‘people control’ instead.

          The last 2 shooters at least were unemployed or at least unable to afford the firearms they bought. Parents, who knew full well how dangerous these young men were bought their firearms for them.

          How about we start holding negligent parents accountable?


          1. Their attorneys want to be able to call their son as a witness. A picture of this family can be found in the dictionary next to “dysfunctional family”.


          2. Did any of the latest shooters walk in to a gun store on (or about) his 18th birthday and buy a long gun with an extended magazine without any kind of waiting period?


      3. “The 2A is indeed sacrosanct”…

        So was the 18th Amendment. Until it WASN’T.

        “When we enacted an almost total ban on fully automatic firearms many decades ago, that was enough.”

        You mean the ban that EXPIRED? It was enough right up to that point.


          1. This is the post I was referring to:

            “When we enacted an almost total ban on fully automatic firearms many decades ago, that was enough.”

            So what am I confusing?


          2. Fully automatic weapons are not banned. You have to get a tax stamp like I had to get for my suppressor.

            But import and manufacture for the domestic market was banned in the 70s so they are scarce and artificially expensive.


  4. So, Republicans have to stick their necks out to agree to this nothingburger of a gun control law? That is a testament to the sorry and rabid state of the Republican Party. We will not give up stopping gun carnage because a handful of Republicans agreed to put on a bandage where a tournequet is needed to stop the flow of blood.

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    1. The compromise was all that there was any chance of passing and all that had a chance of getting by SCOTUS.

      Biden should have taken the win and sought to mend fences with those who will be in control next year.

      But after this, Biden will be lucky to be able to name a Post Office.


      1. Funny. You said Democrats don’t bargain in good faith.

        Republicans do? Not since the Gingrich policy of no compromise. So here we are.

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        1. Are you saying that Don is a hypocrite?

          As I have said before, his idea of compromise on guns is “my way or else”. I have never seen that in a definition of the word.


      2. “Biden will be lucky to be able to name a Post Office.”

        The way this current GOP works, he couldn’t even be able to do that.

        You put a lot of blame on Biden. Some of it deserving. But the obstruction of the GOP to do the right thing to avoid giving the appearance of a “win” for Biden on anything is disgusting. Screw the country in the name of power. I don’t like ti when either side does it, but the GOP has it down to a science. Just like gerrymandering.


  5. I think this bait and switch tactic is permanently engrained in the liberal mind, always has and always will. Chip by chip, it’s how we got to this screw the victim and pamper the perp, anarchists do whatever mentality we live in today thanks to democrats. Back stabbing, conning and getting over on others is liberal culture, just go north and it is obvious. Being burned too many times by democrats who never had any intention of true compromise instead of using compromise as a stepping stone, rightfully so, creates massive distrust in the minds of Republicans. I’m just shocked Biden was so quick to reveal how untrustworthy he and his administration is.


    1. “I think this bait and switch tactic”…

      Did Biden sign the agreement or not? If he hadn’t and sent it back to Congress then your “bait and switch” comment would have been accurate. But he did sign it. And then asked for more. SO what? Presidents of both parties have done that for over 200 years.

      You want a true depiction of bait and switch, look to TFG and immigration compromise that was brought to him hat he said he would sign … Right up until the Immigration Whisperer, Steven Miller, told him not to.

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