Unarmed in a battle of wits

Twitter sues Musk to close deal

So, Twitter provides false information about the number of fake accounts included in its client list. Musk objects and seeks transparency on the issue, or a reduced price, before completing the deal. Twitter provides more false information. Musk voids deal. Twitter sues to force him to close the deal, but now will have to provide Musk the information he wanted in court, where a settlement will result in a lower price.

What we have here is a bunch of millennials who think they are smart engaging in a battle of wits with someone who actually is smart.

11 thoughts on “Unarmed in a battle of wits

  1. That is one way to look at it.

    Or, we have a foolish and impulsive billionaire reneging on an emotional ego-driven offer that never should have been made without answering the questions he is now raising. Is data about the bots the reason or the excuse? Personally, I think it more of an excuse. Classic case of buyer’s remorse that sets in with the cold light of day.

    What your generational insult is based on is a mystery. Generally hate younger people?

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  2. Whew, so you know that Twitter provided false information during due diligence before the offer was made.

    Who is your contact, or is it anonymous?

    If there is a trial (which will be years in the process), discovery will out problems.

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      1. I am a bit confused (Nothing new here), but didn’t JFK, Jr. die in 1999?

        So is he the bot? Or are all those echo chamber repeats the bots?

        Or what are you trying to show?

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        1. Those were not reTweets, those were all supposedly original Tweets by different health care workers, but were identical except for the account.

          That happens a lot on Twitter it seems. I have only had an account for a few weeks and I have seen other instances about climate where there were identical tweets from multilpe sources.


          1. Yes, but who is JFK, Jr who supposedly outed the bots. He died long before Twitter or COVID.

            It sounds like the echo chamber when searching the internet and a story is pasted almost verbatim on multiple sites.

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          2. So, Elon Musk – “someone who is actually smart” – was not aware of bots running amok on Twitter when he made his FORTY-FOUR BILLION DOLLAR offer? Does he not watch the news? They have been highly publicized. Does he not know the words “due diligence?”

            I guess you don’t keep up since you exclaim “Elon Musk was right!” as if he had discovered some deep secret.

            I almost never agree with Trump but he may well be on to something when he declared Musk to be a “bullshit artist.” After all, it takes one to know one.

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          3. So, should not have Twitter known?

            They claimed less than 5% fake accounts in their disclosure. Now they won’t disclose how they arrived at that figure.

            But now that they have sued, they will have to in court.

            Unless, of course, they have a rush of brains to the head and settle for a sale orice substationally below $44billion.


          4. Since it is Twitter suing Musk, I doubt that they have something to hide about their disclosures.

            In my career I have been involved on the inside of both IPOs and hostile takeovers. It is a very serious matter and there is always a very serious number of lawyers and accountants hovering over every sentence, word and punctuation mark in a disclosure or filing to make sure it can be supported.

            Musk has been well aware of the questions posed by bots from long before his takeover offer. My guess is he rushed into it on emotion and ego with the thought in the back of his mind that he could negotiate a better price after the fact by squealing about the bot ratio. Twitter is not having it, and now it will be Musk trying to salvage his contractual penalty in the billions for failing to close.

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