Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.

One has to wonder how many times do some people need to be lead down the primrose path before they stop believing the con man doing it to them.

Many of our “conservative” posters in this forum have breathlessly repeated every exaggerated story of how the Durham investigation was going to vindicate Donald Trump and many Democrats and national security officers were going to end up in jail for perpetrating the Trump-Russia “hoax”. Their glee at the prospect of “Lock them up!” was palpable.

This has been going on for two years now, with the latest being the expectation of a conviction and damning revelations in the minor case of Attorney Sussman accused of lying when he said he was reporting what he knew acting on his own. The jury heard the thin evidence and the strong countervailing testimony and rightly and quickly decided “Not guilty.” Has their day in court satisfied these “conservatives” once and for all? Oh no! The jury was biased because they are “urban”, “real Americans” would have convicted, and Durham still has major revelations ahead. Here is some advice – don’t hold your breath.

Along the same lines, the Big Lie has been vociferously defended by people who unquestioningly take Donald Trump at his word. I well remember the “conservative” excitement over the video showing ballot box stuffing in Fulton County, Georgia, where, you know, a lot of “urban” people live. Even though the story has been debunked again and again by Republican officials, they stood by it, repeated it and spread it. Today’s hearing presentation was absolutely definitive. It was all bullshit. Donald Trump was informed again and again that it was bullshit but that did not stop him from weaving a tale of election theft as he fired up the troops to assault the Capitol.

Does anyone have an explanation of why so many supposedly normal people are so eager to be fooled? It seems the more obvious the lies, the more eager they are to be hoodwinked.

31 thoughts on “Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.

      1. Well, what I have said for a start.

        I didn’t say DC juries were biased against Republicans and for Democrats because they were “urban” I said it was because it was in DC.

        Nearly everyone there works for the Federal bureaucracy, or for a business dependent on the bureaucracy.

        That’s why I recommended Jan 6 defendants opt for a bench trial. Better chance of getting an honest judge than an unbiased jury.


          1. Nice dodge. Where?

            Most big cities are Democrat. Do you really think a government employee is incapable of serving on a jury?

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        1. You used “DC” as a dog whistle too many times to claim it is about how people make their living. You have used it before about the trials of the white power insurrectionists now facing justice.

          Put yourself on the jury, The charge is that he lied – not under oath – when he said he was acting on his own when he reported information developed about servers at Trump Tower and the White House. There was no tape recording of the alleged lying. And more to the point there was sworn testimony from someone in a position to know that he was NOT acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

          Now maybe everyone is lying but the thin case on a minor charge drips with reasonable doubt. Obviously. But you castigate the jury and say he would be in jail if the trial was anywhere else. Do you really want to stand behind such bullshit?

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          1. “Lying to the FBI is a crime whether you are under oath or not.”

            Sure it is. That was the charge that was the basis for the failed prosecution.

            But, it is a lesser crime than perjury. IMHO.

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          2. I notice that you did not answer the question. Do you really want to stand behind such bullshit?
            What would you do if on a jury where the case was directly rebutted by a witness in a position to know the facts? Would you not see reasonable doubt in the face of such testimony? Instead of accepting a very reasonable verdict you switch to insulting the people who did their duty and served on the jury. Do I need to tell you how “childish” that is?

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    1. Here is your real derangement:

      Raffensberger, Rusty Bowers (Speaker of AZ House) and Ruby Freeman and daughter (election workers in GA) we’re all physically threatened online and in person so much that security details were set up and the Freeman’s had to move.

      Trump did it through his surrogate pond scum and continues to do so today. Those are the deranged folks.

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      1. “Raffensberger, Rusty Bowers (Speaker of AZ House)”…

        Plus several others that have testified either live or in taped depositions are all, REPUBLICANS!. Now they are labeled as RINO’s because, well, Trump.

        I ask again, what is the definition of RINO today?

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  1. Paul, I’m afraid you’re wasting your time. They are too heavily invested in the lies. They’ve been played for fools for so long, they’re like O.J.Simpson defenders. O.J. could get on TV and announce, “I did it. I killed them both.” and they’d say he was lying, he didn’t do it. They have to project their “derangement syndrome” onto other people just like Trump blames his enemies for what he’s doing himself. They can’t be shamed. They can’t be cured. When Trump is dead and in his grave, the country will still be plagued with them. The best we can hope for is, once he’s gone, they’ll crawl back under the rocks where they were hiding before he came along.

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    1. Sadly, you are absolutely right. So much for that City on a Hill. The worst aspect MAGA is that there are so many people to come out from under those rocks when Trump legitimized the hatred and bigotry that they used to keep among themselves and inside their churches.

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    1. There is nothing wrong with my mental health. Your smarmy advice is kind of backwards. You should try thinking about what Trump has done and what he will do again if people like you remain unconcerned for the future of our democratic way of life and the Rule of Law.

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    2. Jim, instead of denigrating Paul, why don’t you consider the facts that continue to come to light concerning Jan 6th and the run-up to it as well.

      Unless of course you have decided that facts don’t mean anything any more.


        1. ” It will do wonders for your mental health.”

          Are those not your words? Questioning anyone’s mental health, because you disagree with them is a denigrating act.

          Of course, I now question your ability to ascertain facts from what is right there in front of you.

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          1. The word “mental” is not necessarily negative.

            My suggestion was meant to be taken as friendly advice.

            If and when I ever intend to denigrate Paul, you will know it.


          2. “He’s gone”…

            If you truly believe that perhaps reasonable has left town with him. He is NOT gone. About half of his endorsed candidates are winning primaries. Others who believed the lies and wanted to “Stop the Steal” ( a theft which NEVER happened), are running for and winning election oversight positions.

            You opened your comments on this thread with “Trump doesn’t need to be vindicated.” I agree with that. But he needs to be indicted for the fraud he hoisted on our country.

            Crimes were committed by him and in his name. If you believe in the rule of law, then you have to be able to see that there has to be some repercussions. If you don’t, then I say again that reasonable is gone.

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          3. “Time to move on.”

            It will be time to move on when Trump is held to account for his many crimes. You want to pretend that the most significant assault on our Constitution since 1860 is something we should just pretend didn’t happen because – wait for it – you have run out of patience?

            Unlike Hillary, Trump is still the leader of one of our two major parties and a very likely GOP nominee for President in the next cycle. So, he is definitely not “gone.”

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        2. For what it is worth, I took being told I needed to work on my mental health as a very clear denigration. It did not bother me much. I am used to those kinds of responses when people do not like being reminded of the truth about Trump and Trumpism. As maybe it was Mark Twain who said it is easier to fool people than to get them to admit they have been fooled.

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