29 thoughts on “Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up – Garth Brooks cover

    1. Logically?

      Logically, you should be preparing yourself for the worldwide rejection of wokeism and climate hysteria that is coming to a head this fall.

      The world has decided it is time to put aside childish things.


      1. The “world” has decided?

        We put aside “childish things” in 2020, but the children are still threatening us with guns in political ads. Getting a “man license” is about as childish as it gets.

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        1. For a start, the world swimming authorities had the sense to reject trans swimmers.

          But no one in the US, outside of Florida, had the courage to stand up to the looney left.

          But that courage is building.

          Europe has suddenly realized they closed their coal and nuclear plants prematurely.

          One step at a time, people are putting things in perspective.


          1. Germany shut down its nuke plants making itself totally dependent on Russian natural gas.

            They made themselves vulnerable by caving in to both the anti nuke and anti fossil fuel fanatics.


          2. I’ll wager there are more election officials, volunteers and political officeholders in the US under death threats by the ex-president and his accomplices than transgender swimmers in the world. A Republican fatwa by our own self-appointed imam.

            The first is a danger to our democratic republic and its history of peaceful transfer of power. The other affects a possible handful of elite athletes…maybe.

            In other words, you are right, perspective is important.

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          3. Now I already explained that TDS is what the GOP is suffering from. People who will terrorize and attack because they were “ordered” to do so are deranged. Not to mention Italian satellites and mules.

            Really not hard to see the problem.

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          4. “Really not hard to see the problem”

            Actually, Len, it is… for those who suffer from TBS; the blindness associated with those who refuse to see what is right there in front of them. The Partisan committee (with two GOP members), taking testimony from GOP members who are standing up for the rule of law, upholding their oaths and telling the TRUTH. You know, the truth that TFG’s minions refuse to see

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          5. “TDS much?”

            Now that is lame!

            From Tuesday’s hearings alone I can give you the names of a dozen people who have been deluged with hate mail and death threats for the sin of honestly doing their work. There are at least hundreds more. How many transgender women do you think there are wanting to compete at the top levels of swimming?

            Len’s assessment was accurate by many orders of magnitude. Violence and threats of violence are what Trump people do. It is not derangement to look reality in the face. It is derangement not to.

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          6. …”have been deluged with hate mail and death threats for the sin of honestly doing their work. ”

            Adam Kinzinger the latest known receiver of death threats to he and his family. Actually, it was his wife who received he letter threatening her and their INFANT son. Yet I am almost sure that there would be some kind of defense on the forum from the right.

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      2. “The world has decided it is time to put aside childish things.”

        Which part of the world is that. the world where January 6th was jus a rowdy bunch of tourists who got out of hand? Or the ones who threatened election workers and officials, AND their families, based on lies, lies and more lies? Or the part of the world that has decided to screw democracy in the name of TFG? Please enlighten us as to what part of the world you are talking about and what part of the world YOU live in.

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        1. I was referring to the world outside the US.

          The world where they don’t fire gifted researchers for using the wrong pronoun, or let men compete in women’s sports. Or wreck their economy with windmills and solar cells and stifling regulation.


          1. “the world outside the US.”

            Europe gets more than 20 % of its electricity from wind and solar. We get about 12%. China has set itself the target of 25% by 2030 and is already the greatest producer of wind energy in the world. Maybe you should do some research before supporting your opinions with data that contradicts them.

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          2. Cite?

            When I cite a specific fact, you can trust me. I never provide “alternative facts.” If you think it is not true, then Google is not hard to use.

            Besides, the point is not based on any particular number. The point is that wind energy is widespread, growing rapidly, and is not ruinous of economies. And that is all over the world as well as in the USA. Your assertion is just plain silly.

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          3. “But the world is laughing at us on gender issues.”

            That is a pretty bold statement. Any evidence? Or are you just projecting your own prejudices on to people you know nothing about?

            If they are laughing at us, it might well be that seeing a once Grand Old Party trying to hold power by demonizing LGBT people is pathetic and laughable. The industrial democracies of Europe are way ahead of us in the process of ending legal discrimination against the LGBT population. I really doubt that the tiny handful of transgender people such as the swimmer you are so worried about get a fraction of the coverage in Europe that they get on “conservative” media in this country.


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