Margorie Taylor Greene clones?

WSJ Democrats funding Trumpists

If next January, Congress is filled with MTG clones, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

You can see these ads showing up in the 2nd District GOP primary race.

19 thoughts on “Margorie Taylor Greene clones?

  1. These are strange times. There are Republican legislators who won in 2020 and now have to say the election was rigged. If they don’t they could lose their seat. The irony is glaring.

    I think that so long as a GOP candidate has to declare loyalty not to the Constitution, not to his party, not even to his district or state, but to an ex-president, we are foundering.

    The smoke filled room caucuses of the past may look a bit more reasonable than primaries.

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    1. As I have said before, it is unethical to meddle in another party’s primary or other affairs

      Currently the Democrat ‘Patriot Majority PAC’ is advertising heavily for Jerome Belle in hopes of denying Jen Kiggans the 2nd District nomination..


  2. From the article. . .
    “The upside for Democrats is that it can lead the GOP to nominate candidates who are less attractive to swing voters in November.”

    Seems like a plan.

    The Democratic Party narrative – and the truth – is that the Republican Party has been damaged beyond repair by the criminal Trump. Candidates like MTG reinforce that message. And should a few of them happen to win, then a continuing source of embarrassment – just like MTG has been doing – pounding home that truth.


    1. The GOP is a private organization, It deserves to choose its own candidates without interference.

      It is unethical for me, as a Libertarian, to participate in the GOP and Dem nomination process, but I guess if you take the view that the ends justify unethical means it doesn’t bother you.


      1. You say that meddling in the decisions of the other party BY LEGAL MEANS is unethical while supporting the criminal jackass who got himself impeached trying ILLEGALLY to sabotage the nomination of the Democratic candidate that he – rightly – feared the most.

        You can get off your high horse now.

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        1. What Trump may or may not have done has nothing to do with the ethics of this action. This is either right or wrong on its own merits.

          As the name of the PAC disguises its source, it is also dishonest and flirts around the edges of campaign finance disclsures.


          1. I didn’t know affiliation had to be declared.

            Citizens in a district or state have a right to determine their representatives regardless of party. Party loyalty, admirable as it sounds to some, is less important than state or national loyalty. There are plenty of Americans who say that they vote the candidate, not the party. And if some feel that other candidates are dangerous or even wrong, why is it wrong to campaign for or against based strictly on party?

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          2. “What Trump may or may not have done has nothing to do with the ethics of this action.”

            No, it has to do with YOUR judgment about what is “ethical.” Keep in mind that you are expressing an opinion, not a fact. We know how good you are at spotting “unethical” and “corrupt” behavior by those you disagree with and how blind you are to far worse by those you admire.

            So, like I suggested. Get off your high horse.

            As to what is legal with respect to campaign finance, take that up with the GOP who block every measure every time to make campaign finance more transparent.

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          3. I have been on record, here and in the Pilot opposing meddling in the nomination process of other parties since well before Trump entered politics,

            My ethics do not change based on the advantage of the moment. You, however, will excuse anything that works in your favor.


          4. “My ethics do not change based on the advantage of the moment.”

            Your making that statement is not evidence. The evidence is what you write and don’t write. There is ZERO consistency in your ethics. You have a complete set of double standards which are beyond obvious. You are fooling nobody except yourself – maybe – and those who want to be fooled.

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    2. So you actually agree with Democrat slime being cheating scum bags and at the same time have the gall to cast aspirations on others? So you concur with cheating in order to win? Maybe Trump knows something afterall…


  3. In the 1994 election for Governor of Pennsylvania, many, many Democrats in NW PA changed their registration to Republican to help get Tom Ridge nominated. (My mother, one of the staunchest liberals I have ever known; she makes me look centrist by comparison) The reason being was that part of the state was tired of it being ignored by Harrisburg and Ridge was raised in Erie, at the time the third largest city in the state. The effort was successful and many of those Democrats voted for him for Governor, while voting for their candidate of choice in the other down ballot races, regardless of party.

    By Don’s account this was unethical. Don’t tell that to the voters that year in PA. They got the Governor they wanted and he worked hard to get some of the state money that was living in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia moved around to help his “hometown”.

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    1. To be picky, voting in a primary obligates you to support the winner in the general election.

      But I really don’t have a problem with your mom switching to support a candidate that she really did support in the general election.

      My problem is interfering in primaries to choose a weak candidate you have no intention of supporting.


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