World economies are raising interest rates to curb inflation.

The article also points out predicted inflation for those countries. Although it varies, all are higher than pre-pandemic.

In my opinion, it seems as if it is not solely our problem and probably won’t be solely our solution. Global economics is here to stay no matter how we might try to isolate ourselves.

15 thoughts on “World economies are raising interest rates to curb inflation.

  1. Certainly, the end of the pandemic with supplies still depressed and demand surging contributes to world wide inflation, but in European countries that did not have stimulus plans as aggressive as ours, like Britain and France, inflation is about 3% lower than ours.


    1. From CNBC. . .

      “Euro zone inflation came in at 8.1% for the month, according to preliminary figures, up from April’s record high of 7.4% and above expectations of 7.8%”

      The May figure for the $USA was 8.6%.

      You are working overtime to blame President Biden for a global issue that he is not responsible for.

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        1. “I compared to Britain and France.”

          Yes, you did. Classic cherry picking. Some Euro countries are better, some are worse. You picked the one that is better to make your point. Your justification for this cherry-picking is somewhat flawed.


          “The Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) is a measure of inflation in the Eurozone and the European Union. The HICP tracks consumer price inflation based on the spending patterns of consumers in each EU country, weighted according to that country’s share of aggregate consumer spending.”


          So, a small country may have higher rates than average, but the weighting is such that the “skewing” is minimized. Besides, it is not clear how a very small country that does NOT use the Euro skews measurements of Euro inflation. Your credibility takes a hit when you cite Chechnya as a reason to ignore overall Euro inflation which is comparable to dollar inflation.

          BTW, the value of the U.S. Dollar has increased by 15% vis a vis the Euro since Trump left office and is now at its most favorable rate ever. Funny, in all the damning of Biden I have not seen the strength of the dollar versus other currencies mentioned.

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          1. RE: “Funny, in all the damning of Biden I have not seen the strength of the dollar versus other currencies mentioned.”

            Yes, you have. The dollar has weakened versus the ruble, for example. I have mentioned this a number of times.


          2. RE: “I was referring to real market driven currencies.”

            The ruble is a real market driven currency. That’s why it has a calculated exchange rate.


          3. I made a clear and true point. The exchange rate for the ruble is artificial because of a variety of measures to prop it up. My original point is also true. The dollar has shown good strength against other currencies since Trump got the boot.

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          4. RE: “I made a clear and true point.”

            You made a clearly ignorant and false point.


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