Trump University Redux

The fleecing of the flock!

The headline basically tells the story. Trump continued fund raising on the Big Lie long after it made any sense and for an organization that does not exist. He then funneled the money ($250 Million) to his properties, pals, and PAC.

(The Guardian requires registration but is free. It is a good source of news and views from outside the USA.)

19 thoughts on “Trump University Redux

  1. Amazing, with everything happening these days, all you guys can think about is Trump.

    It’s like steering a bus by looking in the rearview mirror and then wondering why you keep driving it into the ditch.


    1. All you guys do is INORE what happened on January 6th as a rowdy tour group gone rogue. For ones who SEEM to believe in democratic princip0les, you sure have a funny way of ignoring an attack on them.

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      1. That about sums up Jan 6. tour group gone rogue. Good analogy, thanks, I knew you would come around to reality.


    2. RE: “Amazing, with everything happening these days, all you guys can think about is Trump.”

      It is like pushing a button. MSM obsesses on Trump. Then MSM consumers obsess on Trump.


      1. ” MSM obsesses”…

        Since when is the media covering Congress an obsession on Trump? It is REAL news. Remember when it was a regular thing, in the pre-TFG days?

        Probably not seeing as you spend enough time on the fringes looking for things to stir the pot that are based on lies conspiracies and innuendoes.

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    3. Amazing that you continue to pretend that the President of the United States involved in seditious conspiracy to overturn an election that he lost is not really very important. Now, that’s amazing. But not surprising.

      We are not looking back. We are looking ahead to his attempted Second Coming.

      Last time I checked, Trump is the de facto head of the Republican Party and is very likely to be the GOP candidate for the next Presidential election. I know this is hard for you people to comprehend but exposing the TRUTH of his criminal behavior is important for the well-being of our country. And it is also important to try to undo the damage he has inflicted on the idea of a peaceful transfer of power by exposing his Big Lie for what it is – a con.

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      1. RE: “Amazing that you continue to pretend that the President of the United States involved in seditious conspiracy to overturn an election that he lost is not really very important.”

        The pretension belongs to you, alone. Whether Trump was involved in a “seditious conspiracy” is a matter of opinion, probably incompetent opinion since the DOJ hasn’t filed any such charges. You people don’t know what you are talking about.


    4. I know you would love to forget what the GOP has become in the last 5 years.

      The facts are that we may very well go through 1/6 or it’s equivalent again as Trump solidifies his grip on Republicans.

      All the other issues are being dealt with, and most have very little to do with who is in the White House. Oil, inflation, pandemic and supply lines are all global problems. They will resolve themselves over time. And we have little or no control over them. Our oil, for example, is not “our oil”. It belongs to multi-national energy companies.

      However, if we lose our democratic republic with its heralded history of peaceful transfer of power, we will never get it back.

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    1. So, Bob, you have no problem with Trump fleecing his most faithful believers out of $250 million based on a LIE and LYING about what the money collected would be used for. And you want to call me deranged? I suggest you give that a little thought.

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  2. Well there you go having trouble again with discerning the difference between facts and “appears”, “seems”, “may”, “according to” comical spin by a left wing toilet paper roll/fish wrapper wannabe. No, you think abt that.

    When was the last time you saw a geriatric specialist? There is mental health concern with these delusions….


    1. Bobr, you think calling me names changes any of the facts? I know you are not THAT stupid. I think you have no answer for the fact that your hero is a crook and a con man but you simply cannot bring yourself to accept it. So what do you do? Lash out at the messenger.

      By the way, The Guardian is a highly respected newspaper with a very long history of top-notch journalism. Your sliming it is a manifestation of your complete and obviously cheerful ignorance. Crying “fake news” does not answer the facts presented.

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      1. There go those delusions again. Where did I call you a name? Point out any “facts” in that fantasy list of a liberal bucket full of maybes? Guardian respectable??? LMAO..stop before you give me a hernia from laughing too hard. Next you’ll say MSNBC and AOC are conservative!! Too much comedy here….


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