12 thoughts on “Joe Biden is Incompetent

  1. You people have a very special ability to see what you want to see.

    And, for the record, for every clip that you might find of President Biden losing his train of thought or struggling for words, there would be hundreds of your actually demented hero babbling utter and incoherent nonsense. Nonsense that you people take as seriously as holy writ.

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      1. It is not a “whatabout.”

        It is about the very special talent you people have for seeing what you want to see. This clip does not show President Biden to be “incompetent” or “damaged.” In fact, he makes some very valid points about the current state of the media. He may not be as articulate as say, President Obama, but you people slandered him too for the “arrogance” of knowing things.

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        1. So, you assert that others see what they want to see, but your only substantiation is that you have better vision. No irony, no fallacy there!

          Well, I assert that Joe Biden is damaged by age, which is clearly substantiated by the video clip in which he loses his train of thought, struggles for words and says dumb things that might have seemed insightful ten years ago.

          When my father reached a similar condition the family took away his car because he might hurt someone. We should take the presidency away from Joe Biden for the same reason.


          1. There is no denying that Biden has been “damaged by age” but that is true of virtually everyone except – obviously – Bernie Sanders. What you want to see is “damage” that is disqualifying for President Biden but you do not want to see the same for the far worse damage displayed by Donald Trump.

            I am not sure what “dumb things” you take as evidence of diminished capability? Ideas you disagree with I suppose?

            Finally, the unremitting hatred and name-calling you direct out our President moves any opinions you may express about his “damage” into the ignore category.

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          1. This is why I have zero respect for your intellectual honesty. I am certain that you know there is nothing in control of the government that could have even a marginal impact on world prices of petroleum, but you post this silly meme as evidence of incompetence in the Biden administration.

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  2. Bumbling Joe was damaged goods long before now, that’s why Obama kept him on a very short leash. Its the ONLY smart thing Obama did and extremist liberals didn’t even notice their idol being smart for once so they elected the bumbler to POTUS. Rolling eyes…


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