Failed Loyalty Test

The link below tells the story of Donald Trump’s endorsements for the GOP Senate race in Alabama. He initially endorsed Mo Brooks – one of his most loyal disciples – and denounced his opponent Katie Britt as “unfit.” Later he unendorsed Mo Brooks and last night he endorsed Katie Britt. What I found to be very telling was Trump’s own words in his new endorsement. . .

“Last year I endorsed Mo Brooks for the U.S. Senate because I thought he was a Fighter, especially when it came to the Rigged and Stolen Presidential Election of 2020. The evidence is irrefutable. Then, out of nowhere, and for seemingly no reason, Mo backtracked and made a big mistake by going Woke at our massive Cullman, Alabama Rally. Instead of denouncing the Voter Fraud in the Election, Mo lectured the crowd of 63,000 people saying, “Put that behind you, put that behind you,” meaning that, in effect, forget the Rigged Election and go on to the future.”

OMG, Brooks dared suggest it is time to move on from the 2020 election. How disloyal is that! And even worse, he is now “Woke.”

I hope you people are proud of your Dear Leader.

28 thoughts on “Failed Loyalty Test

  1. Hopefully such actions will prevent Trump from getting the 2024 nomination.

    He was what the GOP needed in 2016, to teach them to fight, and still would have been better than Biden in 2020, but his petulance and focus on the past makes him a bad choice for 2024


    1. RE: “his petulance and focus on the past makes him a bad choice for 2024”

      For me, a lot will depend on the alternatives.

      I think Trump might be good at addressing inflation, but I don’t think he fully understands the precarious state of the U.S. empire.


      1. His best service to the country at this point would be talk radio.

        In his first run, it was about the country, but increasingly it is about him and his perceived injustices. Even if he were right about the election, he has lost focus on the country and is obsessed with his own injuries.

        His time has passed.

        If he does get the nomination, I would still vote for him as a lesser evil unless the Democrats nominate Tulsi Gabbard.


        1. “In his first run, it was about the country. . .”

          Unbelievable that you MUGHT really believe that is true. Where was this love of country when Trump was suffering from bone spurs, or damning actual heroes, or cheating on his taxes? Or how about simply spending his painfully short work week actually working on the country’s problems instead wheeling and dealing on behalf of Trump in constant violation of normal ethics and the Constitution? Oh, wait. He like to pose hugging the flag while displaying a shit-eating grin. What a patriot!

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          1. Oh, you think Trump is a real patriot and those who disagree are what – too cynical?

            Maybe so, but if you do not recognize an inveterate cheat, a depraved con man, a pervert, a criminal, and a liar when he shows himself to be all of those and worse throughout his sorry life then you are beyond gullible. But, I suppose, you MUST enjoy living in your fantasyland since you can’t handle the truth.

            But tell me this – where is his love of country when even now he doubles down on his outrageous LIES about the “Rigged and Stolen Presidential Election of 2020.” You have no way to defend the indefensible so go ahead and attack me again if you think that helps.

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      2. “I think Trump might be good at addressing inflation”

        That makes sense.

        After all, he got rid of the National Debt, made sure everyone had a great job, and great health insurance for everybody at half the former cost. He is magical!

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    2. “He was what the GOP needed in 2016, to teach them to fight”

      Oh yes, they were Sooooo passive and accomodating during the Presidencies of Clinton and Obama.

      If you think that Trump has been in any way a good thing for the Republican Party I suggest that you think again.

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    3. The issue with me is I don’t care for his personality, and he is obsessed with 2020, but his policies were mostly spot on. It will come down to if there is someone more like Reagan who enters the race. Oh, those were the days. Too bad Clint Eastwood is too old.


      1. I think Reagan would be booted out of today’s excuse for a Republican Party.

        There are still plenty of good Republicans, but aside from the vocal few, the rest are so afraid of Trump and his supporters that any policy other than peddling the Big Lie is pretty much ignored or censured.

        A party that is almost wholly in the grip of one person cannot and will not be a fair representation of the people who vote for it due to policy. It will be responsive to the person, not the platform. Which tells me that it is no coincidence that there was no Republican platform in 2018 or 2020. In other words, the platform was Trump and whatever he decided to address that day. That might work for a tiny business, but not a country of 330 million.

        It has become increasingly clear that the only reasons Trump won in 2016 was a hatred of Clinton and abortion opponents on the Court. For Trump voters, these were real reasons, of course.

        It is impossible to say what Trump as president today could have done to temper inflation, deal with Putin, still handling the pandemic, etc. We can speculate and pontificate, but no matter who is president, those issues would be front and center.

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        1. Saying it over and over doesn’t make it true. You people are more obsessed with Trump than he is abt 2020. Get over it already…


          1. So sorry to offend your sensitive nature. Get over it might be good advice for you.

            Jeez, try to post a civil opinion and you just can’t restrain yourself.

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          2. Saying what over and over?

            By far the worst thing about Trump is what he has taught us and the world about the cruel and ignorant nature of the dark underbelly of this country. It is a lesson that is hard to “get over” and doubly so with people like you going out of your way to reinforce the lesson every time you parachute in with your insults, name-calling, and petulance.

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          3. OK. I’ll tell you what. You pretend that January 6th was not an attack on our democracy from within, and I’ll pretend that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by Dick Cheney and his Halliburton cronies.

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        1. “So, to govern like Democrats”

          Laughable nonsense. Do you not bother to think before you post?

          Who in the leadership of the Democratic Party engages in Trump-style attacks on the people they disagree with?

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  2. For a guy (Trump) that so many of you think little of he sure had a lot of success. Look at the crap job the guy with all of the experience in politics is doing today from the White House. Maybe career politicians are the truly incompetent ones.

    It’s always about choices. If the GOP puts up candidates that cannot out reach Trump if he enters the race then Trump will be the nominee.


    1. “For a guy (Trump) that so many of you think little of he sure had a lot of success. ”

      What “success” do you think you are talking about?

      The economy did not stray from the upward trajectory it was on when Trump came into office. Until it crashed on Trump’s watch.

      Federal budget deficits ballooned out of control BEFORE the pandemic.

      And, according to even his own pandemic officials, his failed and dishonest leadership – the main challenge of his tenure – added immeasurably to the disaster.

      Did he bring peace in the Middle East? Did everyone get the better healthcare plan that was promised? Did he make the National Debt go away with his shrewd bankruptcy ideas?

      So, just what are those successes?

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