How the West Was Won: Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet

Source: Mises Institute.

Part 1: Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Part 2: The Military Origins of the Internet

Part 3: The War is Over, The Good Guys Lost

The author explains the purpose of this brief series:

Few understand the extent to which Silicon Valley is the alter-ego of Pentagon-land, even fewer realise the impact this has had on the social sphere. But the story does not begin with Google, nor the military origins of the internet, it goes back much further in time, to the dawn of counterinsurgency and PSYOPs during the second world war.

Some parts of the history sre well known. Other parts may surprise. Either way, if you want to talk about freedom and liberty in today’s world, this history must be part of the context.

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