Chilean-American Commentator Missing in Ukraine: Where is Gonzalo Lira?

I posted one of Lira’s videos here in the Forum early in the Ukraine war. I felt that his might be a useful voice from which to learn about conditions in Ukraine as the invasion unfolded.

Lira went missing about a week ago. As the present video explains, he is presumed to have been taken by Ukrainian police in Karkov, a victim for expressing his views.

11 thoughts on “Chilean-American Commentator Missing in Ukraine: Where is Gonzalo Lira?

  1. Yet you say NOTHIING about the closing down of any media in Russia that has told the truth about the invasion? Or the detention of reporters in Russia? Or the disappeared IN Russia?

    Do you not see the hypocrisy? Or are you so blind as to deny facts? And just because you don’t agree with those “facts” does not change them to be “not facts”.

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  2. RE: “Do you not see the hypocrisy?”

    No, I don’t. I posted this story because it is connected to a previous post.

    As it happens, though, Lira was released by the Ukranian authorities a few hours ago and is making internet appearances again.


    1. And how many of the Russians detained (or disappeared) who were attempting to report the truth to the Russian people have been released and allowed to return to their daily lives?

      And have course you don’t see the hypocrisy. Most hypocrites don’t recognize it in themselves.

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      1. RE: “And how many of the Russians detained (or disappeared) who were attempting to report the truth to the Russian people have been released and allowed to return to their daily lives?”

        I have no idea. Instead of wasting everybody’s time calling me a hypocrite, why don’t you do a little work and put together an enlightening post?


        1. Why waste time in trying to write an enlightening post when I have to take so much time to remind you that you are a hypocrite. I calls ’em as I sees “em. Prove me wrong and I’ll stop calling you a hypocrite. Until that time, I will call you (or anyone) out for hypocrisy.

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          1. That’s the best you got?

            You post your hypocritical bullshit; I call you out for it; you don’t defend it except to say you only post for discussion purposes and then DEFEND the lies as truth.

            If my kids had done that growing up, their mother would have locked them in their rooms for weeks at a time.

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          1. “I post what interests me. You can do the same”

            I do. What interests me is taking the time to call out bullshit when I see it. Sorry if your feelings are hurt by getting called out for posting bullshit.

            Your continued posting of counter factual nonsense is something that should be addressed. When liars lie, they should be called out for the lies, not defended for it. McCarthy got caught on tape saying he would recommend TFG should resign after the second impeachment and then tried to say that didn’t happen. Matt Gaetz placed the blame on Liz Cheney because that was who McCarthy was speaking with at the time. He has no proof that Cheney released the information to the authors of the book. He just said it because it was convenient. I’ll be very interested to see how his history plays out once the investigation of his GROOMIING of young women comes out.

            Lying Liars and the lies the tell.

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    2. “No, I don’t.”

      Too bad because the hypocrisy and double standards you manifest are over-the-top. In this case your hair is on fire because an individual reporting the story the way you want went off the radar for a few days.

      Why is your hair never on fire when Putin literally murders opponents, jails critics, criminalizes the use of normal words such as “war” and invasion, and shuts down ALL media except for state propaganda telling lie after lie?

      This is a rhetorical question. The answer is self-evident.

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