The Triumph of CNN+

BB: CNN+ exceeds all expectations

Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

8 thoughts on “The Triumph of CNN+

  1. Of course you couldn’t.

    The timing was terrible for the launch. With the pending merger, the powers that be should have waited for input from the incoming regime. Bad business decisions happen all of the time.

    But with the recent reports on NETFLIX bleeding subscribers, the streaming bubble appears to be ovah.


        1. CNN’s bad decision was to presume that because FOX viewers would pay for additional content, CNN viewers would too, but they couldn’t find a way to force other people to pay for it and that’s what CNN viewers exepct.


          1. It was bad timing due to the merger and NOT getting input form the new bosses. If they had held off until the new guys and gals could make some of the decisions, it may well have worked.

            Now we will never now. Unless the new leadership looks at it and sees a way to make it work.

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          2. “. . .they couldn’t find a way to force other people to pay for it and that’s what CNN viewers expect.”

            No end to the bullshit. How long was CNN+ on offer to see what people would be willing to pay for?

            And we get it. You are very proud of not being “woke” which, frankly, is another way of saying that you do not give a shit about history, injustice or the pain of other people. Fine. It is a free country. . . so long as you are not a woman, gay, trans or non-white.

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          3. “I can be woke . . .”


            But your first remark remains stupid bullshit. The instant failure of CNN+ has NOTHING to do with the character of the people who watch CNN. You people have insults and slander as your default setting on almost every topic.

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