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  1. Wow, that was embarrassing. I have noted before that “conservatives” are just no good at humor. This was painful evidence of how true that still is.

    And what is particularly NOT funny, is using humor to spread race-baiting lies. In this case, the “free crack pipes for racial equity” horseshit – a story manufactured by a rightwing fake news group.


    Leave it to the genuine shitheads like Senators Cotton and Cruz to distort a small part of a small program to save lives to score cheap political points.

    Sorry, NOT FUNNY.

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    1. It was a huge hit in “The Silo”, then for an extended tour at “The Echo Chamber”.

      Actually, the satirical concept was OK, but the punch line was supposed to cling to the humor style that “you can’t make this sh*t up”.

      And yet, they did.

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      1. This was not a test of that ability. It was pitiful and just not funny. A lame premise woefully presented.

        The essence of humor is embedded truth that people already know. There was not enough such truth in this for it to really work. Then there was the cringeworthy delivery.

        Compare it to the Borowitz piece on Trump the Bankruptcy Advisor, which was more truthful, more subtle, more important, and definitely more funny.

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        1. The difference is that I could laugh at the Borowitz piece, even as disingenuous as it was,(Trump has been part of over 500 businesses, so 6 going bankrupt is actually a very good average) while you can’t laugh when it is your side being spoofed


          1. A thought from a different direction.

            If the Democrats have so many things to make fun of, why make something up that is obviously false.

            Unless the assumption is that the intended audience, conservatives, would not know one way or the other.

            Now that is sadly hilarious, IMO.

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          2. Except that it would have been true had the issue not been raised.


            The initial proposal for the harm reduction program included Safe Smoking Kits but after that hit the media that was ‘clarified’ to say that no pipes would be distributed, just components like a rubber sleave to prevent burns and brass screens to filter out particulates.

            So, no safe crack pipes, just add-ons to makes existing pipes safer.

            Snopes initially called the story false, but later revised that to outdated. And the underlying theme, that the Biden administration, instead of helping addicts quit instead seeks to make their addiction safer.

            Stupid things are supposed to hurt.


          3. Thanks for the link. It says that any harm reduction kits are part of a long list of requirements for users as a recovery program.

            Snopes said giving pixies to inner city addicts it was “mostly false” before and now “outdated”.

            But, fodder for ridicule whether true or not. And the “equity” issue was never a goal.

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          4. Only six bankruptcies!
            Five of the six were in the casino business.
            What a stable genius!

            Which of those other 494 businesses is actually a success? I would venture that on any list you offer Trump may have been “involved” – like renting his name – but did not have management responsibility.

            And how many are being propped up by Russian gangster money laundered through Deutsche Bank?


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          5. Doesn’t change anything

            Many new businesses fail. Some fail after paying their bills, some don’t but Trump’s success rate is still pretty good.

            Of course, in most he was just an investor and not the managing partner. And that is true of the ones that did go bankrupt too.

            But still, the piece, misleading as it is, was funny in the context of the myth,

            The Babylon Bee piece had one issue that is marginal, but the others were flat out true.

            And funny.


          6. “Trump’s success rate is still pretty good.”
            I could not help noticing that you failed the challenge to name any Trump enterprise that is a success.

            That Trump is a shitty businessman is not a “myth.” It is a demonstrable fact. If the family money he inherited and which was illegally used to bail out his failures had been invested in almost any mutual fund he really would be a multi-billionaire today instead of a pitiful failure whose last lifeline – Russian gangster money laundering – is now in deep trouble.

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          7. “Stupid things are supposed to hurt.”

            If people are dying because of the needles or apparatus they use in their addictions, is it really so stupid to try to save their lives? These kits were a tiny part of a tiny program which President Biden to a certainty had nothing to do with, but there it is all over the “conservative” media distorted beyond recognition and with some of your good old-fashioned race-baiting white victimhood thrown in for good measure.

            With that garbage as the subject, you get on your high horse yet again because I did not find it funny? Well, you are entitled to your opinions. I will stick with mine – dishonest humor is not funny and even less so when it is used to sow division based on race.

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  2. It was humorous but of course lefties will take offense because it makes fun of their idiot saviors, Dumb and Dumber. Can’t have that you know….


    1. Humorous, perhaps. But the point of satire s to have some truth to it. Using the usual bullshit fast spreading lies of the right wing assholes takes away from the satire and just makes it FICTION.

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