VOX: The free speech search engine that never was


I believe I have seen at least one member of this forum that uses duckduckgo as a search engine. Understandably so.

But because they have opted to do something WRT disinformation campaigns from Russian sources, they are catching heat from some of their users.

I am sharing this article because I thought it would be of interest to those who use DDG for their searches.

12 thoughts on “VOX: The free speech search engine that never was

        1. “I do use it.”

          Uh, that was not a jab.
          Don’t be so quick to be offended.
          The “understandable reasons” would be a desire for better privacy.

          At least, that is how I took it.


          1. It is not about what name you use to post here; it is about the privacy in your searches that DDG offers.

            Not a criticism, nor an attack. I saw this article and thought it would be informative to you or anyone else who opts to use them vice GOOGLE or BING.

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          2. “What “better privacy” do I presumably get when I post under my own name?”

            That is a stupid question. If you really do not know the answer then I suggest you read DuckDuckGo’s marketing material and they will explain it for you. Here is a hint – privacy is not just about what you post.

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        2. Us knowing who you is is waaay different from da gubmint, or others, from knowing what you are searching. Nevertheless, if you poison our spouse, you’re going to want to deep six your laptop.

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  1. So Putin supporters on the right are upset because articles by Russian disinformation are given lower priority.

    As a service I suggest to check a few pages into the results to see the Russian propaganda. It is there somewhere. After all Russian hackers have been attacking us at least since 2015, so I am sure they can sneak in some goodies for the smitten.

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