Send in the clowns

3 Democrat responses to SOTU

“It’s like keying your own car and slashing your own tires,” Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J.,”

21 thoughts on “Send in the clowns

  1. As noted several times, the GOP has marginalized itself so much that the Democratic Party has become the main arena where questions and challenges facing the nation are addressed, discussed, and resolved. So, yes indeed, Democrats do not march in lock step, but, unlike the GOP, one thing unites them – loyalty to this country.

    Personally, I thought it was noteworthy that Republican Congresswomen loudly heckled the President as he talked about the heavy price of war. A decent party would insist that such people be expelled for this and many other outrages. Most recently two of them spoke at a Nazi rally and elicited this response from Lynn Cheney. . .

    “As Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Paul Gosar speak at this white supremacist, antisemitic, pro-Putin event, silence by Republican party leaders is deafening and enabling. All Americans should renounce this garbage and reject the Putin wing of the GOP now.”

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      1. Polls have nothing to do with where the issues of the day are decided.

        The GOP is good at whining, blaming, and selling white victimhood but what do they offer in terms of solving problems? Nothing that anybody wants.

        Look at the empty rhetoric in that Governor’s response that you admired. Why was she there? Because she demanded in-person schooling as the pandemic raged, opposed mask mandates everywhere, and she is really, really mad about the teaching of critical race theory.

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      2. Paul made a point about the screeching harpies form the GOP. It’s not deflection; it is part of the circus that now defines the GOP caucus.

        By the way, the same polling showed Dems with a BIGLY lead in 2020. You may want to be careful about using polling these days. They have been wildly inaccurate for the past several cycles.

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  2. Forensic Files seemed much more appealing than a Biden SOTU address. If I wanted to cause unnecessary pain and sickness to myself I would have poked myself in the eye, stomped my foot, thrown my wallet in the trash and stuck my finger down my throat. Aaaah, a much better choice indeed…


        1. Don’t threaten me, please. It only gives Mr. Smith room to attack, WITHOUT WARNING FROM YOU.

          Read his post. All of his actions are those of a 5 year old who doesn’t get his way. I am calling him out for being infantile. He brings nothing to this conversation. Or most others he participates in.

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      1. I’ll tell you why. You can’t drink wine and hold you breath at the same time. This “called out” 5 year old not only has great underage tastes, knows a putz when he sees em but doesn’t aspire to be a Democrat or garbage man.


        1. Mirror shows you the only putz in this conversation. And the phrase “underage tastes” sounds like something Epstein would have.

          If you would aspire to be something other than a troll, that would be a step up. Beats the hell out of being a Trumpy little whiner.

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        2. Ya know Bobrsmith, my boy Green feels free to say you act like a five year old and later that you act infantile. But he blows a hole in his gut if he is referred to as sonny or boy. Hmmm……sounds a bit hypocritical to me. Now watch his “circle” of brothers come to his defense.


          1. “Now watch his “circle” of brothers come to his defense.”

            Like you just did?

            There is a very clear difference between referring to or addressing people with inappropriate diminutives (as in “my boy Green”) versus pointing out the infantile posting habits exhibited by Mr. Smith every time he parachutes in to call people names, spread silly “alternative facts”, or bemoan the transgendered. It may sound a bit hypocritical to you, but it isn’t.

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          2. I need no assistance form a “circle”.

            There is a difference between calling a soon-to-be 58 year old MAN “boy”. (Not to mention that he indicated once that I was Black, which adds to his usual racist overtones.) and referring to another’s words and actions as those of a 5 year old or infantile.

            You have no idea who or what you are talking about, so I suggest you sit down, grab a glass of whine and shove the cork where the sun don’t shine.

            And it was cancer that actually blew a hole in my gut. Been there since 2007. Has nothing to do with the infantile, childish remarks from a couple of trolls who hate everything that doesn’t look, sound, pray, love or live the same way as they do.

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          3. @Green….I have never, ever referred to you as black. I would never, ever insult African Americans with that reference/comparison.


          4. Oh and by the way. You refer to racist overtones with me. Interesting assumptiion. My oldest son’s wife is the daughter of Cuban exiles, one grandchild and my youngest son is married to an African American and they have added two beautiful grandchildren to our family. I love them all, the parents and the rest of my family as my own. It’s one hell of a party when we get together. Take your racist crap somewhere else.


        3. @Murphy…..I’m just one person, not a circle and I didn’t come to his defense. I simply made a statement about an observation or comments that the Green person stated. See, I’m getting better, don’t want to upset gut issues. And the term “he’s my boy” is used widely. Get off your pasty white ass, get out in the community and see for yourself. As far as you …….well, never mind. You must be a joy to be around.


          1. “pasty white ass”

            One wonders what happened to people like you and Mr. Smith that all you ever offer in this forum is drooling hatred and spewing insults. I have never seen either one of you share an actually informative post or offer a sensible opinion on any topic. It is ALWAYS some sort of name-calling and/or insults.

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          2. And yet “the circle” has been a circle of one. Similar to your awkward defense of Mr. Smith.

            …”the Green person”… WTH is that supposed to mean? You seem to be intelligent, but you sure have a shitty way of proving it.


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